The Age of Superstorms is Here

March 2, 2021
I know of few human experiences worse than being right about great tragedy. But that is my situation. From the moment Matt Lauer scorned Superstorm on the Today Show in 1999, I have been watching a world drift toward its... continued

A Funny Valentine from Anne

February 13, 2021
Valentine's Day is always a big one in my life. I've got a lot of people to love. Anne felt the same, and many times we traded Valentine's messages between Whitley's Journal and Anne's Diary. Last week, I was in... continued

How the American Republic Worked, and Can Work Again

January 7, 2021
At a time when we have come close to losing our republic and with it our freedom, it is important to remember why it has lasted as long as it has. This is because the American two party system is... continued

Things to Come in ’21: Why to Worry, Why to Hope

December 26, 2020
What's to say about 2020 except that the pandemic and a world of political upheavals distracted us from the ongoing environmental crisis? However, a few things DID happen that are worth remembering and perhaps are setting 2021 up to be... continued

The 2020 Presidential Election, COVID and UFO Disclosure

November 7, 2020
The 2020 presidential election appears to be over. I say "appears to be" because of how divisive it has been and how determined President Trump seems to be to contest it. However, Joe Biden has won the popular vote by... continued

The Floods, Fires and Weirdness of 2020–and a New Vision of Jesus

September 16, 2020
I have been working on my new book about Jesus so intensively that I was shocked to see that I haven't posted a journal entry since July! In this wild year, July might as well have happened on another planet.... continued

I Think the Visitors are Emerging

July 24, 2020
The story published yesterday in the New York Times by Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean states, "(Luis) Elizondo is among a small group of former government officials and scientists with security clearances who, without presenting physical proof, say they are... continued

Contact with Other Civilizations is Possible

June 18, 2020
After reading that scientists now believe that there could be as many as 36 civilizations in our galaxy that we could come into contact with, I recalled a recent exchange with a scientist about how to go about such communication,... continued

The Video Reveals that the Murder of George Floyd was Carefully Carried Out–Adding to the Fury

May 31, 2020
As hard as it has been to do, I have now watched the video of the murder of George Floyd carefully a number of times. I have watched the movements, or lack thereof, of everybody visible. The facts are well... continued

Of Course We Have to Reopen–but Let’s be Smart about It

May 12, 2020
Whether or not a given person will get COVID-19 is unknown. Even if they do get it, healthy people are likely either to not get sick at all or recover after an illness not a lot more severe than the... continued