Denise Stoner is a researcher, author and experiencer. She had a remarkable contact experience in Colorado in 1982 which was thoroughly researched and is featured in The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported, from 2013. She was also involved with the more recent book from last year, Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You’ve Been Abducted, from 2019. Both were coauthored with Kathleen Marden, who spoke with Whitley a few weeks ago on Dreamland, linked HERE.

Denise is also working with with MUFONs Experiencer Research Team, this is a group of dedicated therapists and researchers with the goal of: “helping experiencers of alien contact.” 
She has had a long list of extraordinary life events, and these personal stories are the focus of this fascinating interview. 

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  1. Fantastic interview! Denise makes me feel doubly honored to be a member of MUFON’s Expereincer Research Team. Maurene Morgan, WA MUFON State Director

  2. Author

    Maureen and Sly-Disjonk,

    I’ve been hosting THE UNSEEN for Whitley for a year now, and it’s been hard work. Your comments makes all that effort feel SO worthwhile. Thank you.


  3. Mike, your show is one of my -must listen to- shows on Unknowncountry. Your podcasts are awesome!

    When Denise talked about her NDE and being dragged back into her body, I have to say that same thing happened to me in my late teens. I’ve always felt it was some sort of rejection by whomever(?), but listening to Denise I am suddenly hopeful that it may not have been so.

    I used to have OBEs several times a week but when the final one happened, I impulsively said “I’m outta this world forever”, and shot off across the room. Immediately I was grabbed by several sets of invisible hands who, none to gently, grappled me back into my body and then performed manipulations to align my second body into my physical form.

    I will always remember that even after I awoke I could still feel a forceful hand on the back of my neck pressing me down into the pillow for several minutes.

  4. Loved this interview. Denise Stoner is so articulate, and yet parsimonious. And Mike Clelland is a top rate interviewer, IMO. He keeps things *focused* but has the capacity to take side trips. It’s always a pleasure to listen to The Unseen because of this.

    I have never had a NDE, but I had an astonishing OBE years ago, when experimenting with “re-pro-gression.” The person facilitating my experience told me to ask my higher self “Where do you really want to be?” and when I did that, I SHOT out of body and was flying through space, absolutely joyously and deliriously happy and *free*! Freedom! But I was pulled back to earth by a powerful force and filled with energy; I thought I might become a ball *of* energy, it was so intense. I have never understood what that was all about, but clearly, I was not supposed to shoot off into freedom like that; not then, anyway.

    Hoping that Denise Stoner comes back to this show. Thank you for your work, Mike, and thanks for having her on.

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