With the publication of its latest All Domain Anomalies Resolution Office (AARO) report, the United States Department of Defense has engaged in a lie that is even more grotesque than it appears. Millions of people around the world are under many different kinds of pressure from an extremely strange and aggressive presence that appears to be connected with the unidentified flying objects that AARO has once again lied about.

I am one of those people, and let me summarize my story very simply and concretely: On December 26, 1985 I was kidnapped out of my home in the dead of the night and subjected to rape with an electrostimulator that induced an ejaculation. The ejaculate was harvested. I received a rectal injury from this attack that left me in pain for the next twenty years. I was also, I believe at least in part by the application of methodical and sinister social engineering masterminded within the U.S. intelligence community, made into an international laughingstock. The phrase “rectal probe” was singled out in my book Communion and made into a comedy meme. My rape was turned into a joke. The result was that people stopped buying my books and I was humiliated beyond belief. My was life almost completely ruined. I had a strong support in my wife Anne Strieber, and we fought back together. She has passed on but I am still here and still fighting, and I will also continue until the day I die.

The greater issue is this: why have eggs and semen been extracted from so many people, and why aren’t we being defended, or at least warned?

Let’s be clear: the Defense Department of the United States has declared itself: it is not defending the American people from this presence. Instead, with it’s lies, it is defending the presence. So our Department of Defense, which we pay for, does not answer to us. It answers to these rapists.

What’s more, all fourteen presidential administrations that have had executive power since this began to happen have agreed on one thing: this was a secret that had to be kept. Thus, not a single administration has ever been loyal to the country or to the people when it comes to this. The three most recent administrations, Obama, Trump and Biden are no exceptions.

It should not be forgotten that Obama presidential adviser John Podesta said after leaving office that his greatest regret was that he had not been able to get the president to release the UFO material.

Thousands of people who work on the secret side of the government will know that the report is a lie. If anything fulfills the definition of treason, it is this report. So they must face the fact that they do not work for the people. They work for the rapists of the people. There’s no getting around it: to be one of the keepers of the secrets is to be a traitor not just to this country, but to mankind and, above all, to their own integrity and their souls, and the human future.

I would like to turn now to a quote from a posthumous affidavit that was released by the family of Roswell base press officer Walter Haut after his death. I met Walter Haut, and know him to have been an upstanding and honest man. I would, at this point, be willing to trade the whole Pentagon for one Walter Haut. (Of course, there are controversies about this affidavit, but they seem concentrated in places like Wikipedia, where anyone with skin in the game can make whatever changes they please, and if you look at the UFO material on that site, it is clear that it’s editors are strongly biased in favor of the views of organizations like the DoD.)

After going into detail about the fact that strange debris was recovered and naming the officers involved at Roswell in the initial examination of the debris, he makes a number of statements.

The AARO document specifically says that there are no spacecraft in the hands of the US Government, and no other-worldly materials.

Walter Haut’s affidavit states that, at the July 8, 1947 staff meeting of the base officer “the main topic of discussion was reported by (Maj. Jesse) Marcel and (CIC Capt Sheridan) Cavitt regarding an extensive debris field in Lincoln Count approx. 75 miles NW of Roswell…Samples of wreckage were passed around the table. It was unlike any material that I had or have ever seen in my life. Pieces, which resembled metal foil, paper thin yet extremely strong, and pieces with unusual markings along their length were handed from man to man.”

The AARO report also comments that some bismuth-magnesium materials now under study show no evidence of being of off-world origin. What it does not say is that the study of these materials is under the control of the U.S. Army. From now on, any statement from any part of the U.S. Defense Department or its satellite defense industry about this or anything else related to the overall phenomenon must be assumed to be a lie. Perhaps material in private hands will eventually come under honest and truthful study. This is hard now, though, because the reach of DoD is very broad, and it will definitely put any pressure it can on any laboratory found to be engaged in such research.

The report states that no intact craft of unknown origin are in the possession of the United States. This is from the Haut affidavit:

            “Col. Blanchard to me personally to Building 84, a B-29 hangar located on the east side of the tarmac. Upon first approaching the building, I observed that it was under heavy guard both inside and outside. Once inside, I was permitted from a safe distance to first observe the object just recovered north of town. It was approx. 12 to 15 feet in length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape. Lighting was poor, but its surface did appear metallic. No windows, portholes, wings, tail section, or landing gear were visible.”

              Who’s lying, then? An honest American who left his affidavit to be opened after his death because he had sworn to secrecy during his lifetime, or an organization so vastly corrupt that it can’t even provide congress with a proper audit of its own budget? I choose the honest American.

The report claims that the United States is not in possession of any biological material. Walter Haut states this in his affidavit: “I was able to see a couple of bodies under a canvas tarpaulin. Only the heads extended beyond the covering, and I was not able to make out any features. The heads did appear larger than normal and the contour of the canvas over the bodies suggested the size of a 10-year old child. At a later date in Blanchard’s office, he would extend his arm about 4 feet above the floor to indicate the height.”

