This one has us stumped. Is it a camouflaged UFO or stealth aircraft or drone? Is it a swarm of insects or birds, a plastic bag, a cloud caught in back wind? Whatever it is, it is certainly a very unusual “something” in the sky over South Carolina. We found another video on YouTube of what appears to be a cloud moving in the wrong direction on a very windy day. It is not explainable at all, unless there are clouds with their own propulsion systems. To watch, click here. (The phenomenon appears at 42 seconds in.)

Thanks to WiOD610 Radio for this story. For their take on it, click here.

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  1. Very odd, and so close to the ground. Did anyone else in the area see it?

  2. Author

    I’ll have it looked at by some video experts and see what they say.

  3. Author

    He said that he’d looked at it before and thought it was a partially deflated balloon of some kind because it was floating, not moving under its own power.

  4. But that cloud video. There is definitely some weird interaction between it and the clouds moving” “correctly”. It causes them to break up.

  5. Back in 2003-4 while living in a suburb in South Lexington Kentucky, I was in my backyard standing in a small blow up pool, clear cloudless sky with no breeze, close to five in the evening. A small dark cloud, oddly close to the ground, moved slowly above my head from one end of the sky to the other, SW to NE. With nothing else in the sky at the time, I had no real frame of reference for size or distance. It just seemed like it was really close to me, like 100 yards up in the air. It looked a lot like what appears in the video above. Later that night standing in my driveway, an owl swooped down right at my head and flew off. I’d never seen or heard owls in that neighborhood before or after that time. I had been reading one of Lisette Larkins’ books at the time and thought the ‘others’ might be tapping me on the shoulder in their own way.
    I hadn’t thought of that incident in many years, but this video brings it back with clarity.

  6. My “best guess scenario” is that it’s a swarm of insects or, less likely, birds. It’s interesting, though.

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