A Mistake Made Long Ago and How to Correct It

May 21, 2017
Back in the 1930s, there were a number of unusual events, as I reported in Solving the Communion Enigma, that perplexed the few people in the world who noticed them. One was the “ghost bomber” phenomenon that occurred over Scandinavia... continued

A Phenomenal OBE Now Confirmed

April 29, 2017
Last September 15, I published a journal entry about an OBE I'd just had. It was remarkable, and now has become even more so. I have them fairly frequently and I can sometimes induce them, but this one stood out... continued

Disclosure and the Razor’s Edge

April 10, 2017
Over the past few years, there have been at least a dozen people who have suggested that disclosure is coming. In February of 2016, Presidential Adviser John Podesta tweeted that his greatest regret on leaving his White House post was... continued


January 29, 2017
We have come to a dark time in the history of the United States. Over the years, I have never spoken out one way or the other about politics. This is because Unknowncountry is a home for all close encounter witnesses... continued

The Unexpected Value of Fear in Deepening Close Encounter

December 17, 2016
Recently I had a very frightening experience with the visitors. It was intentionally induced by them and led to them backing off from a relationship that has recently become very much closer and is the treasure of my life. I... continued

Open Prayer

December 7, 2016
My wife is still with me and is changing my life very profoundly. Every so often, she will say something to me in my mind and heart. This material is extremely valuable to me. It has been life-changing and fundamentally... continued

Unknowncountry and the Election

November 18, 2016
Unknowncountry.com is not a political website, but it does follow the lead of the visitors, and there are two areas in which the new administration appears to be at odds with them. The first is the environment. The second is... continued

Disclosure and Election Tampering

November 2, 2016
FBI Director James Comey's recent disclosure that more Hillary Clinton emails had been discovered on the computer of Anthony Weiner was a clear violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity by Justice Department employees during election periods. As is generally... continued

Powerful, Beautiful New Teaching from Anne Strieber

October 22, 2016
Anne has been much with me in the time since she left her body behind, more than a year now. I have been careful to report on the many instances during which she made her presence known. Of course, as... continued

An OBE With a Materialization

September 18, 2016
At 4:10 on the morning of Sunday, September 4, I had an out-of-body experience that was in part witnessed by another person. I was able to return with enough information about where I had been that two other people were... continued