Over the past few months, I have been working on the new edition of Communion, and now on my next book. Thus the long silence here.

So much has changed! Time seems to be racing, slipping and sliding, leaving great gulfs that felt when we crossed them like nothing more than innocent streams.

In the material that follows, I don’t wish to leave an impression of hopelessness. We are not facing a terminal extinction event. What we are facing is an era of disruptions other issues that I think we are going to surmount. The young people of today have their work really cut out for them, but I believe that they are going to forge a new human community and refashion this Earth in ways that insure that life has a long future here. But it isn’t going to be easy, and the older generation continues to shamelessly dawdle, essentially living in the past.

As the noose of environmental change tightens, we are responding with all the predictable sorts of desperation. Politically, many people around the world are giving up on the slow, fraught process of debate upon which freedom depends, and seeking for autocracy instead. But it’s the wrong sort of autocracy. To a man, the standing and would-be autocrats deny the truth, which is that the changing environment is the foundation of unrest.

The greatest revolution that the world has ever known–so vast and profound an upheaval that it isn’t even called a revolution, was the one that spread across the Roman Empire from roughly 200 AD to 600 AD. I discussed it in detail in Jesus: A New Vision, and I believe that book is one of the few places, if not the only place, in which it is seen as a revolution. 

It was caused by climate change, and the one that is spreading across the world now is being caused by exactly the same thing. Human history is influenced by two great forces: population and weather. Right now, the population is too great not just in one country or another, or on one continent. It is too great everywhere. What’s worse, as the world has gotten richer and richer, the individual person has, in effect, grown larger and larger in terms of what we can consume. (For more about how climate change brought about the fall of Rome, read my journal “We Can Do This,” from March of 2022.

By looking at what happened to Rome, I think we can see our own world quite clearly. We are being stressed not so much by famine–at least, not at the moment–as by overpopulation. It is excessive population density and rapid population movement that led to the COVID pandemic. But famine could be added in the future. I don’t say that because crop growing areas are appearing stressed right now, but because they will inevitably be stressed by spreading drought.

There is also a probability that wide areas of the planet are going to become too drought-ridden to sustain populations at their present levels. Water shortages will be the core problem.This will lead, as it did in Roman times, to desperate migrations. The first areas to experience this will be the North African desert and the Mediterranean basin, as well as the western United States. But drought conditions won’t be confined to those areas. They will spread rapidly. Water shortages will become a source of extraordinary human suffering and wealth destruction unlike anything we have seen in the world, quite literally, since the disease-caused upheavals that tormented mankind prior to the invention of modern medications.

As to what is going to happen, the greater probability, I think, is that many people will be seduced by the comforting lies of autocrats who ignore the larger problems like climate change and focus instead on largely irrelevant cultural issues that excite passions and enable people to avoid facing something that they fear, can’t understand, and desperately want to deny.

But this won’t last. When they are dying of thirst and starvation, whoever is in power at the moment had better run, and the autocracies, one and all, will collapse, and many of these revolutions will be terrible indeed, and will lead not to a new stability but rather to ongoing anarchy. There isn’t anything to salvage the idea of civilization now. In Roman times, when they gave up on their gods due to the relentless march of famine and pandemic and the fact that sacrifices simply didn’t help, they had a new deity to turn to, Jesus as Christ, the anointed one.

There is nothing like that now. As our materialism has increasingly blinded us to our souls, we have lost any ability to contact the numinous world, and what chance we may have of getting support, or at least some sort of comfort, from that direction is gone.

That isn’t true of everybody, though. I live in the world of the spirit, and so do most of you who come to Unknowncountry. We have been drawn here by our contact experiences which, be they good or bad, always lead us to an awareness of the fact that we have souls and possess a natural ability to join ourselves to nonphysical consciousness.

I don’t think, though, that we are going to be able to pray ourselves out of trouble, nor is it likely that the visitors are going to arrive en masse to save mankind. I don’t think that this was ever their plan and it may be beyond their ability. I’m not sure.

They have tried to warn us, but instead of listening to this wise counsel, we have largely ignored their existence. Government, unable to explain or control abductions and other contact experiences, has chosen to pretend that they don’t happen. It has probably also shot at the visitors. Given this, I very much doubt that they are going to get close enough to us to really help us or, even if they are willing to do so, if they could at this point.

My new book is a very deep dive into what it is like to communicate with them and how they can communicate with us. It is radically different from everything that has been written about them before. The reason is simple: I am in something like a symbiosis with them at this point in my life. I cannot say that I love them, hate them, fear them or embrace them, but I do have a functional relationship with them. The book, though, is not about my relationship. Instead, is is a careful analysis, based on what I have learned about them through living with them as I do, of their attempts to relate to others.

If the book encourages them to show themselves a little more openly, then it will have done marvelous work. But if it simply helps those who they do come in contact with, or are already in contact with, to achieve more clarity and gain more wisdom from their relationship, it will have succeeded very well. If they do show themselves more openly, it will empower what is a truly extraordinary community of people: the experiencers. They have a rich and profoundly empowering message to convey, and it is a uniform one: climate change really is dangerous, nuclear war must not happen, and personal freedom is essential to personal enrichment and social well-being.

