The first part of this video involving a doll’s head moving on its own could have been created using CGI, but we don’t think so because the second part of the video is difficult to explain as a hoax.

One of our video experts comments:

"The first one could have been CGI. — the very poor resolution of the video can cover that sort of thing up very well.
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Ok, I’m going to buy into some probable lunacy. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and dotty, but the truth is that now that two of these things have been recorded by Curiosity, your Out There editor is–well–curious.

A could of years ago I was tempted to post the "floating spoon on Mars" story as a joke, but I didn’t because it was just too funny and I didn’t have time to confirm the image in the NASA original footage. But a couple of days ago, another of these objects was recorded. So, whatever these things are, they do qualify as a genuine mystery. They are pretty large, so if there are any aliens looming about who make use of them, there is going to be a rover photo eventually, perhaps of a huge hand?
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We haven’t been able to find out much about this video, which is presently appearing on popular UFO YouTube sites, some of them well known for hoaxing. However, two of our experts have watched the video and report that they cannot determine that it is a fake.

Here are their comments:
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This object and light form appeared above the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles on November 29. The witness reported to MUFON that he had taken the pictures without noticing the object, only the light form.

There was also a less clear event in Northridge, CA on the same night, and we have unconfirmed reports of other events in the Los Angeles area as well.

The Hollywood Hills sighting is graded A.

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