Dr. J. Allen Hynek began as a skeptic, and actively debunked reports for the air-force—but eventually took the subject very seriously. His son Paul Hynek will join Mike to talk about his father.

With the popularity of the TV show Project Bluebook, there is an entire new generation that now knows the name Hynek. Paul’s insights are both fascinating and sentimental. By all accounts, Dr. Hynek was a dedicated man who helped shape the way we thing of UFOs.

For more from Paul Hynek and the show, listen to this excellent interview on Somewhere In The Skies with Ryan Sprague, linked HERE.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! I began my studies on this topic as a kid, and I ran out and got a copy of ‘The UFO Experience’ when it was first published in1972. I still have a very old copy of it on my bookshelf. When ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ came out, I was so excited when Dr. Hynek made his appearance, I was nudging my ex-husband, and whispering ” That’s Dr, Hynek!”. Of course, he had no clue what I was so excited about until I explained it on the ride back home from the theater, and I ‘m pretty sure that no one else recognized him either…So, even though ‘ Project Blue Book’ is highly fictionalized, it does my heart good that after all these years Dr Hynek is getting long-deserved recognition, and is portrayed as somewhat of a hero. He earned it.

    1. I remember recognizing Dr. Hynek when I first saw the film, also, and getting a real kick out of it. Maybe I should try watching the show again; I saw the first episode and thought it was pretty trashy.

  2. Your podcasts get better and better. Please keep it up. Cudos.
    I just heard an episode of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.
    It was one of the more recent episodes.
    Philip Adair was interviewed and claimed to work with Dr. Hynek for about 6 months while he was in the Service. He claims they witnessed a downed vehicle.

    1. Love your interviews. Always lean something new and amazing. The topic of some big change to humans often come up from aliens to experiencers. Can you do a series of interviews on this topic? It sound ominous.

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