This video from 2014 is by all indications authentic and quite unusual. It shows a small oval object that fires pulses of energy into a contrail. The composition of the contrail, and the reason that the object reacted in this way, are unknown. It could be that the contrail is not actually the reason that the object is firing the pulses. In any case, video of a UFO doing anything remotely like this is almost always fake. There is no indication of that here.

Rated A-Probably more

This video was captured by an ISS video watcher. The object, or shadow, is moving too fast to be a plane, so it is either space debris, a satellite in lower orbit than the ISS or the shadow of the ISS on the surface of the storm. Or, of course, it could be something of unknown origin. In any case, it’s a great catch by this observer!

Possible unknown, no way to evaluate further.
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This video shows two extremely fast objects passing in front of a single engine aircraft. It was shot in Argentina in 2017. It is not a computer graphic and the objects are moving too fast to be ordinary drones or birds. That leaves unknown objects. But there are questions: why did the pilot happen to be filming at just that moment? Was he hanging a cellphone out of the cockpit? Why? There is no indication that the camera follows the fast-moving objects, but that actually adds to the possibility that this might be authentic. The object would almost certainly not have been picked up by the naked eye, especially in a windy cockpit.

This video records a possible unknown.
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The image pictured here was allegedly taken at the China Lake Naval Weapons Station in 2007. We have had it on file for some time. We can find no evidence of photoshopping, but at the same time, the photographer is anonymous and there is no way to verify the fact that the image was even taken at China Lake, or where it was taken. In addition, it has become so difficult to determine finally and absolutely whether or not something like this, which is a still that has been videoed, is hoaxed, we simply cannot be sure.
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