Confessions of a Spooky Mind by Walter Bosley is a short little book and a memoir of sorts, describing some of the strange events in his life. He has written a lot of other books too, both fiction and non-fiction. These including The Empire of the Wheel trilogy and The Esoteric Napoleon. Plus, a handful of thrillers in the classic pulp style.

Walter describes some of his very strange personal experiences and how those lead to his equally strange research. His life has followed a wandering path, crisscrossing with the unknown. This interviews covers UFOs, owls, synchronicity, occult practices and espionage.

A long list of his books can be found HERE.

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  1. Thank goodness for your interviews to pick up slack till Whitley gets back on track! Keep up the great work!

    1. Personally, I don’t think Whitley is off track, or ever has been at any point… but I agree Mike’s podcast is great.

    2. John what track are you on? I would just like to know in advance so I can take the quickest detour.

  2. Having problems down loading the shows lately, to my player. I tunes is stating that the audio file is not compatible. This has happened a couple times since the change in format. any suggestions that might help.

  3. Mike and Walter, vobis gratias ago ambobus pro colloquio vestro valde delectanti Mihi (ut studenti linguae graecae antiquae) gratissima erat historia de imagine Athenae! Benedicti beatique sitis et vos et dilecti vestri.

    1. Militia est vita quae causa cur latine scripsit, quam Anglice? Ab actu latine loqui, aut alia causa est? Aliud simpliciter esse?


      Is there a reason why you have written in Latin, rather than English? Do you actually speak Latin, or is there some other reason? Simply to be different?

  4. What a stellar interview! The gentleman ghost at Disney specially resonated ’cause I am a big Disney nerd. When I kick the bucket, I would not mind passing through there.

    Whenever I hear about remote viewing , I always recommend Ingo Swan’s “Penetration.” Its in audio aside from books.

    It is written from a remote viewer’s perspective. He was one of the originals of the government project.
    Wonderful interview.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation of the book ‘Penetration’… I’m listening to it now and loving it so far.

  5. I love listening to this guy. But I get the same kind of skeptical vibes as when I hear Bob Lazar and Corey Goode. Do we know for sure that Walter Bosley was an FBI agent, etc? Again, Mike, many thanks for your stellar interviews.

  6. Greetings, Mike. I very much enjoyed this interview. I was wondering, does Walter Bosley still have his pictures or footage of the U.F.O.-over-his-house that he described and, if so, can/will he share copies with you? I’m sure others, in addition to me, would like to see these. Perhaps you could ask him and, if he comes through on these for you, they could be shared in Whitley’s “Out There” section, or similar, on this site.

    Thank you.


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