Congress has tried to force truth out of the DoD. Some congresspeople have tried hard and are to be commended for it. But it’s equally up to whatever administration is in power to address the issue, and so far none of them have done this.

In the end, though, I think that it is as much up to the individuals who hold the secrets to examine their consciouses and decide who they work for: the presence that is here slowly wrapping its coils around us, or the people?

Lue Elizondo has said that, if people knew the secret, their reaction would be “somber.” I am pretty sure that this is true. It is time for anyone who actually possess this secret to put it on the public table. Having been abducted and gone through hell during and after (and much more than I said above), I know that at least part of this secret is that this presence removes human sexual material and our supposed defenders can do nothing to prevent this. Instead, to protect themselves from us they hide it, and thus become the defenders of our oppressors.

This is the truth: the United States Department of Defense is protecting a bizarre community of rapists, defaming their victims, and leaving the rest of the population in helpless ignorance.

We make a great show of protecting the unborn in our country. But what about my unborn? Nobody protects the unborn of the close encounter witnesses who have lost sperm and eggs. It’s true that the abductions have abated, but where are the children? Are there children? Many of us believe there are, and some of us, me included, have seen ours. But what happens to them? What is their life right now? Do they know love and dignity and decency? And what of our children’s souls?

I know people in high places don’t care about souls, or only about their own. But if you don’t care about all souls, you don’t care about any soul, including your own. And souls can be lost. Think about it, please, those of you keeping these secrets. Souls can be lost. This means you.

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  1. Perhaps this report revealed more about the nature of the phenomenon than we know. If we view the statements made in the report in legalese terms, then the statements become quite interesting.

    The claim by the AARO report that some bismuth-magnesium materials now under study show “no evidence of being of off-world” might point to the fact that it is from our world. If so, then perhaps it is from an unseen and not widely known part of our world.

    The claim that “no intact craft of unknown origin are in the possession of the United States” might point to the fact that any craft in the United State’s possession are indeed of known origin—even if that origin is not being shared with the public.

    The claim that “the United States is not in possession of any biological material” could point to the fact that this material is under the control of a non-governmental agency—or that the material in their possession is not biological (think android).

    These are just some thoughts I had when reading your very insightful blog post.

    1. Author

      Talk about insightful! I think your comment is very strong and real food for thought. Basically, they could be lying by telling the truth. Well worth contemplating!

    2. Good points.

      …“no intact craft of unknown origin are in the possession of the United States” – define intact. Are any, or all, craft in their possession no longer intact? Why even say intact? Why not be more specific and just say craft?

      There are so many ways these statements can be construed, and I think their ambiguity is intentional and very specific. I know that sounds like so much conspiratorial BS, but it seems plausible. And considering the documented experiences of people on this page, I’d say it’s likely.

  2. Pardon the cliche, but the old saying about calling truth to power is apt here. You said it, Whitley…lies.

    The lies of the DoD remind me of wartime efforts during WWII. Their lies wreak of the words of war – be a patriot and keep your mouth shut. It’s hardly a new concept in America, and that makes me wonder if we are indeed at war on some level. Just a thought.

  3. As Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    AARO is clearly not in the business of disclosing reality… it’s clearly in the business of sweeping all this under the rug for another decade or as long as it can. This is no different than asking the cigarette industry if it causes cancer. It’s just economic incentives playing on people’s willingness to be bought.

    AARO leadership was willing to be bought. That’s all this is.

  4. “..if you don’t care about all souls, you don’t care about any soul, including your own.”

    A very penetrating life-insight, Whitley. Well-said. My favorite sentence in the piece.

    I’ve had some small experiences. I’ve felt paradigm-shattering fear as anyone might expect (and likely a carefully intentioned point of the phenomenon.) Nothing that I can recall that has been that protracted in detail beyond seconds to a minute before I lose memory.

    I’m 41 and on my first conscious experience with the phenomenon at age 18 or 19 I felt one of the most haunting things I’ve felt in all of my life: the absolutely clear sensation of deep, deep long familiarity with it. Meaning, although it was my first conscious experience of this phenomenon it had been something I have deeper familiarity with than my memory could recall and those memories are either repressed and or represent an unknown side of my life intentionally kept away from me outside of my control. In one other incidence with this phenomenon I had the same experience: deep familiarity beyond what my conscious memories could recall.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder in quiet to myself about what it is that has gone on with them in my life that I don’t remember.

    What’s hurt most?

    What’s caused the most long-lasting psychological distress in all of this (more than the experiences themselves) has been to live life in a world understanding the human-cultural response is to treat someone like me as fantasy-prone imbecile to disassociate from and mock for having had these experiences in life.

    1. I’ve never been comfortable sharing my own “experiences,” or been comfortable enough to consider them things I’d experienced because of that same fear of shame and ridicule. However, what you describe about your encounters feeling deeply familiar resonated with me. Something almost “pre-conscious” feeling.

