The Rate of Sea Level Rise may be Three Times Worse than we Thought

June 1, 2017
A new study has been published that has found that the rate of sea level rise is much worse than previously thought, having tripled in pace since 1990. Before 1990, the oceans were rising at an average rate of 11... continued

New Excavations under Peru’s Huaca Prieta Pyramid Shows the Region was Inhabited 15,000 Years Ago

May 31, 2017
Excavations at Peru's Huaca Prieta archaeological complex have uncovered evidence that habitation in the area stretches back to nearly 15,000 years ago. The site itself is home to a 7,800-year-old pyramid mound, with the area previously believed to have been... continued

Actor Kurt Russell has Come Forward as a Phoenix Lights Witness

May 30, 2017
One of ufology's most high-profile cases is 1997's Phoenix Lights incident, involving the mass sighting of bright lights arranged in a v-shaped formation over Phoenix, Arizona, on March 13, 1997. Amongst the thousands of witnesses to the event, then-governor Fife... continued

UK to Release Delayed UFO Documents After June’s General Election

May 28, 2017
The United Kingdom's National Archives has announced that 18 documents pertaining to UFOs that were withheld from release alongside thousands of other UFO documents in 2013 won't be released until after the UK's general election in June. UFO researchers are... continued

Brain Stimulation of Patients in a Vegetative State Helps Them to Communicate

May 27, 2017
 Researchers in Belgium have developed a technique that allows coma patients that are in a minimally-conscious state to become aware enough to communicate -- for up to a week -- using mild electrical stimulation to their brains. Building on the... continued

Top-Secret Russian Satellites are using Next-Generation Ion Engines to Rendezvous with Other Orbital Objects

May 26, 2017
Three top-secret satellites launched by Russia between 2013 and 2015 have recently been reactivated, and appear to be carrying out missions to rendezvous with other man-made objects in orbit, performing comparatively dramatic maneuvers to make their intercepts. Despite assurances from... continued

Global Warming Causes the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to Spring a Leak

May 25, 2017
The Officials in charge of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault have reported that water from melting permafrost and heavy rain, brought about by record-high temperatures in the Arctic over the past winter, has leaked into the entrance tunnel leading to... continued

Homo Neledi ‘s Young Age Upends Modern Theories on the Development of Human Culture and Technology

May 20, 2017
The definitive dating of the remains of the extinct hominin Homo naledi has been completed, and the results have left researchers' original assumptions about the age of the creature in the dust: initially thought to be 2.5 million years old,... continued

A Human-Made Forcefield is Helping Protect the Earth from Radiation from Outer Space

May 19, 2017
The study of space weather has taken on an increased importance in recent decades, as the importance of the effects of the day-to-day conditions of our immediate solar system continue to be uncovered, with the effects here on Earth ranging... continued

2002 DoD Manual Instructs Military Personnel on how to Handle UFO Photos

May 18, 2017
Following the official closure of the Air Force's Project Blue Book in December of 1969, it was assumed that all branches of the U.S. government and military had washed their hands of the issue of investigating UFOs. However, the decades... continued