The Secret War for Souls

May 27, 2018
On Friday this website published a story about mysterious booms in Pennsylvania  that was he only story on the subject in the world that discussed the long history of such events and correctly identified them as being caused by rapid... continued

Anne Strieber Shows Up at Another Gathering!

April 27, 2018
Since the publication of Afterlife Revolution, contact with Anne has become more and more frequent and prolific. She is telling me that I have been too careful when it comes to reporting these events, so from now on I will... continued

Remembering Art

April 15, 2018
Art Bell was one of my dearest and oldest friends. We had not spoken together for about a month before he died, but the friendship remained strong. I can recall how we first met. Through my publicist, he sent me... continued

Intense New Encounters and What They Mean

April 8, 2018
I have been trying for weeks to understand how to write this. I've decided that I'll put it off forever unless I just plunge in. It's complex because there are a number of different layers. First, there is my relationship with... continued

As UFO DIsclosures Continue, the Terror Returns for Me

March 29, 2018
Starting in December of last year, the US Department of Defense began officially releasing video of UFO encounters recorded by fighter pilots on advanced imaging devices of various kinds. As soon as it started to happen, I wondered if the terror I experienced... continued

Unknowncountry and Politics

March 13, 2018
Unknowncountry is not a political website, but in politically charged times like these, the site is being held to political account. So I’d like to outline exactly where it does stand. As far as I am able to understand the... continued

Climate Reality

March 2, 2018
Earth's climate has entered the state of chaos I have been predicting since the publication of Nature's End in 1984. The terrible fires predicted on the west coast in that book started to happen this year, and the great midwestern... continued

The UFO Coverup Ends: What does this Mean for the Close Encounter Witness?

December 17, 2017
The end of the UFO coverup is the beginning of the next phase of the phenomenon. Initially, there will be resistance to even mentioning the close encounter phenomenon, but gradually this will move to the center of the human colloquy about... continued

The Afterlife Revolution is Published

December 9, 2017
The Afterlife Revolution is now on sale. I'm hoping that people will see it for what it is and not think 'ho hum, another Whitley Strieber book.' There has never been anything like it in this world. Working on it... continued

War Danger

October 16, 2017
Small miscalculations create great wars, and the law of unintended consequences governs the way the unfold and how they end. In June of 1914 when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, nobody imagined that the greatest war know... continued