      Something I appreciate greatly about this community that I’ve been quietly lurking in for the last couple months (Hello everyone!) is the sheer variety of people bouncing around outside-the-box questions; The vastness of the phenomena means it must be explored vastly, from any and every angle of scrutiny or curiosity, and without casually writing things off as “unscientific.” An astrophysicist is given the same amount of respect and curiosity for their insight as an alchemist. Everyone’s a teacher and a student and all are given the floor equally because there’s an acknowledgement of being together in the face of a Complete Unknown.
      Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share what they know (or don’t know)! You let light shine in places that might otherwise go completely dark.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing how what I said resonated and for making your thoughtful comment.

  5. Author

    I surely do hear that! I’ll bet everybody on this site agrees with you completely and from the heart. We may be scorned and laughed at, but we have each other by God!

  6. As a commenter wrote on another web site:
    “CIA report: we did not kill President Kennedy”.

  7. I haven’t visited this site in a long time, but I have read Whitley’s recent books. I’m surprised to see him describe the entities as “rapists.” Is this a new perspective, or did he change his mind about their benevolence at some point?

  8. Author

    My experience with them has become very challenging. But please recall from communion, it says that I was raped in that book. That’s where all of the “rectal probe” jokes the media used to make came from.

    I have never stinted from talking about either the dark side or the light side. The reason reference is made to that in my blog is not because all of them are like that but because the ones the government is hiding do that.

    1. Would you say that the creatures on the dark side and on the light side are of the same “species”, if that’s the right word?

  9. Author

    It would be very useful indeed to know that, but there is nothing concrete, only what people say.

  10. It is my belief that there are two factions/species, each with a different interest in us. I agree that the malevolent group is manipulating the government (or a shadow group within it) with promises of weapons technology and power. The malevolent group mutilates cattle, kills pets, adbucts and experiments on human beings, causes cancer and autoimmune disease in people, and generally doesn’t care whether they hurt us or not. We’re cattle to them. The others, the light beings, are trying to lead us to a better way and never intentionally hurt us or our animals. My belief, based on personal experience and reading. I could be wrong.

  11. Frankly, I feel that deals were made. “We’ll give you this, if you allow us to…”. Truman or Eisenhower ? The military going rogue, with the help of the whole military/industrial complex? The reason for all the secrecy may be two-fold: 1.Don’t let the public know that it’s all ‘real’ in order to stay in control and 2. Don’t let the public know that they are the sacrificial lambs because government (s) coveted the technology more than the health and well-being of its people. Would any president or government want that to be revealed?

    Every 10 or more years or so, we go through this “Let’s get to the bottom of this, once and for all…”, followed by “Nothing to see here. Move along”.

    Much ado about nothing… for almost 80 years?

    Project SAUCER in-1946 and Projects SIGN 1948
    Project GRUDGE, 1949
    Project TWINKLE Dec.1949
    Project BLUE BOOK 1952
    Project BEAR 2019 (space particle beam weapon)
    AARO 2022

    That’s why I have always felt that any disclosure will come from them, not our governments. A friend and I are already putting some ideas together on how people like us can to help others through the shock that is most surely coming. Clear heads will be needed. There is good out there, and it includes some of ‘them’… and many of us.

    1. Author

      Please recall that this happened 23 years ago and has long since slipped into the past. Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt were beginning the struggle that led to their breakup in 1995. Apparently Mr. Anderson was more comfortable with Mr. Schmitt. There is nothing wrong with Kevin Randle’s research, and I don’t think it’s useful to prolong these old feuds. This sort of thing plagues this entire field and makes it weak.

      The problem that Kevin Randle had with this witness was that he was five or six years old at the time, and yet his recall, which is indeed incredible, complex and detailed, sounds like that of an adult. Stanton Friedman initially agreed with Randle, but later changed his mind. To disparage Randle’s research because of this very legitimate disagreement is unfair.

  12. It is easy to believe, though I keep an open mind, that there must be some collusion between government and alien that forces the continued publication of laughable reports like the one just issued. I hope the truth comes out in Whitley’s lifetime. After the hell he has been through, he deserves vindication, not to mention a very public apology from those who have humiliated him. May that day come.

  13. I’m grateful to Whitley and others of high integrity who courageously tell the truth about their close encounters and high-strangeness experiences. Ongoing candor and group support are the most important ways to counter government secrecy about the visitors. I have faith that future events will make the public more receptive than they are now. When the synchronicity comes, the greatest benefit will accrue to the prepared.

  14. The only beings I have had actual contact with are the Reptilians. And nothing is said about them. It’s like they are a major embarrasment, a secret to be hidden and ignored. Where can I get some info on them? IS there any info? I would, of course, take any reports with a grain of salt, keeping an open mind. They seemed polite and logical, but not a bit kind or sympathetic. Is there a complete “blackout” when it comes to them? I’ve read some nasty things about them, and then read a neutral report by an Air Force ? member who was put in charge of guarding their small “encampment” in the desert….but who knows what the source is, or why they are singled out and ignored? Our “government” must have some kind of info on them…..some attitude about their behavior? What is your “take” on them? Do you have an opinion?

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