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  1. Brilliant and synchronous.
    Brilliant and synchronous. Thank you. . . Yes, when I was younger street lights flickered as I moved under them. Now that I’m older it’s mainly lights that I spend a lot of time near. Particularly incandescent and halogen, not as much LED or fluorescent. I’ve started collecting video of it.

    1. Andy1111, those videos would
      Andy1111, those videos would be fascinating to see.
      If you happen to upload any of them and you are willing to share them, then please do let us know.


    Unfortunately most of the startling indoor examples I haven’t gotten video of. This video is of a light right above my apartment in Iowa. Everywhere I live I experience this inside or immediately outside of my home. I’m trying to collect more video. And yes, I realize it may be just a coincidence.

  3. hey Jeremy,
    I might make

    hey Jeremy,
    I might make several entries to cover the bases. “Knowing gets in the way…”
    My first thought was Adam & Eve with the apple. I get the idea of “I want to KNOW all of it.” *spoiler: here comes a goofy analogy. We get in cars. We drive cars. we know it needs gas & oil from time to time. What the cam compression ratio? whats the temp of the coolant when the thermostat pops to circulate the coolant to the engine? Is the fuse for the headlights the same as the one for the starter? IS there one for the starter?
    Mechanics deal with this stuff. i dont have a freakin clue. Maybe … maybe if you are aware of all the moving & non-moving parts of a vehicle all at once, could you still drive the car? Alternatively, is it better to be ignorant? Ignorance is bliss?
    The statement isnt judgement, its 2 sides of the same coin. you have a coin. Its what the individual is comfortable with. A passing thought. I have more.

  4. Judging moosh.

    Judging moosh.
    *another analogy coming.
    I have “experienced” moosh. Like I had mentioned, an old boss told me not to tell anyone i see dead people. Sometimes you can “feel out” who you are speaking to. By using the evil trickery of the movies. Movies advertise with trailers. You can broach a subject with only bits and pieces like a trailer. Me, I’ve built up a fairly decent thick skin. Some folks may have some exceptional experiences for which they are afraid of being judged. So, sshhhhhh. In one of my earlier posts, I drew on “sounding kookie.” I have been beaten up for my beliefs and experiences. As we all have, I can stand and say, “These are MY experiences. I may not be able to prove them to you, but they are MINE. You cant take them away. Then, one might sound like a pathological liar who drifts about is some illusion or shade of reality. Then the questions start…what is reality & what is illusion? So, grain of salt here.

  5. Just going to cover one main
    Just going to cover one main thing:

    I think that many of us get sucked into the trap of ,” I’ve had some profound experiences, now what?”. I am certainly no exception, and after all of these years I feel it is safe to say I’m not real clear on exactly what I should ‘do’, but I’ve gotten some clues, and none of them involve:

    Becoming a guru
    Sitting in a cave contemplating my navel
    Writing a book
    Being interviewed by Oprah
    Getting as many followers as possible on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. (Put-leeze!)

    That being said, I have started a simple web-site with the idea of collecting stories, and finding the common threads and pieces of the puzzle that is my “spirit having a human experience” with many, many others along for the ride (Including ‘Dreamland’ and ‘The Experience’, and the denizens of both). Hello out there! (Chirping crickets…) 🙂

    I have received some interesting pieces of the puzzle in the last year, and from unexpected places. I have been engaged in learning experiences through the Pachamama Alliance and realized that I am an Evolutionary Activist. It sounds really cool (in a ‘Whoa!’ kind of way), but I feel it is safe to say that just about all of the subscribers that engage with ‘Dreamland’, ‘The Experience’, and each other ,are also Evolutionary Activists (You too, Jeremy and Whitley) Being evolutionary activists means being human beings that take responsibility for the role we are playing in actually shaping the future evolution of life on Earth, as we ourselves begin to question and figure out our own selves. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

