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Revolution is a strong word. Are there any revolutionary ideas presented in Whitley Strieber’s latest work? It just so happens, there are. And they may have come from his dearly departed wife, Anne. 
Join Whitley and Jeremy for the type of revelatory conversation only they can have. But don’t settle there. Buy the book only Anne and Whitley Strieber could write–and could only write now. 


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  1. Good. Thank you.
    Good. Thank you.

  2. Okay, I am pausing my
    Okay, I am pausing my listening to write this down.

    ‘If you cannot find the things in you that are not going to assist your ascension…you have no purpose in life.’

    I played that back, ‘that are not going to assist your ascension’, that is what was said.

    I have to replay that, lol. Yes, that is what was said.

    First of all, is that accurate? Is that what was intended to be said?

    Secondly, whaaat?! L.o.L.

  3. Whitley’s talking of
    Whitley’s talking of channeling. I can understand that. I had trouble the Path, specifically with the the tarot. I thought ‘Tarot? Really?’ I thought it was a bias of mine. I came to terms with it, I’m smiling now – yeah, it doesn’t bug me now, much.

    But its all communication, isn’t it. Transference of knowledge and energy.

    By the time it gets to the third party, its a story, its a narrative to some. Whether or not what comes through is accurate, how would I know, really, with my rather murky, confused mind. But I know what affects me, affects me, story or not. And this site is and will be full of brilliant bursts of knowledge and light. What a great thing. Thanks, Anne, for all this.

  4. I’ve read the book but am
    I’ve read the book but am still not sure I understand the concept of objective love. Is that a quality that can be experienced or is it a full-fledged state of existence? Something else I’ve been chewing on is the idea of hybrids. I often wonder if their creation is a pilot program to provide a solution to the lack of bodies in the event of a dieback of humanity. Without enough bodies for souls to inhabit, the karmic system would back up. I can’t remember if this lack of bodies was presented in the Key or the Afterlife Revolution.

  5. decided to delete comment
    decided to delete comment

  6. Wonderful interview! Thank
    Wonderful interview! Thank you Whitley! I found it interesting when you were talking about how people may share bodies and come and go. Reminded me of the ‘Walk In’ phenomena that came to light in the 80s. I’ve talked to several in the past. Another interesting point you made is when Jeremy asked about Heart Centered cultures and you said that the US is a heart centered culture and that there is no other way it could be. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Also, the Tibetans feel the same as you that we illuminate ourselves when we turn on the clear light of inner awareness.

    Christopher Rosing

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