Nadine Lalich just published EVOLUTION, a book about her lifetime of contact experiences, it’s subtitled: Coming to terms with the ET presence.

Accepting these elusive events can be terribly challenging, and Nadine is a grounded voice in this challenging field. She’s endured the trauma of profound fear at the hands of the Visitors, and it has forced her to examine her own spirituality and what it means to evolve in the face of this mystery. She is forthright, and at the same time very cautious in the way she frames her own contact experiences.

Mike did a powerful interview with Nadine back in 2012 (linked HERE) and it makes an excellent companion to this show. Contact Nadine through her website (linked HERE).

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  1. Looking forward to reading “Evolution”. Read her first book and would highly recommend it as well. Hoping the title is implying something good! Great interview Mike.

  2. Very good interview Mike and so thought-provoking. If what she is implying (and I believe her) is true there seems to be little that we can do about it.

  3. Fantastic interview, Mike, and Nadine. Thank you both so much for your focus and coordination. Listening to you as a “team”, it’s as if you were “dancing; listening was a joy.

    I’m glad to hear the open recognition of the hard, challenging nature of the experiences, and calling out “sugar coating.” In one of Dr. John Mack’s books, he wrote about one such kind of memory with one of his male clients, who’d first remembered his encounters for the purpose of sperm gathering (at least, in part) as a kind of studly accomplishment with a really hot babe…but upon further exploration via hypnosis, discovered that the actual event was much less glamorous. We get to hear a lot on UC of the POV that the experiences made someone who they are, as if they’d be less of a person, or less evolved, if they had not had the experiences. But I really do think its a very individual thing. I wonder, a lot, how many of us have had experiences and have no conscious recall at all…and some who never have a clue that it occurred. Surely this is possible, as many people do not remember their childhood experiences until *after* they began to explore an adult experience. How many of us have had experiences and we just don’t know it? If the answer is “a lot”, then we’ve got to accept that the experience probably affects people both positively and negatively. Could trauma from experiences explain much of the anxiety, depression, and anger or even RAGE that so many people seem to have, today? Could those reactions be just as likely as an evolution into spiritual awakening? It’s worth pondering.

    Your boyfriend, Nadine….the one who afterward had a mental breakdown…reminds me of a client of mine when I first began to work as a mental health professional in a mental health clinic. The client was a young woman who presented with what appeared to be post-partum depression and anxiety. But as my interview with her proceeded, she became very emotional, tearful, deeply aggrieved, and talked about the “little creatures” who were coming into her room at night and touching her, and touching her baby. She was *beside herself* with fear and horror and worry for herself and her baby. I was instructed to explore her experiences (dreams, they were called) as symptoms of repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse! I did not believe that was what it was; I believed her story. But due to fear of my job, I did not explore her story the way I now know I should have, and as she deserved. She quit coming to sessions because of this (smart woman.) But the memory of her haunts me to this day…the experiencer whom I let down. I wonder how she’s faring and if she was able to find competent help with her experiences. It haunts me.

    I’d love to hear more from Nadine. Barbara Lamb would also be a good person to interview, I think. Thanks, Mike, for your incredible sensitivity and courage to ask hard questions without being belligerent or insulting. This is how we get to truth more quickly.

  4. Maybe this will shed some more light on it:

    As this is a virtual dreamlike reality, it reflects in symbolic experiences what is taking place on another level, as reflections that reference to it.

    From a series of experiences I learned that, compared to our original state of consciousness which is infinitely great happiness before entering this human world, experiencing being but a human is like letting yourself spiritually be tortured to death.

    It is as if you let yourself be abducted by beings that are alien to your original nature and being.

    Yet as Source or God we lovingly willed that also other beings would have and enjoy what as God we enjoyed, so we imagined being those other beings. In this case humans. Knowing beforehand that it would be a terrifying nightmare compared to the state we enjoyed. Yet we went ahead anyway. Also knowing that one day we would begin to remember Who we really are and increasingly enjoy our original state again, but now also as the thus created new souls, even when still in human appearance. So now also other thus created conscious beings would have what we as God already had. As an eternal divine living inheritance.
    Because we would but recuperate what as God we voluntarily had given up for the humans, it was an act of great courageous, creative, pure altruistic Charity.

    This short video might help to understand it better:

    “ET 101”

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