Lake Monster Ogopogo Resurfaces in Canada’s Okanagan Region

June 17, 2019
The lake monster known as Ogopogo has resurfaced in a video taken by a local shop owner, continuing a string of sightings of the elusive cryptid that calls Canada's Okanagan Lake home. On June 1, Jim La Rocque was visiting... continued

Occasionally, Older Stars Erupt with Solar Superflares, Too

June 14, 2019
Young stars that are just starting their luminous lives are known to give off massive solar flares that can be many hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than the largest flares on record from our own middle-aged Sun. Juvenile... continued

Readin’, ‘Rithmetic and… Honeybees? Learning to Add, Subtract and Read Numbers in the Hive

June 12, 2019
In a first for insect kind, a series of studies has found that simple honeybees can not only perform basic arithmetic—adding and subtracting the number one from a number provided to them—but they can also learn how to read symbols... continued

The FBI has Released its X-Files on Bigfoot

June 10, 2019
It mightn't be based on what Agent Mulder had or had not seen while out for a night of "squatchin", but the Federal Bureau of Investigation has released the documents regarding its official investigation into the elusive cryptid known as... continued

Keeping Schrödinger’s Cat Alive: Researchers Find a Way to Predict Changes in Quantum Superposition States

June 7, 2019
A team of quantum physicists at Yale University has announced that they have resolved one of the defining characteristics in the field of quantum mechanics, in that they have not only made the unpredictable behavior of particles at the quantum... continued

“This is the New Norm”: Chaotic Weather Continues to Wreak Havoc Around the World

June 3, 2019
It's only been six weeks since our last report on the weather chaos currently gripping the planet, but the onslaught of devastating weather continues to deliver waves of heat, tornadoes, flooding, droughts, and wildfires, resulting in billions of dollars in... continued

More Water Found on Mars and the Unraveling of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: News from Around the Solar System

May 31, 2019
The planets Mars and Jupiter have been making news lately, with a huge reservoir of water ice having been discovered on Mars—one big enough to fill a small ocean—and the unraveling of Jupiter's Great Red Spot, a massive storm that... continued

‘I Almost Hit One of Those Things’: More US Navy Pilots Come Forward with their UFO Encounters

May 29, 2019
Naval pilots assigned to the USS Roosevelt have reported having encounters with unknown objects, on a near-daily basis, from the summer of 2014 through March 2015, while participating in training maneuvers along the east coast of the United States between... continued

DoD UFO Videos Confirmed to be Genuine, Don’t Expect the Navy to Release More in the Future

May 27, 2019
Ever since the release of a series of formerly classified gun camera footage of UFOs in 2017 that were encountered by U.S. Navy aircraft, allegations that the infamous "Gimbal", "Go Fast" and "Tic-Tac" videos were not actually released through the... continued

Welcome to the NEW Unknown Country!

May 24, 2019
At last, we're in the new website. The free message board and subscriber chats have returned, and we will once again be posting lots of new subscriber material, news stories, shows and everything else that makes this site so exciting... continued