Will the Visitors Ever Go Public?

November 14, 2018
People often ask me if the visitors take an interest in things like warfare and politics. I cannot speak for them, but I can offer my observations. First, they have never given me any indication that they have any interest... continued

Why Must Witnesses be Ignored?

October 20, 2018
I recently drew up a list of all the witnesses who are mentioned in my books. Then I began looking through reviews and media stories for references to their existence. I found none. Not one. Of course, I may have... continued

A Time of Personal Anger and Despair as Another Monster Hurricane Hits

October 10, 2018
Back in 1985 when I published Nature's End, my publisher arranged a news conference in Washington. The environmental reporters who showed up mostly scoffed at the warnings in the book. It predicted terrible fires, catastrophic droughts and pollution emergencies among... continued

Loving the Needs of Others

September 6, 2018
Today I was with old friends Catherine and George Cisneros of Urban15 in San Antonio, discussing the changing environment and the future of man. It was an important conversation, and I want to memorialize it here in my journal. Earth is... continued

New Site Update

June 29, 2018
First, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our GoFundMe! We have reached the goal, but if you want to do anything more, I am leaving the link up for another week or so. This is because we... continued

The New Site was Damaged and We Need Your Support

June 22, 2018
The new Unknowncountry website was just about to be deployed when it was hacked and nearly destroyed. As it was on a hidden domain, it was not easy to find, but I do think that we are up against some... continued

Anne Arranges a Birthday Party for Me

June 9, 2018
Anne did something truly amazing on Tuesday evening, which was to arrange what will be my first birthday party in at least 20 years. I am not much of a party person and usually just celebrate quietly with my family. She always... continued

The Secret War for Souls

May 27, 2018
On Friday this website published a story about mysterious booms in Pennsylvania  that was he only story on the subject in the world that discussed the long history of such events and correctly identified them as being caused by rapid... continued

Anne Strieber Shows Up at Another Gathering!

April 27, 2018
Since the publication of Afterlife Revolution, contact with Anne has become more and more frequent and prolific. She is telling me that I have been too careful when it comes to reporting these events, so from now on I will... continued

Remembering Art

April 15, 2018
Art Bell was one of my dearest and oldest friends. We had not spoken together for about a month before he died, but the friendship remained strong. I can recall how we first met. Through my publicist, he sent me... continued