New Unknowncountry Site Damaged: Update June 24

June 22, 2018
We would like to thank everyone who has donated! We are now in the process of creating a new domain with a new level of security. Next week, we will proceed to restore the backup of the new website to... continued

Malignant Brain Tumor Cases have Doubled over the past Twenty Years in England: Are Mobile Phones to Blame?

June 21, 2018
A new study has revealed that the rates of malignant brain tumors in England has more than doubled over the past two decades, once again raising concerns regarding the effects of radiation on human health. While the study does not... continued

A Carbon-Capture Company is Pulling Greenhouse Gases from the Air to make Fuel

June 19, 2018
While the world might be making the steady shift away from fossil fuel energy sources, there is concern that avoiding a climatological catastrophe might take more than simply halting our production of carbon dioxide waste, and that our civilization might... continued

Antarctica’s Ice is Melting Three Times Faster than Before, Putting Northern Coastlines under Increased Threat

June 16, 2018
A recent large-scale survey of Antarctica's ice sheets has revealed that the rate of ice melt from the (mostly) frozen southern continent has tripled over the last decade, releasing volumes of water into the ocean on par with the freshwater... continued

Mysterious “Sonic Attack” Illness from Cuba has Struck in China

June 15, 2018
Cuba may be off the hook as a possible culprit behind a debilitating illness that struck US and Canadian diplomats stationed in Havana in 2016, as the same phenomenon is now happening to US embassy staff in China. Although the... continued

A New Genetic Survey Reveals that 90 Percent of All Species Evolved at the Same Time

June 13, 2018
A recent survey of the DNA of over 100,000 of the Earth's animal species, including modern humans, has yielded a shocking result: 90 percent of all extant species arose at the same time, between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago, upending... continued

NASA Has Found More Evidence for Life on Mars

June 9, 2018
NASA has just announced two major breakthroughs in the search for life on Mars: the first is that the Mars Curiosity rover has detected the presence of organic molecules preserved within the bedrock of the Martian soil; the other is... continued

Dwarf Planet Caju’s New Orbital Plot Points to… Planet Nine!

June 7, 2018
The newly-plotted orbital path of a recently discovered trans-Neptunian object has added new fuel to the growing body of evidence that there is a planet of substantial size orbiting in the far reaches of our solar system. The highly-eccentric orbit... continued

Superstorms are on the Rise, Prompting Calls for a New Category 6

June 5, 2018
A recent review of global hurricane data has revealed that the occurrence of powerful cyclones has increased dramatically since 1980, with the number of strong Category-5 storms having more than tripled, with a disturbing trend for these storms to both... continued

Ancient Microbes Hint that Life is Common Throughout the Cosmos

June 4, 2018
A recent analysis of the fossils of ancient microorganisms from deep within Earth's past have unveiled the presence of a surprising amount of biodiversity that flourished roughly 3.4 billion years ago, when the Earth was still a very young planet.... continued