On August 17 Valle Hermoso resident Juan Manuel Sanchez managed to take a sequence of pictures of a silvery daylight disk that he said was hovering across the street from his property. The disk appeared briefly in front of looming storm clouds and the witness managed to capture three photographs of the object before it took off into the sky.

Manuel Sanchez says he was with his co-workers when they spotted the object, a silver disk, in front of the backdrop of nearby storm clouds. He took his phone out to make a video of the sighting, but realized too late that his camera was set to only take stills; he managed to capture three quick shots of the disk, but was unable to change the camera to video mode before the object took off.

He estimates that the disk was between 10 and 15 meters (32.8 and 49.2) in diameter and perhaps only a kilometer (0.62 miles) away. He also said in an RDTV interview that he had a second encounter that evening when he spotted an odd light hovering over his house; this time he made sure his camera was in video mode; this can be seen in the RDTV interview.

Skeptics were quick to point out that the object in the daylight photographs resembles a commonly-available refrigerator magnet, with YouTuber LedrackVFX demonstrating how the images can be reproduced. However, the magnet in question is an elongated oval in shape, while Manuel Sanchez describes the object he saw as being disk-shaped.

Despite the relative ease of the reproducibility of the photographs it’s important to remember that simply because an image can be faked doesn’t mean that it actually was faked.

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  1. This is so mainstream in Mexico. I resided in Mexico CIty for a few years on and off. The city is dominated by what is lovingly called “Popo”. Popocatépetl is a massive volcano on what is an extremely active area.
    Folks, I was flying back to the states and flat out saw pretty much something like the photo above but completely smooth and was zipping either out or in (?) the top of the mountain.

    The energy there was some of the most life affirming and intense earth energy I’ve experienced. If you ever get a chance to go, I’d say go and prepare to be transformed. The art in Diego Rivera’s Pyramid is said to be the largest Pre-Colombian art collection in the world. There were literally thousands of pieces and tons were flat out of the ceramic and stone entities we all are familiar with. The energy is also intense in a not so benevolent way as well to say the least.

  2. I have heard many people on podcasts saying this is happening every night in their back yard outside of America and even in America! This is some of the best evidence I have ever seen. Cudos to him for getting these. I am now wondering if they visited him in his home or will eventually because they revisited him?! So many questions though always never enough answers.

  3. Sakura
    I ponder why ‘Thems’ are always near volcanos, fault zones, hurricanes, nuclear sites…?
    I wonder if they somehow know the future or the potential future destruction. The looming catastrophe….?

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