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Ghosts waving, "Hi." UFOs that respond to thought. Grays floating in air. A lifetime full of… a town full of… experiencers. But for one man it all started with a childhood illness. And an otherworldly Muppet Show. 

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  1. Great show.
    Great show.

  2. Thank you, Jeremy and Phil,
    Thank you, Jeremy and Phil, for another great show. I think the connection between creativity and “paranormal” experience is more than just the greater openness-of-mind, a sort of passive quality, that we associate with creative people. At the beginning of Whitley’s newest Stories from a Life show (#15), he discusses the importance of imagination to accessing other levels of reality. Imagination is a mode or faculty of perception. It is innate in children, which is probably why children have more experiences. Most people lose it, through conditioning and lack of exercise. But creative people continue to actively exercise and hone this faculty, often with great discipline and effort; I think this is key to their experiences.

  3. Muppets… That reminds me of
    Muppets… That reminds me of back when my phosphene imagery would actually make coherent pictures in the dark at night — I was around four years of age — and one night I wound up with a reenactment of a Sesame Street skit where Bert and Ernie were stumbling around in the dark so that all you could see were their eyes. Spooked me pretty good, and in retrospect…

    On a less serious note, Phil might be interested to learn that Neil Patrick Harris and The Muppets have teamed up for a web series called “Neil’s Puppet Dreams”:

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