In this episode, Mike Clelland will be sharing audio excerpts from his recent book Hidden Experience, subtitled Collected writings from ten years of blogging 2009—2019, a personal journey of owls, synchronicity and UFO contact. Those blog posts defined a transformative chapter of his life. These excerpts deal with his 2013 confirmation event as well as a remarkable hypnosis session from 2018. This is the third and final episode of audio book segments.

Mike said this about his latest book: “I wrote about the most difficult time of my life as it was happening, and posted it on a blog. I’d been confronted with a chain of strange events that seemed impossible to understand. I tried to dismiss what was happening, but all the clues pointed to one thing, and I was forced to ask myself, ‘Am I a UFO abductee?’ I started writing ten years ago as an attempt to answer that question.”
The paperback and eBook is linked HERE.
There are a series of images to accompany the audio, they are linked HERE on Mike’s blog.

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  1. You da man Mike!
    Your ability to storytell is indeed a gift. Beautifully done and I am filled with empathy for you. You also said a phrase which went “bong” in my head. After about a 7 year hiatus of rest, recuperation and general living in a rhythm of life I too am ready to move forward. To what? I don’t know. So thank you my dear friend. All your suffering has not been in vein. I feel sure of that.
    If you don’t know the name Judy Carroll from Australia
    You may want to. She has remembered being a gray and is working with them for humanity.
    Many, many blessings. By the way your voice is awesome!

  2. Mike, I relate to your anger at how hard it is to be here in the physical. A few weeks ago I found myself angry at being left here for so long and was calling “them” out. I was so angry the devil could have appeared in front of me and I would have got in his face. Having said that, I am not an emotional person, I normally have a very calm and even temperament. As I was calling them out on how hard it is, and how I’d had enough and am ready to move on, I suddenly had an image of 2 small Greys fill my mind. I say fill my mind because these images are not like normal thought. They were side by side, identical, and just staring at me. The image was so crystal clear and perfect that no matter how hard I try, I can not recreate it. This told me they were listening. The next morning as soon as I got up, I had another image fill my mind. It took me a bit to figure out what it was. It was me walking down a sidewalk in town from above. This had occurred about 2 months before. This told me that they are still watching me. If I agreed to being here, I’m sure there was not full disclosure. I have always felt I was coerced into this lifetime. Having said that, I have a decent life. When I was younger, after an odd experience, I had about 2weeks of feeling abandoned, and the thought, I can be of better service there, not here. I’m still not sure what happened to cause those thoughts and feelings, but they are back.

  3. Author

    Linda and Patty,

    Thank you for the support. I am at a loss to truly know what happened during that hypnosis session. I was presented with a powerful experience, and the message seems to be “I have a duty” — I don’t see this as bad, it’s certainly challenging, but not bad. I am cautious to read the hypnosis as a gateway to the truth, I am much more comfortable with simply seeing it as a story.

    Thank you again,

  4. Mike, it’s incredibly brave to post this clip. What a service it is to others going through a similar process. Your honesty and clarity is truly something. Sharing your personal story like this can be a lightning rod for others, a strange attractor, giving an anonymous permission for people to share more openly. It’s only through sharing, and comparing that we can offer support to one another and deepen our understanding of this mystery.

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