Hollywood stuntman Reuben Langdon hosts a remarkable television series titled Interview With E.D. (and that stands for Extra Dimensionals). This has been one of the most popular shows on Gaia TV, and is continuing for a second season. Reuben conducts in depth interviews with people who tell of having a psychic contact with beings and spirits outside the boundary of our everyday physical existence. These channeled conversations explore much more than just our concept of reality, it’s a call to empower the human spirit! 

Find out more at Reuben’s website, and watch the series on Vimeo or on Gaia TV.

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  1. Thank goodness for your relevant podcasts as Whitley’s have let me down lately.

  2. I had a dream back in December of 2019. The MANTIS was mentioned in this interview and the dream came back to mind……..

    DECEMBER 17th, 2019


    DREAM: I am sitting to the left of a man but cannot recollect what he looks like; he is in the process of giving a Tarot Reading (to whom I do not know). I am familiar with the Rider Waite Tarot Deck and this is what he seems to be using. HOWEVER, all of the images have changed, upgraded and are looking more cartoonish. There is a good/funny feel to these cards. He is using the Celtic Cross Card Spread. As I watch/observe him starting to do the reading, he pulls the ‘TEN OF PENTACLES’ and I am thinking how much I love this card. It did take me a few minutes to figure this card out since the image looks so much different then the original Tarot Deck. Now I pull a card and it is a black bug. (THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE (The Cootie Game/I see it is now called Beetle) that I remember playing as a child. I try to figure out what this new version of the old card is but cannot. Has a new card been added to this newly designed deck?


  3. not much in this interview. Where is the beef? very disappointed.

  4. I love the depth of THE UNSEEN podcast, THANK YOU !

    It would be great if you will do t-shirt with the OWL and The Unseen typo.

  5. I have been a long subscriber, this is the first program I stop listening to (most of the podcasts I re-play them). I found this one annoying and it became especially problematic around the pillaging and raping comment.

    …went back and listened to the end; no, still annoying, the host is always great, must be the guest….

  6. I have a real problem with people who want to paint the abduction experience in positive terms via the rationalization that great growth can come from it. Yes, I grant that great growth can come from it, but great growth can come from being in a concentration camp, suffering stage 4 cancer, having an abusive spouse, being unjustly convicted of a crime and languishing for years in prison. But you cannot honestly evaluate any experience purely on a review of the personal growth that incurred. The point is whether we humans are often able to make the best of a bad situation and grow from a bad situation versus whether the perpetrators of that situation INTENDED US TO GROW. The Nazi’s did not intend the Jews to grow from their experiences, yet some did. I find this man’s assertion that abductions can be seen as GOOD because people grow from them to be on the level of Fox News talking heads defending Donald Trump no matter what he does. You do not justify physical and psychological abuse by pointing away from such abuse and then saying “Well, the person grew from all this”. That growth speaks to the fortitude of the human spirit, NOT the agents perpetrating these crimes against children and adults in the middle of the night. Live stock does not “Grow” from being mutilated and killed in American pastures. Children are often traumatized for life from abductions. I was. This guy may have a long journey ahead of him unless he stays within his New Age bubble for the rest of his life.

  7. I stopped listening after the incredibly condescending beginning, trash talking the “women in flowy dresses”. But it’s ok, the men are here now to bring sense to the table.

    All I hear is two guys terrified for their own masculinity and trying to distance themselves from people who already knew about this stuff but didn’t have the correct genitalia to back it up.

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