Angela and Alexander are siblings with a lifetime of experiences. Some are shared. But do they share the same outlook on what is happening to them? We’ll get into it. And in the process, host Jeremy Vaeni will reveal a poltergeist-like set of experiences his wife and he shared the morning of this episode’s recording!

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  1. This was a great interview.
    This was a great interview. I can’t wait to hear more.

    Many of the questions I had were answered throughout the show. It would be good to hear more in depth accounts of their encounters.

    Also, it seems like Angela and Alexander each had a defining experience in their lives, Angela’s encounter when she was 10 and Alexander’s when he was 18.

    I wonder how far along in their lives it took them to begin to accept that they were “experiencers.”

  2. Wonderful show! Thanks
    Wonderful show! Thanks Jeremy, Angela, and Alexander.
    Look forward to learning more about your experiences!

    Jeremey, you asked (rhetorically, I assume!) why, when we are in the lap of the goddess, why no one ever seems to have the clarity to grab a camera and snap off a few pictures, or capture a few minutes of compelling video?

    This thought occurred to me: One does not point a camera at the numinous; the experience is so humbling and so tremendous, so shattering and so terrifying, it seems to empty us; in the face of the numinous, the faculties that seem so close at hand in the tidy, orderliness of our daily lives abandon us entirely. The numinous undoes us in some mysterious way, and then remakes us.

    Re: two taps/knocks:
    For what it’s worth: From my bedside journal:

    “July 5, 2018, approximately 04:00: Awoken abruptly by what I understood to be 2 very loud, very abrupt knocks on either the outside wall, or my door. I awoke, looked outside, and checked the front door, as well. Nothing but crickets. 🙂 ”

    Great show!


  3. Angela and Alexander talking
    Angela and Alexander talking about seeing a UFO when they were children reminded me of what I remember to be a shared dream with my Sister… I was about six and she was a couple of years younger. We used to get up really early and play inside before Mum and Dad got up and I remember it was dark outside (although I’m not sure if it really was nighttime, or whether it was just early morning in the Winter.)…it was in a dream, so who knows(?)…anyway, I looked outside of the front room window and saw an object moving slowly, just above the houses in a nearby estate – it was maybe about an adult’s thumb size at arms-length, rugby ball shaped and self-illuminated with a patchwork of the most beautiful iridescent colours. I was really excited to see it and called my Sister to have a look, which she did. Some time after I woke up, the next day maybe, I was telling Mum about my dream and described what I saw…when I mentioned that my Sister was in the dream, and had seen it too, my Sister confirmed she had seen what I was describing. I don’t know if that was just my Sister copying her big brother, or whether she really saw the same thing in her dreams too; But many years later, the topic of UFOs came up and I asked her about it…she said she did remember it but she didn’t want to talk about it, as it made her ‘feel funny’ (as in strange)…I didn’t pursue it and never have since.

    The thing I find strange is that I don’t recall anything at all about the dream after that. I saw the object, called my Sister to see it, then nothing…Also I’m not even sure that I knew what a UFO was back then. I don’t remember seeing a gondola underneath it but maybe it was a dream version of a hot air balloon? Anyway, I just know what I ‘saw’, dream or otherwise.

  4. Whenever I dream about UFOs
    Whenever I dream about UFOs now, it often starts with a sense of wonder – seeing formations of lights flitting around the sky. As I watch, they resolve into greater detail and colour as they reveal themselves more fully – almost like conscious beings, lifeforms with a purpose. They often have a similar look to those underwater craft in ‘The Abyss’…but the longer and more fully I see them, the more disturbed about their intentions I become. It starts with me seeing them outside…and ends with me trying to hide from their presence, inside, with the curtains closed.

    There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. As Jeremy was saying a while back, it probably says more about me and my fundamental nature, than it does about them…assuming there is a ‘them’ and it’s not just ‘us’ after all.

    The way those dreams progress, reminds me of the way the same experience changes for us over time. I think it was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, where as a child, a sense of dizziness on a fairground ride, is something that causes laughter – as adults, it is something to be avoided.

  5. Talking about my fundamental
    Talking about my fundamental nature revealing itself in these experiences, there are two dreams I would like to briefly mention (apologies if I have recounted them before)…

    The first is a dream where I was outside the house at night, looked up and saw a huge circular UFO hovering above. I was thrilled to see it and got a telepathic communication from within the ship to ask if I would like to come on-board and have a look around…I was just overcome with excitement…but the reality of what was being asked quickly hit home and the initial feelings of elation, soon switched to fear…whereupon the offer was immediately rescinded. I was frustrated, relieved, embarrassed but secretly still wanted to go on board and I told some guy that happened to be hanging around the outside of the house, the same thing…as I was talking to this guy, three Greys started to beam down in front of the house – Start Trek style – (the odd thing was that if they had continued their beaming, I somehow knew that their feet would not be touching the floor)…anyway, this intrusion really annoyed me and I shouted at them to F-OFF, that this was MY dream and I had not given them the permission to intrude within it…so they left…and left me feeling really rather foolish, childish, embarrassed – again.

    …but I can see the same theme playing out again…fear and anger in the face of the unknown…automatic defence mechanisms.

    The second one, I was in what looked like a dingy-looking funfair ‘fun-house’ corridor with pretend painted windows and paintings etc. on the walls. I has a really ominous feeling about the place and wanted to get out as soon as I could. There was a little alcove with what looked like a mirror lying on a table… I looked down into the mirror but instead of seeing my own reflection, to my horror, I saw the reflection of a Grey with huge black eyes…it was seething with bitter hatred towards me, for what reason I do not know (now, it reminds of that scene in the first Start Trek reboot movie, where you see Nero’s face from above as he seethes with hatred for Spock…it was like that but x100). Seeing that made me feel sick to my stomach and I ran down to the end of the corridor and into a white room, with white boxes all around and a couple of beds to the right, I started praying, which seemed to change the mood and I fell asleep on the bed. When I woke up, I was still in the white room and a small man with a beard walked up to me, trying to convince me that what had happened in the corridor was “All about me”…but I was having none of it and started to get pretty angry at his insistence. He started to get a bit worried and backed off, which is when I noticed a young mixed-race woman sitting on a rocking chair on what looked like a stage, wearing dark glasses…as is common in dreams I can communicate telepathically with people…but I got absolutely nothing from her, as if she was blocking me. I went right up to her and eventually passed beyond her glasses to see jet-black human sized eyes, with (bizarrely enough) electric blue eyelashes…the dream then abruptly ended.

    As far as the first dream is concerned, I can understand that dream revealing my fundamental coarse nature, whether I like it or not…but the second dream…if the reflection of the Grey projecting seething anger is supposed to show me my true nature and is ‘All about me’, then I am still struggling to understand it…because I do not identify at all with the animalistic, yet very human emotions of hatred, at least the intensity, that were on display…unless, perhaps, that is how, ‘they’ see us? Or again, if there is no ‘them’…then how our own higher selves (or whatever you might want to call the observer within), a timeless presence, perceives ego?

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