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Host Jeremy Vaeni invites ufological reporter Jack Brewer onto what was going to be a solo episode, to unpack his new hypothesis that ufology was redesigned in the 1990s, by a U.S. intelligence agency, to be a controlled breeding ground for social experiments and criminal-catching.
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  1. For those who believe in the
    For those who believe in the phenomena, either via direct experience, or logic based upon ‘similar’ experience, one thing is clear; the phenomena itself and the social canvas upon which we paint it are two different things. Such being the case, do the details, the images and colors we put on that canvas really matter? Perhaps they are two different things not by design, conspiracy, or distortion, but necessity; an inevitability borne of our level of consciousness. Expand the circle from UFO’s and Visitors to Ghosts and other psychic phenomena. Why are we not hounding the Government to reveal the truth about ghosts, and poltergeists? If we conflate the authority we give to Government with the mastery we see possessed by the Visitors, whose fault is it when that conflation is exploited? Do ghosts and poltergeists care what we ‘think’ of them, or that our theories be founded on reality, or truth, a truth we perhaps have not yet grown in to? If they are ever to have such a role, it will be we who invite them into it, after preparing the ground for them to occupy, within our own consciousness. Is it not similar with the Visitors and the UFO phenomena? If we are not ready, their intervention to correct our ‘canvas’ will be futile. It would be like us attempting to convince our dogs that mutual butt-sniffing is not an acceptable form of greeting… and in the meantime, if there is exploitation among the ‘artists’ of the canvas that’s hardly the central issue.

    1. Frankly, I no longer want,
      Frankly, I no longer want, expect, or need ‘disclosure’ from our government ( or anyone else’s either). There is so much obfuscation, game-playing, and out and out lying about it all, I would not trust them if they made an announcement on the White House lawn tomorrow (Come to think of it, especially if it was announced on the White House lawn.) We will never get the whole truth…

      …Be that as it may, I have come to no conclusions about any of it, and Steve44 is right about about how big this is on a conscious level, and beyond ‘flying saucers.’ What many of us have had are experiences that are quite mystical in nature, so maybe instead of ‘experiencers’ we should consider ourselves ‘mystics’, especially if our curiosity has us exploring it all on a deeper, more profound level and beyond what the Dan Burischs of the world are throwing out there. (Oh, yeah, I remember him well…)

      Recently I have had the opportunity to ask some questions, one on one, to Dan Smith (Portals, Pandolfi, Princess Aliyah, blah, blah, blah) Without going into the whole craziness of it, it has come as no surprise to me how reluctant he is about answering questions about ‘what’s REALLY goin’ on’. I won’t say that he attacked me, but he made it quite clear that that I (and others in the group) were not exactly in his league. Pandolfi, of course, is CIA, eschatology is involved, as well as the last presidential election, so take it from there…Jeremy used the term ‘dupe’ in this interview, and that’s exactly what comes to mind, although Smith is not quite as high profile as Tom Delonge. Something IS going on, but what and why are other matters entirely, and are also the questions that interest me the most.

      The Atacama Baby: If people can smuggle in parrots,pangolins, and monkeys into this country in a duffel bag, a very tiny little skeleton should be no problem at all. In the 19th century, mummies out of Egypt were routinely smuggled out as shipments of dried fish. The Atacama Baby, alien or not, my thoughts went to the long-gone mother and how she would have felt about her child as a side-show. The Atacama baby has had more than one ‘owner’, so unfortunately, she is someone’s property, and therefore, can probably be moved around as the owner sees fit. Sad, no?

      I wish that Tom DeLonge was the only celebrity being taken seriously about matters scientific, but he’s not. Many people in this country decided that a former Playboy center-fold model, Jenny McCarthy, was the best spokesperson ever in the battle against vaccines a few years ago. It didn’t matter that she knew nothing about vaccines, or that the scientist (Andrew Wakefield) that she believed in had been discredited, people hung on her every word and her belief that her son’s autism was a result of MMR vaccine. Celebrity seems to be the way of the world these days. One has become president…so, there you go!

      1. I stumbled across this quote
        I stumbled across this quote today by Lewis Carroll, the man who took us down a rabbit hole and through a looking glass:

        “Do we decide questions at all? We decide answers, no doubt, but surely the questions decide us.”

  2. Wow! I had to turn off the
    Wow! I had to turn off the episode mid show. I am blown away at what Jeremy reads coming from Jaque Vallee in 2010 concerning the internet and the dispersal of information in said “future”. How prophetic, not just regarding the UFO community, but in current world government agency politics as well.
    When weighted against the confusion of what is real or not real anymore in politics, one could see how corrupt an arena such as the UFO field could be massively manipulated by government agencies-especially a subject that has strayed so far from a scientific foundations(let alone strived for any clarity any other way either).
    While I haven’t been a believer in the ETH for years, the thought that all or most of the information that makes up what is considered to be the UFO field is based on a government experiment for social manipulation of terribly frightening.This episode has definitely blown my mind- I hope your hypothesis is wrong Jeremy.

  3. Very good show; huge topic,
    Very good show; huge topic, that has so many facets.

    I was thinking of some books, as I listened.

    I’m sure everyone here has read them, but I can’t help myself. 🙂
    “Messengers of Deception”, by Jaques Vallee.
    “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon”, by David McGowan. (Re: Rock Stars and the Intelligence community).

    Steve, Cosmic: I am inclined to the same perspective. For me, this is ( and has always been ) about a personal experience of the numinous.


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