Retired intelligence officer and contactee Angelia Schultz has announced that she will be heading a scientific expedition to an alien base hidden beneath a mountain in the Mojave Desert. Schultz says that she communicated with the inhabitants of the mountain herself in a subterranean encounter that took place earlier this year.

In her August 17 press conference, held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, Schultz reported that on January 21, 2018, she was approached by two individuals that she refers to as Wayne and Trisha while sitting in a coffee shop in Southern California. The trio discussed the nature of consciousness and Schultz’s illness, when Wayne told her about a tunnel he had excavated under his property after encountering what he referred to as aliens that told him they had a base in a nearby mountain. Wayne invited her to his home so that she could visit the tunnel; she took him up on the offer, and entered the tunnel with Wayne, Trisha and two other individuals.

After rounding a corner in the tunnel, the group encountered two different types of beings: a Gray, accompanied by a number of very tall human-like beings with fine, white hair and what Schultz describes as “radiant” and “nearly alabaster” complexions. The beings greeted her by name, and said that they had been waiting to talk to her. They took Schultz into their base, and to a room where she met numerous other beings, including an 8-foot-tall lavender-colored praying mantis-type being that Schultz recognized from earlier encounters.

Schultz reports that the beings removed her consciousness from her body, urging her to wake up and to remember who she was and what it was that she was supposed to be doing, and explained to her “the evolution and growth of consciousness through learning,” using the concept of “density,” something Schultz was unable to understand at the time. After escorting her back to the entrance of their base, Schultz suddenly found herself back in the home of her human hosts.

Schultz is planning on forming a scientific exploration team to re-visit the base, in an effort to document the existence of the base and gather evidence of the presence of a non-human intelligence here on Earth. Although she did not divulge their names, Schultz said the team already has one astronaut, a well-known documentarian and a chief investigative reporter on board, and are looking for “academics, physicists, astronomers” to join the expedition.

Although Schultz reports that Wayne and Trisha are okay with the expedition, she does not mention whether or not the entities have expressed their thoughts regarding the effort. Regarding funding for the expedition, Schultz also says that “there are people that have [the money] and they want this to happen.”

The press conference is available in full on Youtube, with the conference itself starting at 10:20; Schultz’s description of her encounter with the beings starts at 22:25, and her announcement of the upcoming expedition can be found at 40:05.

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  1. I watched the news conference with ‘Anjali’ live. I also have watched a couple of things about her on YouTube, and I also watch what she is saying on Twitter, interacting with her a bit there. I am firmly on the fence about what she says, but I do feel that she is being sincere. As we all should know by now, this stuff is incredibly weird, plus many of us have been in the middle of the weirdness ourselves.

    I personally don’t see where the things that she says are any more off-the-wall than things put out there by Lue Elizondo or Tom DeLonge. I do wonder if she was not a woman (and disabled) how she might be treated differently by the UFO ‘community’.

    I think it is also more than a little interesting that Ms. Schultz attended Black Hills State University in South Dakota and then went to Graduate School for her master’s degree at South Dakota State University in the Department of Rural Sociology, where she was allegedly recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency. She also ran for office in South Dakota in 2014. Her credentials appear to be legitimate.(At this point, no one to my knowledge has discredited these credentials.) Whitley may see my angle on this.

    I can see people being skeptical, and they should be. What I don’t understand is the sheer meanness that I have seen directed against her, but then that seems to be the norm these days, especially on social media.

    Maybe it’s just my age, but if I got the invitation, I’d take it, and I’m not an academic, physicist, or astronomer.

    1. Agreed: we can be skeptical without being cruel. The snippets I’ve seen and heard feel like an actor’s portrayal. Almost like a media presser for a low budget film (no offense to low budget films).

      Gonna go into a tunnel and have a chat with some aliens, are ya? I’m looking forward to the results of their query. No matter what the outcome.

    2. She struck me as sincere too, and this is indeed far from the weirdest story we’ve encountered–while I was writing this I was actually reminded of another subterranean encounter that was well received by the community, although now I can’t for the life of me remember which one it was.

      What does concern me is that she at no point mentions whether or not the occupants of the base are okay with the expedition: they probably wouldn’t mind the team showing up, but documenting the encounter might be off the table.

      Of course, if they’re successful it wouldn’t be the first time evidence from this phenomenon has been fluffed off by society in general…

      1. As to the ‘expedition’, my guess (and it’s only a guess) is that Schultz wouldn’t have it on the table if she thought it would not be welcomed. She was welcomed when she popped in, or else things would not have gone as well as they did.

        So many are demanding ‘disclosure’ from our government. Frankly, I think these beings are in control, not our government. I also feel that they are very discriminating about who is allowed in.

        Maybe each person has to earn the right to know the truth. Those that earn the right to know the truth are also the ones that can handle the truth. (that does not include all abductees) That being said, documenting the visit will be tightly controlled too. So, if anyone expects a big ‘revelation’ they will be disappointed.

        There is so much divisiveness, mistrust, and total lack of real knowledge amongst humanity right now, ‘disclosure’ would just make it worst, creating more factions/fractures and divisions. If you don’t believe that, and that we’ll all be holding hands and singing ‘kumbaya’ after disclosure, give it more thought, and realize that disclosure is not for everyone, sadly.

    3. The DIA link is interesting… Military (intelligence) and UFO / Aliens seems to be a common theme.

    4. Thank you for sharing your study and impressions. I agree that Anjali seems sincere and I wish her team the best, I would participate if I had the opportunity.