If our message is listened to, we will not need the visitors to save us. We can still save ourselves. But every day that passes, the planet’s ability to support us declines, and it won’t be long before our ability to save ourselves as we are now will be at an end. Nature always returns to balance, and this is very often, looking at the geologic record, a tumultuous period. We will get through this tumult, but we don’t need to experience it at all, not if we get aggressive and clever about new technologies that are designed to enable us to gain control over our planet’s environment and manage it. Years ago, I published a novel called Nature’s End. In it, I pointed out that nature can no longer be left to balance itself. We need to do that, and we can. It is going to be up to the young, by which I mean the under 40s living today, to take control of this planet and manage its resources, including its atmosphere, on a macro scale.

I recently had a contact with a particularly powerful and frightening aspect of the visitors. In it, I saw the end of time. Understand that this was not a prediction. It was a teaching moment. They are not prophets, but they are very good a looking at things that we would rather not face.

What happened was, as is described in Matthew, Mark and Acts: “the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from the sky.” (Matthew 24:28) However, this darkness was not a mystery. I understood that it was the stopping of time. I experienced it, and it was truly fantastic, as if there was not only no light in the world around me, but no light in my heart and mind, either. It was a complete stopping.

When time started again, the world had changed profoundly. The good of soul had ascended just as I saw Anne do in 2015. The heavy ones had not, but they were not here, either. As to what happened to them, I don’t know and I don’t wish to know. Left here were people who love to work and are devoted to the welfare of our beloved planet. To our care had been given our sick and suffering old Earth, that we might help her heal her wounds. Those people are all around us right now. They are the young people (in fact, all people) who are devoted to humankind and to the Earth upon whom we all depend. They are meek now, in the sense that they do not hold the reins of power. But that will not always be true. The future belongs to them and thank God for that. I believe in them.



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  1. An extraordinary journal entry, for which I am at a loss to comment.

    I would like to know when the new book is out though (and hopefully on audio too).

  2. Your experience appears as a message from the visitors in a tripartite structure.

  3. I’m fully convinced that they will appear in such a way that it won’t be any question they are here already. This idea of entering a higher frequency, in my humble opinion I think that is happening, there are translucent entities everywhere it’s just frustrating to be seeing clear evidence of this aspect of nature and not being able to show other people.

    Love your work Mr. Strieber, A New World and Afterlife Revolution w/ Anne, I felt particularly drawn to!

  4. So grateful for this Journal and appropriate for a Bastille Day release… Godspeed on your book!

  5. I’ve read this journal entry a number of times out loud to myself, and like Setkin, I’m at a loss for comment. It seems you have laid things plainly.
    I would love to hear you unpack the experience of stopped time beyond the few paragraphs at the end.
    I can think of no higher honor than to participate in humanity’s healing of the damaged old Earth.

    Thank you for all you do Whitley. You and Anne remain in my prayers.
    I look forward to your journal entrees as much as Dreamlands.
    As always, I keep an eye out for your new books and will read them as soon as they’re available.

  6. With La Niña now expected to persist into the new year the western drought will stay. It is being called a rare event, due to its length. In my state of Kansas, Garden City has received only 2.0 inches this year where 11.00” is normal.

    As individuals we can vote, but that has shown to have little effect. As communities, even in urban centers you can get involved with gardening opportunities. I’m blessed to have a nice piece of land to plant trees and gardens that produce food. I know those living in apartments can’t but there’s a growing trend of guerrilla planting on abandoned sites, parks or even private property to raise food, flowers etc. I’ve suggested permaculture as a gardening strategy several times, please check it out. Geoff Lawton is growing amazing gardens in Jordon, one of the hottest driest places on earth. It can be done.

    I find gardening to be a meditative soothing practice for the soul. I hope those who do it for “prepper” reasons don’t do it out of fear while loaded to the teeth with assault rifles. Share your knowledge and abundance with everyone, it’s the only way it will work. Be a meek steward of the land and you will be rewarded.

  7. I’ve been a subscriber of unknown country for some time. I am 28 years old, so would be considered the young ones. However I worry I am one of the heavy souls. I have never had any experiences, and there is a hatred in my heart for humanity that has only grown as I get older. I find myself without compassion increasingly often, and wish I could go back to being a child when meeting new people was an exciting adventure. I love nature and animals, but have recently grown disillusioned even to this planet. I wish I could change. I’ve tried so hard. I fear for my future and I fear for my soul.

    1. you are not alone and I’d say anyone from around your age to early 40’s are put in a rather scary situation. I wish there were some outlets to talk to one another if anyone even wanted to since I’m so used to Discord and Reddit.

      My husband and I lucked out on a house (the owner died at 39 and left a mess which we still are cleaning up) in a very well to do area that we never could have afforded but it needs a ton of work and we got it right on time before prices exploded.

      My friends are crippled with student debt then low paying jobs. Meanwhile the whole lot of us are thrown into a gig economy. If I get a contract I just expect with basically no notice to have my work outsourced with no pension and no loyalty. Meanwhile Gen Z is stepping up in a lot of ways, Thank God imho

      As a very Geriatric Millennial I’m supposed to have decades ahead of me and in my long lived family maybe even half a century but how it is going is not good. I remember a time when I was happy and now I just want to be left alone. I do not think I will have the luxuries others in my family had.

      I miss seeing Caterpillars and Butterflies, there are so few of them even out in my forest because they are non stop building and destroying everything, just ripping up acres of top soil and killing things that have been here since the Civil War.
      God Help Us and that may mean we need to help ourselves and each other, it does NOT have to be all doom and gloom

  8. droughts & excessive rainfall as modeled and foreseen 20 years ago…look at the St. Louis rainfall (mega flooding) totals last week!

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