Our friends over at Mysterious Universe find some unusual stuff, and this video of the Jersey Devil is no exception to that rule. But your Out There editor wasn’t born yesterday, and I have to say that, while the wings are really flapping, the apparition is on a near-ballistic trajectory. So those wings aren’t working very well. But then again, there are semi-flighted birds whose trajectories look about like this. Chickens come to mind.

Whatever the truth, if this is a hoax, it’s very well done. If not, then–well, you figure it out! To further tantalize you, as it did me, click here to watch a lightened and slowed version of the same video.
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This one stumped MUFON investigators, and it has stumped us, too. It’s a classic night light of a type that we don’t usually bother with because its generally not possible to determine much of anything about them. This one is different, though. First, it moves very quickly, then it slows down, stops and begins executing various maneuvers. It is also extremely bright, probably too bright to be a drone, but this remains an uncertainty. Graded B, Possible Unknown.

To read the MUFON case report and watch the videos as collected by MUFON, click on the source link on this story and input 64777 as case number in MUFON’s search engine.
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We are getting a sudden rise in close-approach UFO sightings on the Unknowncountry.com
sightings report page. We will be publishing them on a regular basis as long as they continue.

Details of Encounter: Sept. 7, 2015 I woke up around 4 am. I am an avid sky watcher at night. 
On this night I looked out of my window and to the left I saw a UFO that was 
very close to my house, it was about 200 ft. up in the air above my 
neighborhood. It was the closest sighting I have ever seen in my life. This 
UFO was about five houses down from my house, very close to me. This object 
was huge I’d say about the size of two small huts put together and in height  read more

Another report of strange sounds comes from Manchester in the UK. These have been coming in since 2011, but, as always, the media has no awareness of their history. We do, however. The video attached, for example, comes from 2012. The poster theorizes that the sounds are from some sort of industrial process, and that’s possible. But they remain of unknown origin. So far, there has been no video or audio posted of the sounds that were heard on September 16, that are referred to in the linked story from the Manchester Guardian.

A question about these sounds: as they appear to have been heard only rarely prior to 2010, and now are heard repeatedly, what has changed?
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