Now that the fact that the US government has been studying intact UFOs and materials for 80 years has been revealed, what happens next?

There is a gigantic social issue involved: they have been lying to everybody, including our most distinguished academics and scientists, our allies, religious leaders and the general public and even most politicians. They have, in other words, been lying to the entire human species.

They have also been lying to us, the close encounter witnesses, and worse, ABOUT us. What do they know about what happened to us and what still does happen? How does contact work? Why are certain people chosen for this? For example, why, after I wrote a book (Warday) that infuriated the administration at that time (Reagan), did I suddenly find myself in the hands to the visitors? Was I given to them as retaliation, or was there some other sort of locomotion having nothing to do with the government?

There have been rumors for years that some kind of a secret agreement exists between some deeply hidden part of government and the visitors. Is this true? I can never forget the response when I said, “You have no right.” It was, “We do have a right.” I think that we all have another right: it is to ask and be told truthfully whether or not our government, at any level, has communicated with the presence that is here in such a way that it has agreed to let it interfere with individuals without their consent or knowledge.

Whether or not it has done this, we also have what I regard as a fundamental and inalienable right to know what they understand about what has happened to us. Years ago, two Air Force personnel who had come to a book signing I was having in Dayton, Ohio, came out of Wright-Patterson and let me see a photograph (analog–this was before digital photography) that showed a group of grays standing in an ordinary American neighborhood in a nighttime setting. I asked to keep it but this was refused. I asked if they were Air Force (they were in civilian clothes) and they responded that they just wanted me to know that I was on the right track. They left immediately.

So, was this an elaborate prank, or does the Air Force know about the abductions? I do not think that it was a prank. Creating an analog photograph that looked that real in those days was a challenging feat. Not impossible, but far more difficult than it would be to generate a digital photo now. It was an ordinary Kodak snapshot like you saw all the time during that period.

We deserve to be told every single thing the government, at every level, knows about what has happened to us. Another example: On December 26, 1985, I was raped with a device that caused an erection and semen was extracted from my body. Ten or eleven years later, a very strange, terribly disturbed boy, whom I have written about many times, ended up living in the woods behind our cabin. Was he my child? And what of all the women who lost eggs and fetuses, and the other men who experienced the same indignity that I did?

Have human children been created as a result of the abductions? We have as fundamental a right to know this as I can imagine. In fact, I cannot imagine a more fundamental right than to know of the existence and fate of your own children.

Right now, I am assuming that the close encounter witnesses will continue to be ignored as long as possible. There may even be an organized effort to discredit us and call us fantasists. Given that I have an implant in my left year right now, and I am not the only person with such an object in their body, any attempt–or I should say, further attempt–to spread such a lie is a treason more fundamental than treason against a nation. It is treason against the human nation, against mankind.

I will not be silent. I have been bullied and ignored, ostracized and lied about for too long. I have endured being made a public laughing stock for my rape, and have had to endure the anguish of that very public humiliation now for over thirty years. And I doubt that there is a single witness out there who has not been in some way harmed because they told somebody what happened to them.

For God’s sake, WHY? We must no longer be called fools, scorned, laughed at, diminished, ignored and ghettoized. We are something very special. Indeed, extraordinary. We are the front line–first contact between mankind and another intelligence. That’s what we are. It is a wonderful thing to be, and we need to all stand together in our suffering and in our pride, and stand up to those who scorn us, who bully us, who hold us up to be laughingstocks and who oppress us, including our government, the media and much of the general public and the perpetrators of the abductions: our visitors.

We are human beings who have have suffered the most terrible invasion I can imagine: the invasion of our bodies and the theft of the innocent humanity that lived within us. Because government was obviously either powerless to prevent it or unwilling to do so is no reason to marginalize us. In fact, for our suffering and our courage, we are to be respected. Above all, we are to be accepted into humanity as valid sufferers of an outrageous intrusion. The rape of the close encounter witnesses is, after all, the rape of mankind.

