This one has us stumped. Is it a camouflaged UFO or stealth aircraft or drone? Is it a swarm of insects or birds, a plastic bag, a cloud caught in back wind? Whatever it is, it is certainly a very unusual “something” in the sky over South Carolina. We foundread more

This video was published privately on YouTube 10 years ago. Until an subscriber saw a clip of it on Tik-Tok, we were unaware of it. The language being spoken is Slovak. The logo at the bottom of the video may be from a documentary called Terra Magica about wineread more

At least two witnesses captured video of an oddly-shaped blue UFO that appeared over the Hawaiian island of Oahu on December 29, 2020. At 8:26 local time Misitina Sape caught the UFO on video while near Haleakala Avenue in Nanakuli. Shortly afterward, the object was spotted by another witness namedread more

This video was made on December 9, 2020 with a surveillance camera. The cow falls through the roof and into a barn. The farmer whose cow it is says he saw a UFO above the barn and then this happened. But what was “this?” It is hard to believe thatread more