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We’re constantly asking who the Visitors are. We’re always debating why they’re here. Rarely do we ask who we are, as if 50% of this equation doesn’t matter or is answered. But it does matter, precisely because it isn’t answered. Let’s finish the equation together, starting with this episode!


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  1. Wow….profound show. As a
    Wow….profound show. As a sincere pilgrim it stimulated me to take pause. As a seeker I have lost and lost and lost. I am prepared to keep losing. Your childhood story so rings true. We become emptied to what? Emptied to Love is what my heart tells me. So I plod on. Totally appreciate your news about and perspective on the

  2. …volcano. Been able to
    …volcano. Been able to share with others because of it. Many thanks for your perspective!

  3. This was your best show ever,
    This was your best show ever, Jeremy.

    When we yearn for knowledge, we are perceiving that knowledge as being outside the self, thus operating from a position of duality. Yearning for anything is an expression of separation, of dualism. We can only walk the pathless path, when we realize that we are it.

  4. Identity begets experience
    Identity begets experience and experiences teach. Identity is a choice, and choices have consequences. Consequences are mirrors held up to identities and offers them a key to change.

    The Western mind has brought itself to a brink from which it cannot escape, a brink of choice and change, neither unsought nor unfair, but ironically natural, to live in a new identity or to die in an old one.

  5. The Visitors, at least those
    The Visitors, at least those that visit me, have been both terifying and uplifting at different times. I agree that they can and do help us. However it is being done in ways that are difficult to understand. Yet Experiencers tend to be changed in ways that enable us to see how tragic our human path has been and where it is taking us. I believe we are chosen for specific purposes that may change the course but how we are to make a difference is difficult to see.

    1. Perhaps being the difference
      Perhaps being the difference is more important than making a difference.

      1. “Perhaps being the difference
        “Perhaps being the difference is more important than making a difference.”

        Well said, Steve!

        I agree on meditation, it has it’s place, and I’ll vouch for that, but it is not the be-all-and-end-all if you can’t also get to that quiet place without it. Yesterday we took a nice hike down near a creek to the place where it feeds into a near-by lake. There was a small patch of land on the banks covered in purple flowers. Hundreds of copper-colored dragonflies flew over and around us. I had several quiet moments there. No real thoughts, no conversation, just quiet and being in it and of it. I didn’t sit down, but just stood there. Moments like that can zip by, yet also allow you to experience eternity…

        1. I believe I’ve had moments
          I believe I’ve had moments like that, unaccounted for and unsought. Years ago I stopped at a gas station to put gas in my car, as I got out of the car all of a sudden a quietness descended on me, and a profound feeling of harmony with everything. It was compelling and beautiful, almost as if I wasn’t even in my body anymore, or fully identified with it, rather I was the harmony of that moment itself, free of any earthly concern and intimate with infinity and eternity. How or why it had come into my reach I have no idea. I just wish I could have stayed with it.

          1. Steve, those moments are
            Steve, those moments are important, however brief they are. Frankly, we probably notice them most because of their brevity. While we may wish to stay with them longer, appreciating them when we have them, while not focusing on trying to recreate them, is probably key, and it may be more about gratitude than shooting for some ‘goal’.

            One more thing about about being the difference vs. making a difference: About 15 years ago I ordered some very simple business cards with the phrase, “You Make a Difference” printed on them. I began leaving them anonymously at co-workers’ desks, as well as public places like restaurants and other businesses, and odd places like bulletin boards, and even on a park bench. Sometimes you may not know who ends up with the card, but observing from a distance a few times, the smile this simple gesture brings to people is amazing! I left one for my hairdresser once, and a couple of months later when I dropped by again, the card was taped prominently on the mirror at her station. Co-workers kept them prominently displayed too, although of few them did figure out that I was the one that left them. I no longer have any cards left, but maybe I should have a new batch made up and start leaving them here and there again.

          2. Yes, the world can be a cold
            Yes, the world can be a cold and lonely place as a matter of course, but the heart is there at the center of it all, and it is that that I try to see in others and deal with directly. It’s all about bringing that out and acknowledging and appreciating it. There’s a universal burden that we all carry. We can choose to lighten it or add to it.


            I wrote this years ago:

            Precious moments, and painful
            Like the weight of a burden
            Empty of complaints.

            Oh, did I hear Truth knock?
            Perhaps, because the sound
            Brought me to question an old belief
            And offered me a new world.

          3. Lovely!

  6. Jeremy, you addressed an
    Jeremy, you addressed an issue, or answered a question, that I had. Thanks for the synchronicity

  7. Jeremy,
    Nice show. Found


    Nice show. Found myself nodding in agreement many times (as I so often do during your show).

    I just came across the following passage from Edinger’s “Ego and Archetype”, and felt
    compelled to share.

    “One Buddhist Scholar, after experiencing Satori, burned his previously treasured commentaries
    on the Diamond Sutra, and exclaimed: “However deep one’s knowledge of abstruse philosophy,
    it is like a piece of hair flying in the vastness of space;
    however important one’s experience in things worldly,
    it is like a drop of water thrown into an unfathomable abyss.””


  8. Very thoughtful show Jeremy –
    Very thoughtful show Jeremy – I want to invite you to my place for dinner and discussion! When my partner and I joined the 500,000 other protestors against the invasion of Iraq here in Sydney, someone had a sign saying “look to the war within yourself”. My reaction? NO! it’s much easier to get angry and blame corrupt politicians than it is to really look at conflict within myself. My scientist partner also agrees with you but can’t seem to get past the desire for knowledge even in his spiritual quest. The Diamond Approach is his natural habitat.