I might add that it isn’t all dark. There is something else involved that is strengthening and supportive, as I point out in “Them.”

Anyone anywhere in government or associated areas of human endeavor who keeps secrets about the abductions for one second longer should put themselves on notice: they serve evil. Protecting the government is not patriotism. Protecting people is.

Photo of Whitley copyright Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

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  1. I’ve followed Whitley’s life closely ever since Communion was published. He’s chronicled some very bizarre incidents that go beyond the usual close encounter experience. I’ve mentioned on this site before that it seems the closer one gets to this phenomenon, the weirder it gets. I’d venture to guess that other experiencers will agree with this statement. After finishing Them, I am more convinced that we will never come close to understanding what the Visitors are and what they are doing. Perhaps that is by design. Yes, the government has lied to the public for decades, but they have no answers, just like the most experienced Visitor “participant.” I believe the only way to understand this thing is to ask other questions, not “Who are the Visitors?” but “Who are we?”

  2. We are entering an expanded milieu and the early stages of adulthood if we don’t ruin the biosphere to the degree where we are ruined.
    Close encounter of 3rd and 4th kind experiencers are where the revealing key info resides re this whole matter….I think people will crave to know more about this front and, with the necessary respect shown that opens doors, the public will resort to people with close encounter experiences for the clarifying answers they seek.

  3. My heart goes out to you Whitley and all experiencers. I don’t think in my lifetime that I shall find out the full truth of what has happened to humanity for decades if not thousands of years .
    The history of mankind is complex and entwined with other realities and realms we don’t yet understand or can possibly conceive.
    To imagine that our governments have possibly been aware or even used contactees as a trade off for gaining technology horrifies and disgusts me .
    Whitley , you have been a shoulder for other contactees to lean on , someone who can be trusted by those in deep shock and trauma from what has happened to them .
    The work you have and are still doing is of vital importance to every person on this planet . You are valued in high esteem by those who turn to you for support . Those who deride and treat you as a liar will one day feel the utmost shame and sorrow . I hope this happens in you’re lifetime , you deserve have an apology. Thankyou for all you do in the name of truth , decency and goodness .

  4. Since they’ve been part of your life since childhood and perhaps also part of your patents or grandparents lives too, i don’t think your abduction was because of Warday. More likely that their unseen/forgotten presence influenced the writing of your books. Are there different Factions of Greys? Some that want continued secrecy and others that have been guiding us towards a gradual, layered, planned out disclosure/reveal through, Star Trek, Communion, Close Encounters by Spielberg, ET, X-Files, New York Times Navy Ticktacks, Earthfiles, Mary Summer Rain, Mack, Dolly, Preston Dennet, etc. ? Or is it just our own governments who are unwilling to reveal their powerlessness?

  5. The most challenging aspect of disclosure will be determining what is truth. Who is credible. Who has been a victim of a disinformation campaign? Who has been participating in one? I’m afraid this world of conspiracy will escalate to levels never seen.

    Whitley, do you have an opinion of Dr. Steven Greer? He supposedly has some major disclosure event beginning on the 10th of June. What do you make of him?

  6. Whitley, I am just now seeing your post. Yours, Anne’s, and others bravery and service to the experiencer and UFO community have been self sacrificing. Your life has been torn apart over the years by your abduction experiences. But also by what your public transparency did to your professional and personal ife. Ridicule, public criticism, and continued badgering by the entities has been your continuous reality. I know it can be maddening.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do and are doing. I will pray for continued peace for your spirit and soul during this time of anguish in light of the recent disclosure events. I know others are wrestling with mixed feelings and simmering emotions due to the recent whistleblower reports. The revelation brings the reality of government involvement again into the forefront of our minds. Hearing it publicly acknowledged releases a deeply pent up vexation that has been buried deep. You are spiritually strong. Prayers for moving forward in the light while this may/may not all continued to unfold. You are loved!!

