This 2014 video from the Chilean government has been extensively analyzed and reported on in the media. However, what hasn’t happened is the release of information about any attempt to analyze the emission from the object. In addition, there is one clip from below that appears to show something aboveread more

This is not a drone and it doesn’t look at all like a balloon. It does seem to be floating like one, though. It is not a video effect or a lens flare. One of our experts weighs in, reflecting the group’s consensus: This thing bobs in the wind likeread more

This video was made by Australian UFO investigator Peter Maxwell Slattery over Melbourne earlier this year. We have analyzed the video frame by frame looking for indications that this was a drone, but we were unable to come to a definite conclusion. This video is rated B, possibly more

The photo shown here was taken during a sunset walk in Michigan on Sunday, March 24, 2019. The second image is a simple enhancement we have done by adjusting the contrast and brightness to make the unusual object appear more clear. However, it has us stumped. It could be a motorcycle under a red tarp, or even some kind of very unusual lens effect caused by the sunlight, but neither possibility is very definite. The witness reports that nothing unusual was noticed while taking the picture or walking past the spot where the image appears, no motorcycle, people or anything at all on the roadside. The picture was taken with a Samsung cellphone.

If you have ever seen anything like it, or experienced a lens effect like it, please let us know at
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