  9. Hey Jeremy,
    Again, i had a

    Hey Jeremy,
    Again, i had a whole cool thing typed up just to meet the “no post for you!” pink message. I know, I get listening seemingly moments after its posted.
    I liked the “What if” stuff: I always do. What I got out of it was simply this: Ego can be driving the “desire” to know. without ego, the desire might fade leaving a gap. The gap would quickly be filled by “knowing.” (the duality pointed out above)
    This would beg the question, why do you NEED to know? cant you just BE?

    1. Hi HG,
      The ego is a device of

      Hi HG,
      The ego is a device of nature to create a sense of completeness in an inherently incomplete consciousness. Thwarting the ego’s “desire to know” does not really solve the underlying problem, the reason for its existence, which is to create autonomy for a portion of infinite consciousness by which that infinite has chosen to limit itself.

      While the ego has many ‘tricks’ to maintain its sense of completeness, or in other words separation, and these can and should be checked when they persist in standing in the way of the ‘individual’ seeking the infinite, the ‘desire to know’ is as much a part of the ego as wet is to water. The fact that what it ‘knows’ so often has nothing to do with reality is just a clue to its ultimately superficial nature, but it’s ultimately no barrier when the infinite consciousness withdraws its consent to be limited for a particular case.

      To answer your question more directly, you NEED to know because you’re aware that you DON’T, but there’s a difference between knowing and being, and whatever the ego knows or doesn’t know doesn’t address BEING. As to why can’t you just BE, you can and you are. The problem is, do you want to BE the ego, or…not.

  10. as always you have given me
    as always you have given me something to contimplate.

  11. Possibly Jeremy could post on
    Possibly Jeremy could post on Dreamland, just one time a month, and give Whitley and Jeremy a break.

  12. Yeah, this episode is The
    Yeah, this episode is The Stuff! This hit the Vagus nerve. Kudos, Jeremy.

  13. Brilliant insight, and an
    Brilliant insight, and an important reminder that we are full of ourselves. That has to die.

  14. It’s always seemed to me that
    It’s always seemed to me that the messages or “warnings” were something that went along with all of this, whatever this is. I feel like I’ve gotten better at following them and all the bizarre synchronicities that go along with it but it’s a difficult thing to measure because many times there is no feedback. It feels like a game of being in the right place at the right time, getting to where we are supposed to go. Personal timelines hacked from some external force that sees everything all at once. And there is always the possibility that the force is just me and what I think is happening right now in what we call reality is not really what’s going on. As I work my way through the Exigesis of Philip K Dick I’m always fascinated by his ideas about time not working like we think it does. Which curiously is what we are hearing out of the remote viewing program if we can believe what they are telling us. Joe McMoneagle did most of his remote viewing the day before the envelope was even selected.

    Entropy and the Nature of Time with Edwin C. May

    Lately, I’ve been finding resonance in the work of Robert Monroe and his out of body experiences. More and more I’m leaning towards this unknown energy in our lives being us and not some outside force in the traditional sense. As you mentioned, clearing out all the chattering thoughts and just being in the now seems very important. I’ve been working through The Gateway Experience from The Monroe Institute every morning after gathering up mental peacefulness and energy doing yoga and this has been leading to some profound experiences. Getting out of my own way using powerful meditation seems to be really helping me move forward. Time will tell. Maybe we all are both alive and dead simultaneously.

    You can read about some of this at my website which is almost entirely Jeff, Jeremy, and Whitley’s fault to begin with.


  15. When we step back from our
    When we step back from our limiting beliefs about what the world is, we discover that it is an infinity more than we ever thought it could be and so much more enjoyable to be in.

  16. Wonderful show.
    Keep in mind,

    Wonderful show.
    Keep in mind, I hope, that “always” and “never” do not exist. The black and white is our creation.
    And your characterization of the guy shooting at a neighbor to protect his doomed property – his “way of life” – in the face of certain annihilation – as Steven King-ian (I would say Rod Serling-ish, but I’m older than you) is perfect.

    Keep in mind – nobody at CERN, at least nobody I ever heard speak – suggested the synchotron there could create mini-black-holes, or wormholes. I think this is an idea developed by non-physicists who are extrapolating the hugeness of the device into a Star-Trekish sci-fi reality.

    But CERN aside – the idea that someone, somewhere, in order to do “research”, will put all of us at risk – is a dark truth of our existence.

    By the way – nearly every war fought recently falls into that category. Someone, somewhere, decides it will benefit us to kill 1,000s of people, Americans and otherwise – without asking you or me about it.

    I do object to the demonization of “Science.” Science is not supposed to be a religion. It’s just a way to structure our investigation of this reality in which we find ourselves. It is true – we are not lumps. We are naturally inquisitive, in the same way we mysteriously find ourselves alive and wind up dying some day. Being inquisitive may be the only purpose to life as we know it.

    Other than being good to each other in the process.

    But yes, there are practitioners of science who lie. Funding. Fear of disparagement. Whatever the reason – it happens.

    Less often than we would like to believe in a conspiratorial context.

    Far as I can tell – every religion on earth, lies. Knowingly. More frequently than not. They don’t call it lying. They call it “belief.” That is : acceptance without evidence.

    Our objective is to figure out how to rationalize our existence with what is happening.

    Only thing I know for certain – the message you get, and all of us get in our meditations:

    be good to each other. Take care of each other. This universe is merciless. It doesn’t discriminate between who gets buried in lava and who doesn’t, who gets drowned by a hurricane and who doesn’t, who gets torn to shreds by a tornado, and who lives.

    Don’t ask the universe for mercy. You won’t get it.

    All we have in this dangerous place is each other. Until we learn to take care of each other, it’s going to be somewhat miserable.

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