UN Delivers “An Ear-Splitting Wake-Up Call to the World”: Time is Running Out in the Fight Against Global Warming

October 13, 2018
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a dire warning that our current efforts at addressing the problem of climate change are not keeping pace with the increase of the rate of global warming, and that we need... continued

Michael Strongest Storm Ever to Slam Florida Panhandle

October 11, 2018
Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle earlier today, but it did so as a category-4 hurricane with wind speeds of up to 150 mph (240 kph), rather than the category-3 that it was originally forecast to be. This... continued

‘Extremely Dangerous’ Hurricane Michael Aims at Florida Panhandle

October 9, 2018
Hurricane Michael, currently a catergory-1 storm, is tracking northward across the Caribbean, and is expected to make landfall in Florida on Wednesday. The storm is currently over Cuba, and is expected to strike the Florida Panhandle as a category-3 hurricane,... continued

Our Solar System Has A Goblin, and it Hints at Planet Nine’s Existence

October 6, 2018
A diminutive Goblin lurks in the cold, dark recesses of the heavens, far past the icy blue depths of Poseidon, and even deeper into the void than the abode of Hades. And, according to the explorers that discovered this strange... continued

A Visual Illustration of How Global Warming Fueled Hurricane Florence

October 4, 2018
We often hear a great deal from weather experts about how extreme weather is being made all the more intense by the rise in climate change, especially when it comes to events such as hurricanes, but we're rarely given the... continued

Canadian Lake Monster Ogopogo Rears its Elusive Head Three Times in Three Weeks!

October 3, 2018
Ogopogo, the clandestine cryptid from Canada's Okanagan Lake, has been spotted over the course of September not once, but three times, according to local monster hunter Bill Steciuk. Steciuk runs the cryptid website Ogopogo Quest.com, and became a believer in... continued

Tsunami Strikes Indonesian City

September 29, 2018
A tsunami unexpectedly swept into the Indonesian city of Palau on the island of Sulawesi at 5PM Indonesian time on Friday. The wave was over 6 meters high and flooded a significant part of the city. The death toll is... continued

Global Warming is also Causing the Earth’s Axis to Shift

September 29, 2018
A new study is suggesting that human influence is affecting the planet in an unexpected way: human-driven global warming appears to be accelerating the shift the planet's axis. Although scientists have known about the slow wobble in the Earth's axis... continued

My Little Monkey Human Children Speak the Same Language as Chimpanzees

September 25, 2018
Despite being separated by over 5 million years on our respective evolutionary paths, it appears that nearly 90 percent of the gestures human children use to communicate are shared with those used by chimpanzees. Lacking the capacity for complex verbal... continued

Could the Sonic Attacks on US Embassy Workers in Cuba be the Result of Microwave Listening Devices?

September 20, 2018
A medical expert with the University of California has weighed in on her suspicions as to what caused the concussion-like injuries in US embassy workers in Cuba in 2017, and at an embassy in China this past June, and says... continued