This video was shot by an Unknowncountry user on the night of March 10, 2020 in his hometown of Springfield, Oregon. The sky was clear at the time, with some high broken cloud. The lights appeared the size of a dime to the naked eye, but do not seem asread more

This video features sounds recorded in the 1970s by Ron Morehead in the forest north of Yosemite. The sounds are almost certainly authentic.  They were featured in a documentary that has been pulled due to a copyright claim. These are the same sounds. Not an Unknowncountry subscriber? Don’t miss outread more

  A UFO strikingly similar to one that appeared over Kelowna, British Columbia in 2003 has appeared there again. The 2003 incident also involved one of the few multiple witness abduction experiences with medically documented injuries to the witnesses. In addition, one of the clearest pieces of UFO video inread more