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Is it time for experiencers to lose the title, because we’ve already lost the plot? What does that question mean? We’ll get to it. But first, let’s answer some subscriber questions and comments!


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  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Regarding your

    Hi Jeremy,
    Regarding your question about reclaiming (or just claiming) the UFO field from whatever hands it’s currently in on the strength that as genuine experiencers we’re uniquely qualified to bring clarity and the needed direction to it, well, it’s worth a try I suppose but I wonder how much of your experience-gained sentiment you can actually communicate to non-experiencers, and even if you could bring them to a point close, but never exactly on, the view you have, would they be able to feel as certain as you are that that was the right point to be on, or would it be asking them to explore aspects of reality they’re not ready to explore and take responsibilities they don’t perceive a need to? In trying to communicate the elusive nature of the phenomena do you think at some point they might say ‘Whoa, this is way too confusing, I’m going back to listen to that Mars Portal guy, at least he makes sense.” Sigh…

  2. Jeremy, you always raise
    Jeremy, you always raise excellent questions which call us to depth… of our views and assumptions about life, ourselves, etc. : )

    Even preschool children can ask the deepest questions – searching for an answer which is equally deep. Parents, friends, teachers don’t always realize a child’s question may actually the basis upon which he/she will live for a lifetime.

    Life itself draws our attention to the depths. Our discomfort causes us to act like children running to or after the ice cream truck – rather than to be still and listen. Until we take the time to address the within world, we walk in blindness. It isn’t a once and for all time answer… or maybe it is. I haven’t finished living… so i don’t know. Answers found/formed by children, may not suffice into old age.

    Peace, like beauty it’s twin, live in a place where silence is comfortable, and “being” is enough.

    I think the search for meaning is part of the purpose and process of life. I also think no one should just accept that – but do their own inner work.

    Life is filled with gifts unsought and beauty beyond our abilty to describe. To be alive is not passive … and this time living on this beautiful planet we call “Home” is full of hope and gift.

    So Jeremy, see if there are some folks who can speak of Oneness experiences on a round table show…

  3. Hi Jeremy,
    Regarding your

    Hi Jeremy,
    Regarding your final question, I think it depends on what you mean by ‘calling ourselves experiencers’. Do you mean to ourselves or to others? If it’s ‘to ourselves’ then I can see what you mean about it maintaining a sense of duality, but if it’s to others as an expression of convenience than it needn’t be more than that, I mean, no matter what we are within our own consciousness we have to address the world at its own level, unless just the fact of our being fully conscious of our oneness helps the world in some invisible way and can therefore be categorized as a form of communication on a level too subtle for anyone but us to be aware of, but for direct communication we’ll need some handles to throw out that can be understood and grasped. Back to the first category I’m not sure that single trick can spark the inner dawn unless there’s already a pressure from the inner oneness itself to change the still existing dualist perspective, but as one of many first steps it’s no better or worse than several to keep an image of oneness in the mind until the actual experience takes over.

  4. Jeremy, thanks for mentioning
    Jeremy, thanks for mentioning me on your show. If you’re interested in this stuff you should check out the video.

    Your comments in your podcast indicated to me that you might not understand the nature of the Clear Light in the Tibetan Bon Dzogchen traditions.

    Clear Light is the state of non duality it is the true nature of mind. It can be access through meditating on the unbounded, infinite space which is at the true essence of who we are.

    I find a remarkable connection between the native American tribes and the Tibetan people.

    Christopher Rosing

    1. Christopher Rosing,

      Christopher Rosing,

      Thanks for succinctly describing the clear light! ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’ has its place no doubt, but you have described it in a perfectly simple way.’The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ by Sogyal Rinpoche is an excellent resource as well and highly recommended for Western minds. We do tend to overthink it all…:-)

  5. Nice show, thanks.

    Nice show, thanks.

    Saying that “experiencer” is the new “abductee” I feel downplays what some abductees have experienced. Just because I’ve had experiences that share some similarities to abduction but haven’t actually “been abducted ” doesn’t mean that on some level, abductees weren’t really abducted.

    What I’m saying is that I’ve have had experiences but I haven’t been abducted. But that doesn’t mean that abductions weren’t/ aren’t real. So all abductees are experiencers but not all experiencers are abductees. So both classifications should remain, out of respect for an abductees experience.

    Interview an abductee?

    Sorry for the terrible grammar.

  6. I agree with Andy, as I am an
    I agree with Andy, as I am an experiencer but do not believe I am an abductee. All my experiences were conscious and very real to me. None were confusing or mysterious. The question for me is clear. Not that they exist but what is the significance of those experiences. Anything I can imagine or anything I have heard or read is just supposition. Maybe the question remains unresolved just to humble us and to show us we don’t know as much as we think we do.

  7. Hey Jeremy.
    Funny business

    Hey Jeremy.
    Funny business that.I posted some time ago about “just being.” Sounds like you’re climbing into that ol’ rickety boat with me. If I recall correctly, I was informed you gotta search for answers to vague questions….questions that have no discernible answer. It’s a learning process. I suggested that if you just be, the answers come to you.
    Oh, don’t forget the duality of western mind vs heart mind coming from the same oneness.
    There’s a ponder point sure. Love the introspection.
    It’s all good.

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