What’s up with the UFOs? This is not a simple question, and Greg Bishop tries to frame a way to confront this very difficult subject. Greg is an author, radio host and philosopher of the weird. Over the last few decades he’s published a respected zine The Excluded Middle, as well as the fondly lamented blog UFO-mystic. He’s the voice of Radio Mysterioso, one of the initial UFO podcast on the web and still going strong. For a link to his books, click HERE.

This was much more of a conversation between friends than a formal interview between colleges.

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  1. I find it insulting when people ask if Whitley is telling the truth. After listening to him for years, I am certain that he *believes* he is telling the truth. And consider your own experiences, and, the experiences of star people told to Ardy Sixkiller Clark, etc. *Something* is really happening. The question is, how do we interpret such experiences?

    1. That is for each individual to work on…Or not. These experiences are both personal and universal, yet with no well-defined answers. Many people are clueless and choose not to explore at all, or they drive themselves crazy with an obsession to know the ‘truth’. At some point though,’truth’ can become an act of ‘being’, and THAT is when it gets really interesting!

  2. “That’s like asking if The Beatles are telling the truth…” Best quote I’ve heard all year!

  3. I look forward to The Unseen every week. This episode was an insider’s look into the UFO community, and another good one. Like Whitley, Mike’s experiences resonate with me. When I saw the cover of Communion, I was both frightened and intrigued. That’s why I’m here, all these years later. With Mike, my own owl/UFO experience is the common thread.

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