  2. I listened to a fair bit but do not believe the story. Lavender mantis being – well maybe – but lots of no detail rap. Seems very contrived like someone who researched on You-tube.

  3. OH WOW.
    Thats sounds fantastic, BUT…..
    Im not the type to walk into somebody’s house uninvited even if they are friendly. You gotta give them time to tidy up a bit. I would prefer an invitation.
    Seriously though, thats really exciting.
    In some way, I am a tad envious.
    Good luck. I look forward to hearing of the outcome.

  4. I am currently painting the “actual” work of a study I did last year, called A God That Speaks Of Evolution.

    I kid you not, the principal mantis deity in this version of the work is purple, and a colour I have hitherto not used for this deity before.


    1. Do you have an online portal for your art? I’d like to see it very much.

      Also, considering your focus, you may find this lecture by one of the greats, of some interest. Yes, it’s a little slow but gold nonetheless.


      1. Thanks for the YT link I’ll give it a go. I have enjoyed the works of MPH previously.

        My website is

        Study For A God That Speaks Of Evolution can be founding under paintings, 2020.

        i realized after making this post that I had indeed painted the Egyptian praying mantis deity (Whose name is Abyt) in purple in an earlier work, Kemetery (also 2020). He can be found just left of the central winged disk.

  5. I guess my main concern is if this turns out to be a ‘THREE RING CIRCUS with no substance,’ then what happens to any progress made by proven investigators? Has this whole thing been orchestrated/conjured up to do this? Making all of the UFOs/UAPs look foolish?

  6. I’m concerned that my comments from yesterday are only showing up if I’m logged in…

    1. I’m totally puzzled by this. I can see them ONLY when I am logged in, and you can’t see them at all?

      What’s going on?

      1. No, I only see these last two, unfortunately. I seem to remember someone (maybe Matthew or Al) mentioning that sometimes comments get caught in an automatic filter but not knowing the rules it employs, I wouldn’t know what it has erroneously triggered it. It might be worth giving them a shout.

  7. Sounds fishy and why pull a fast one on them – they wont be exposed in that manner…

  8. What did we see? We saw a woman (and her hangers-on) in a public (non-official) setting declaring her intention to make a surprise visit to some aliens. (Not much of a surprise anymore, is it?).

    So, her quest is not sanctioned by anything more than her imagination, or else they might have at least rented out the press club like Steven Greer and Steve Bassett and had some politicians/science types in attendance. It felt more like an announcement by the Raelians.

    As for other people making negative comments because of her gender — I disagree. Linda Moulton Howe gets respect — as long as she doesn’t do the “I heard this from someone else” thing too much. Again, nothing to do with women or wheelchairs. It’s just a wafer thin PR campaign that has no more credibility than if anyone with former government connections had made the same announcement. UFO business is kinda slow these days; even Tom DeLonge seems more interested in selling t-shirts.

    Lets hope we can get something from Leslie Kean. At least you know she’s not trying to start a cult. 🙂

  9. I’d visit. And, not to sound overly facetious, but I’d take a selfie with the Tall Whites and Greys to boot! Heck, some kind of proof is better than hearsay.

  10. Can this woman deliver?

    Some of her message in the video linked to seems like some of past New Age stupidity like the Photon Belt and the Harmonic Convergence ushering in a more peaceful time on earth.

  11. Admiration is my reaction to anyone who publicly proclaims plans for an excursion as bizarre as this one. Of course chances are low that anything credible will come of it. But what if this expedition defies all reasonable expectations and produces new evidence of extraterrestrials? If that happens, why wouldn’t Angelia Schultz be more likely to tell truth than our government, which gets front-page coverage every day for lies mouthed with a straight face? I wish her and her cohorts the best of luck.

  12. Here’s my pennies’ worth..

    The interaction Anjali experienced sounds more like a last ditch effort to reach out to minds that can influence Human society and culture.

    I think many may agree that we are at a tipping point in terms of Human overpopulation of this planet, though I do not think it is by accident, rather by Grand design, structured to coincide with periodic destruction caused by our Solar system’s journey into denser arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. G … .- -.-. .-. . -.. / –. .- .-. -.. . -. / — ..-. / -.-. — -. … -.-. .. — ..- … -. . … …

    Considering the lofty nature of some of the dignitaries purported to be keen to join the expedition, I can’t help but wonder if this is more of a diplomatic mission than a merry band of seekers venturing into mystery.

    All said and done, more discussion of such things is rarely an obstacle to perception and understanding and so I applaud this effort, especially as it embraces the concept of inclusivity, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and forward thinking consciousness based in Spirit.

    At times, difficult decisions must be made and as I consider events unfolding in this (I shan’t say our) World right now, I accept that there is little choice. There’s no escaping this. No blame.

    I encourage others to consider the ancient myth of the Wild Hunt, perhaps best expressed by this Wiki page:

    There are times of pressure, of density if you like, where light from above breaks through and speaks to us. It finds a way, like water finding its level to return balance and harmony.

    I shall keep a keen eye on this expedition, though, frankly, it’s often awkward to be a person with a professional reputation and speak openly about communication with other consciousness or ‘meeting entities’.

    For this reason, I expect that those on the expedition, should they have direct contact, will return to the World and say less about the experiences and focus more on emanating higher consciousness into this temporary World. A Garden encouraged into bloom by flux and waning light.


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