Author and therapist Peter Smith talks about the pioneering work of Michael Newton PhD and his exploration of life between lives. In his work, Peter takes the client to a deep state of hypnosis, and they access an eternal realm where soul goes after a death and before being reborn into a new body. There are lessons and assessment while in this transition point, and the stories that emerge in this process are remarkable. 

These healing sessions are accessing the subconscious, yet there are eerie similarities to the UFO contact experience. This interview is an inquiry into the overlap between the spiritual realm of death, and the mysterious events that play out in the presence of the visitors. This is a powerful and life affirming conversation!

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  1. Good interview. Was hoping he’d reveal more about life on other planets or in other dimensions. Thanks Mike.

  2. I enjoyed the interview Mike! I’ve been a big fan of Michael Newton’s work. It was groundbreaking back in the 90’s. I’ve thought of it often throughout the years. Every so often I make it a point to tell the council and my soul that life here is Incredibly Challenging!! I say it out loud so I’ll hear it and remember that exact moment during my life review! I’ve always had the feeling that somehow I was pushed into over estimating my souls potential and ability and that my souls naïveté has landed me in some extremely difficult circumstances. You know, the “God never gives you more than you can handle” line! What no one mentions is our hubris and the rose colored glasses that are handed out on the other side!!!
    I am a Reiki Master, a Course in Miracles student, and have a pair of nesting owls in my yard that have been here three years in a row😉. I currently live in the foothills of NC, but grew up in CNY. Although I’m new to the site I’ve listened to many of your wonderful interviews. Loved Sherry Wilde and Grant Cameron especially but everything I’ve heard has been thoughtful and expanding. Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing.

  3. Last summer I experienced Life Between Lives with a wonderful certified practitioner in my home state. It was lovely and life altering. At one part of the voyage I got to experience myself as – the best I can describe it – a faerie/alien/winged insect being. It was all about being enveloped in a frequency or hum that was connected to all life. At the same time, I also had some sort of small pyramid shaped conveyance that allowed me to travel into other dimensions/times.

  4. Very interesting re the upswing in more people reporting ‘off-world’ past lives. And that coming here had been put off until now…because soon it won’t be an option(?). The result of this sounds like a lot of souls end up taking a calculus class when they still struggle with algebra…

    Maybe there’s a better metaphor,lol. Very thought-provoking show…

  5. Well, Mike, that was nice.
    What I am interested in… and Whitley mentioned it some time ago….you guys touched on “higher self.”
    Whitley was talking about weak souls that the “visitors” might use (predatory?) as opposed to strong souls.
    If they snip that soul off, I wonder if it directly effects “Higher self?”
    Im usually late and in those cases, I dont think anyone really reads my “what ifs”
    Thanks again to Peter Smith. Good stuff.

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