Gordon White is an author, blogger, podcaster, and practicing occult magician. He runs an amazing site called Rune Soup — and his audio interviews are wonderful. 

His 2016 book STAR.SHIPS looks at the idea of “ancient aliens” in an entirely new way—there’s no need to imagine metal space ships landing in our distant past as a way to answer all the unresolved questions archeology has left for us.

Could our ancestors have been magically literate in a way that allowed for a deeper connection with the spirit realms, thus explaining the troubling mysteries of our past? This powerful conversation explores myths, dreams, archetypes, shamanism, and magic—and their relationship to the UFO contact experience throughout human history.

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  1. Interesting, at 11 minutes before the end of this interview, I received this incoming e-mail from my niece. BIRDS!!! Just a bit synchronistic since the topic being discussed at the time was OWLS…….

    —— Forwarded Message ——
    Sent: 2/5/2020 2:17:46 PM
    Subject: From Fox News – Grisly discovery: Bones reveal Neanderthal child was eaten by large bird

    Grisly discovery: Bones reveal Neanderthal child was eaten by large bird


    Washington university in St. St. Louis is in this article

  2. Great one ! I appreciate The Unseen podcast so much. Thanks alot !

  3. not the best interview – had to get by this guys seemingly holier than thou attitude to really hear his ideas. And they are definitely interesting though he could never finish a sentence with he topic he started with. keep up good work Mike.

    1. I agree with you, wanted to listen but he comes across as a know it all. But Mike rules!

  4. you really need to read SYNCHRONICITY by Dr. Kirby Surprise who Whitley interviewed. Or just keep ignoring my trying to help.

  5. Studying Shroud and don’t see ANY owls. I think you see more owls than most people because you want to.

    1. The owl images are quite apparent to me. Look on either side of the man’s shoulders, on the darker burn marks. On each side is a pattern much resembling a standing barn owl. One owl face is partially obscured by what I assume is the patching performed on the cloth.
      See Mike’s own hidden experience site for a clear image:

      And if pugs are on the cloth (same place?) — well, Whitley has pointed out the relationship between dog and God! ; )

    1. Jesus/OWLS/The Shroud of Turin…….AWESOME, THANK YOU FOR THIS PHOTO.

  6. i just found two pugs on the pictures of the Shroud of Turin. Wow.

    1. If pugs are on the image — well, Whitley has commented upon the connection between dog and God. ; )

      The owl images are quite apparent to me. They resemble barn owls.

  7. Wow. This was an amazing interview. I was excited to check it out since I have been a fan of Gordon’s and “Rune Soup” for years and years (ever since finding it on the “Hidden Experience” recommended list). I was afraid I would be disappointed because I had such high expectations. I was not. Bravo!

  8. This is a generational observation. I think you both need to read Carlos Castenada’s first three books if you haven’t.
    There is no criticism here. Just an observation on the world we tend not to perceive.

  9. Love Mike’s comment, “I live in a magical
    Universe” at the end of the interview. After a lifetime of random, infrequent and weird Super Natural experiences (no owls or UFOs so far) this has also been the same conclusion that I have reached.

  10. Hi Mike! I love your show! Do you have any recommendations for other shows to tide me over between your shows?
    Thanks! 🙂

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