COVID-19 Pandemic Update: The US Closes its Borders; Italy Overwhelmed by Coronavirus Cases

March 23, 2020
The worldwide COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic on March 11 by the World Health Organization (WHO), in response to the disease's rapid spread throughout the world, with 173 countries on every continent (except Antarctica) now reporting confirmed cases. The... continued

Existing Antiviral Drug is “Clearly Effective” in Treating Coronavirus Infections

March 20, 2020
Clinical trials conducted in China have returned promising results for a treatment for patients infected with COVID-19, using an existing antiviral compound that has been used against similar viruses. Typically used to treat new strains of influenza, favipiravir is an... continued

One-Quarter of Global Warming Twitter Posts May Be Faked by Automated Bots

March 18, 2020
The value of social media has been incalculable in its ability to connect millions of people around the globe, but like all powerful tools this force appears to have been weaponized to serve the interests of individuals and organizations seeking... continued

Unknowncountry’s Coronavirus Response

March 16, 2020
Whitley will be continuing with live YouTube meditations and we have started a Zoom video meeting room for our subscribers. The next live YouTube meditation will be on Thursday at 6PM Pacific Time. It will consist of a 20 minute... continued

Aircraft Contrails Just Need a Little Altitude Adjustment to Improve Their Impact on Global Warming

March 13, 2020
High-altitude aircraft contrails were recently found to be trapping more solar radiation than the carbon emissions emitted by the aircraft that form them, doubling the airline industry’s contribution to global warming. But the formation of these manmade clouds could be... continued

NASA Finds a New Martian Biosignature—and a Good Place for It to Hole Up In

March 11, 2020
NASA's Curiosity Rover has detected an organic molecule in Mars' Gale Crater that is typically associated with fossil fuels and fungi on Earth, another potential sign that life once existed—or continues to exist—somewhere on or in the Red Planet. Additionally, the agency's Mars... continued

Spread of the Coronavirus Increases Outside of China, Along With Misinformation Regarding the Disease

March 9, 2020
(Updated Mar 09 13:00 PST to reflect current numbers) (Additional update Mar 10 09:00 PST: Italian quarantine extended to entire country) Coronavirus infections outside of mainland China have been on the rise over the past few weeks, with nearly thirty... continued

75 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur DNA May Have Been Found

March 6, 2020
An international team of researchers has uncovered what appears to be fragments of 75 million-year-old DNA from a dinosaur hatchling, bringing the concept behind Jurassic Park one step closer to reality. Previously, it was broadly accepted that the maximum amount... continued

A Key Ingredient for the Formation of Life May Have Been Found in a Meteorite

March 4, 2020
After more than a decade of research, scientists have discovered what may be the first known complete protein molecule in a meteorite, the first discovery of its kind confirmed to be from an extraterrestrial source. Although simpler amino acid molecules,... continued

A Coronavirus Expert’s Suggestions about How to Protect Yourself from the New Variant

March 2, 2020
Dr. James Robb is circulating the email copied here which contains his ideas about how to protect yourself from COID-19. It contains a number of suggestions we have not seen anywhere else, such as protecting yourself when grasping things like... continued