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"Lindsey" returns to update us on her life’s paranormal unfolding. What began as sleep paralysis and out-of-body experiences quelled, for a while, by antidepressants, evolved into encounters with shadow people. Now, finally, she has had a breakthrough moment and is gaining clarity on what’s happening with her–which is a nearly identical account of what has been in host Jeremy Vaeni’s life for nearly 18 years.

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  1. Thank you, Lindsey and
    Thank you, Lindsey and Jeremy, for another thought-provoking show. The issue of discerning between good and bad energies or entities is a tough one that continues to dog me as well. How different energies make one feel is often the only basis on which we can judge. If it terrifies me or makes me physically uncomfortable, than it must be negative. But of course, frightening, painful, physically challenging experiences are the heart of any initiation process, an essential part of the Hero’s Journey, and we recognize, if only in retrospect, their importance. So perhaps the key is not to judge between good and bad, to accept both and find some kind of balance. The difficulty is that we’ve all heard stories, or had experiences ourselves, of people “letting evil in,” inadvertently or otherwise, and as a result becoming gravely ill or psychotic, etc. How do we reconcile these things?

  2. This was an extremely
    This was an extremely interesting episode. Shame about the sound issues.

    Would love to hear more from “Lindsey” as her experience evolves.


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