  7. I agree that those who ridicule us for disclosing our ET experiences serve evil. Whitley, I want to thank you for keeping this conversation going all these years despite the lack of support– to put it mildly– on the part of the general public. You’ve taken the bullets for those of us who have hardly revealed our experiences to anyone. Please know that a lot more people love and appreciate you than you may realize. We cherish you for your courage to remain in the public eye and the depths to which you are willing to go in pursuit of the truth.
    I think most of us here accept that a number of governments have been complicit in the abductions, implantations, and extractions of reproductive material. We know, at least I hope we do, that this planet has been inhabited for centuries and that the U.S. government has absolutely nothing to gain by coming clean with the findings from crash retrievals, our close encounters, and all that weird stuff up in the sky. Even the latest revelations don’t convince me that full disclosure will ever come from this government in its current form. Expecting anything resembling honesty on this subject would be like hoping a pathological liar will have an attack of conscience and suddenly start telling the truth. I’m not holding my breath. .
    Does government disclosure really matter? I mean, really? We know the visitors, ETs, and extra-dimensionals are part of this reality and always have been. Why do we need the psychopaths to acknowledge us? Fuck those guys. Let’s stick together and remain in loving contact with our unearthly friends. And if the contact isn’t loving, let’s talk about it here and support each other. Besides, I think that sooner than later, this world is going to change in a big, big way. Thanks for reading and God bless everybody.

  8. Nice to see you back in the blog Whitley.
    What does Disclosure mean?
    Various elected officials will continue to talk about this phenomena, retired military, and others.
    It’s been written about in the NYT and other print and online publications. It will continue to be.
    It will be talked about on TV, radio, and other media.
    If this phenomena becomes so pervasive, obvious, undeniable, walking around our streets, hanging in the air, visible to everyone, the leaders will ask who are you going to believe? Me? or your lying eyes?
    There will never be top down Disclosure. It would mean giving up power and control.
    “It” has remained in the shadows because our world will irreversibly change otherwise. I don’t know what that would look like and neither do our governments. This phenomena knows and doesn’t want that change.

  9. I’ve reread this journal entry several times, and I still come away angry. Angry that the suffering was belittled, demonized, and shamed so incessantly for so long.

    But also I’m disappointed in myself. I turned a blind eye to the horror stories. I chose to ignore them, because it got in the way of what I thought I needed to know. I focused on the “others”, the mystery, and not the “us”. The us that shared things I didn’t want to hear. The us that I am a part of, even when it’s not pretty.

    No longer. No longer can we look away and not scream for answers, for accountability and transparency. Maybe that is what’s hardest about all of this. The fact that we have to put ourselves out there as advocates, even when it comes at great risk. And maybe the difficult road ahead that’s been not so subtly hinted at is being honest with ourselves.

  10. It was fascinating watching the UAP hearings before the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee. Even though nothing was said that was not heard before from the whistleblowers and much that other whistleblowers have alluded to was not said.

    It’s possible that the covert military/industrial complex is going to do a fallback to a defensible position and full disclosure will not happen. And not full disclosure about whether or not the seemingly outlandish stories are true, but over what measures they took to keep it all secret.

    According to whistleblowers that are stepping forward (not just the ones who have so far sat before the committee), these illegal agencies have been a monster hiding in the closet for decades. They have apparently stolen vast public funds, possibly used organized crime for fund raising as well, ruined careers, and threatened and even murdered innocent American citizens as needed to maintain their wall of secrecy, for many decades.

    Is the extent of their violation of the principles of democracy and the rule of law going to get full disclosure? I think they would kill even more to keep that undercover and to resist being dismantled, with some still alive among the core leadership brought up on criminal charges, including fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, but worst of all murder, and treason.

    Aliens are or are not a threat. Maybe both. But a definite threat is from human beings entrenched in positions of unchecked power, especially when they do not want to go to jail.

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