Ben has had a lifetime of powerful experiences that might seem to imply UFO contact, but the overlapping details are so strange that it has left him baffled. His experiences can’t be boiled down into a sound-byte. This episode allows Ben to tell some of his stories in a manner they deserve—with all the strange outlying details. The accounts are awash in powerful synchronicities, mythic symbolism and a feeling of awe.

Early on in the show Ben referenced an audio reading of some of his owl experiences. Mike read several accounts from his book The Messengers, and posted the recording on his blog. Here is a link to the audio of Ben’s stories, his segment begins at the 10:55 time count.

Mike says this in the opening, “One of the reasons I do these interviews is to give a voice to the people who have had powerful experiences, yet they can’t really share what has happened to them. I want to help get these stories out there—both so the individual can share an important part of their life, and also that others can hear their stories.”

Anne Strieber hosted the Contactee Interview series here on this site. She gave a voice to the real people who wanted to tell their stories, and this episode honors the spirit of these remarkable shows. 

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  1. Something just came to mind regarding the story about the noises in the woods…and Ben seeing his friend say the same words he had used… I just wonder whether part of what that was saying, or was a physical manifestation of, was that the ‘Other’ was also Ben on some level.. that the fear he experienced the first time around, was the fear of looking within.

    I guess that also leads into the question of whether the synchronistic experiences are self-generated on some level. A recent Message Board comment of mine also came to mind, related to how the words of a meditation Mantra seem to transpose into a wordless feeling after a while, like a reflection back from the Universe, or myself on some level… Anyway, I just wonder whether synchronic experience might be a similar reflection or manifestation of an inner longing to progress along ones path…which is where, listening to Ben, I also got the sense of a Hero’s journey and wondered whether his experiences might be intended to illuminate each stage of that for him.

  2. You two both should read this book

    by Dr. Kirby Surprise

    We are our SE events if we want to let them be the magic in our lives. it is a choice

    Great interview – thanks Mike!

  3. Great episode. It’s wonderful to hear so many experiences from the same person, and in such careful detail, to the point that we start to get a feel for the phenomenon as a whole as it has manifested in this person’s life. Well done, guys!

  4. Ben’s experience of hearing loud noises in the woods (at around 39 minutes) sounds to me like a non-visual encounter with a Sasquatch. I’ve had similar experiences in exploring areas with the odd tree structures attributed to these para-physical beings. Great interview.

  5. Thank you Mike and Thank you Ben.
    I have found that the thread is woven in my life too. I see it occasionally in those moments . I can’t prove it, to anyone but myself. My Mum was the only witness to a Visitor running invisible through the house one night. The Visitor crashed into her as he fled down the hallway. Mum said it was like being hit by an 8 year old kid. Mum has now since passed away. My only witness has gone. But at least i know i’m not crazy.

  6. Mike. my thanks to both you and Ben for this jam-packed conversation. I encounter so ghastly few coincidences (dreadfully overeducated & undervisioned), but your reference to the Jan. 2011 events in The Messengers managed to resonate with some minor, very personal synchronicities, and now–again!–you and Ben triggered still further personal resonances connected with Entertainment Tonight. So my **special thanks** for helping ease my senses of lostness, and please convey my appreciation to Ben, too.

  7. I’m currently reading Dr. Mack’s book from the late 90s for the first time and it is the similarities and commonalities between the stories that is inspiring me as I can see similarities with my own story so I don’t feel so alone; so I don’t think we can discount the stories that share common themes. That’s not how a b.s. detector works accurately I do not think. High strangeness is certainly an important characteristic, but similarities can also be of value.

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