    The Achuar people of the Amazon are a large part of the reason that Pachamama Alliance was formed. They put out an invitation for an alliance with the modern world, and the alliance was formed due to some insightful people here in the USA,who took the time to make a trip and try something new. But there is more to it, and it pertains to us, whether or not we are part of Pachamama Alliance or not. The Achuar people understand the importance of dreams. Dreams and dreaming are so important to the Achuar that they wake up very early each morning, gather in family groups and share their dreams from the night before. They also do not believe any one person can understand the meaning of his or her own dream, without putting the pieces together from others’ dreams as well. The Achuar’s basic belief is that no one person gets all of the information:

    As for how we all proceed with this daunting task, I have to posit that by questioning, sharing, and pondering our experiences, we are well on our way. Will the world, the Universe, and everything change overnight? Nah…probably not, but we need to believe that it’s possible, because as humans, we also need hope. And by continuing to share our stories, a larger picture is starting to emerge, so Harley, continue “sounding kookie”. Andy1111, Sherbet, Jeremy, et all, keep it coming! Each of us is a piece of the puzzle and we cannot get to the answers all by ourselves.

    P.S. Dreaming is important to other indigenous cultures, including the aborigines of Australia. Maybe some of our experiences are part of The Dreaming, and that may not mean that we are always asleep when The Dreaming occurs.

    1. COSMIC…….
      Thank you for

      Thank you for this wonderful post and website.

      1. You’re welcome, Carollee! Be
        You’re welcome, Carollee! Be sure and check out, as well, if you’re interested. Even if you’re are not interested in becoming a part of Pachamama, there is a a lot of information available (checkout ‘Resources’ tab). Pachamama Alliance also works with other indigenous traditions, including some here in North America (Lakota, Dine).

    2. Thanks CL.
      I think being

      Thanks CL.
      I think being “kookie” is what draws most of the listeners because in a way…we are all experiencing “kookie”. AND, your experiencing being human phrase is the general phrase I use: spiritual being experiencing physicality. So, we aren’t all very far apart. Personal note: Im a native Texan heheheh.

  6. Not sure where to post this,
    Not sure where to post this, so I am posting it in two different places.

    I want to post this for anyone interested in following the story. Last week there was an interview posted for subscribers with Andrew Collins, he is talking about Cygnus. So now we have KIC 8462852 in the news today.

    Tabby’s Star is dimming right now (archived video of chat with Jason Wright)

    KIC 8462852 Update for 05/19/2017

  7. Jeremy,
    Back in the “glory

    Back in the “glory days” of mercury vapor (blue-white) and sodium (orange) streetlights, I’d notice that they’d often wink out temporarily in my proximity. I figured that it might be something inherent in the design of the lamps themselves, like maybe after a certain period of time, they’d overhear and have to reset themselves.
    Never asked an electrician about it, though. Would be interesting to find out whether it’s a design flaw, or maybe an energy field surrounding us. Whitley’s narrative sparked (pun) me to pay attention to the street lights.

  8. Street lights… i seem to
    Street lights… i seem to get all the time.

  9. Synchronicity: My old pooch
    Synchronicity: My old pooch Tigger helped me with one once. This is a cool story btw.
    He got loose one chilly morning and i was chasing him around outside. He didnt run far, just around the driveway. I needed to get on to work and was in a hurry. This older woman pulls up in a car and asks for directions to a nearby street, which I had never heard of. She tells me that a woman in her church offered to assist her on the fine morning with some gas money. I asked after the issue and she told me her husband was 3 & 1/2 hours away about to have heart surgery. She just didnt have the gas to get there. (I’ve been in several situations like this before.) so I told her to hold on and she should follow me to the shell station. Tig came right in, no more running about. My first clue.
    She followed me to the gas station. I put my card in the machine while she took the nozzle and stuck it in the tank. I of course pressed the “regular” gas selector. Nothing. My second clue. Uh, ok. I pressed the Midgrade…nothing. Strangely enough, who ever wanted her to have that gas was determined to get her premium. And so it was. Premium selector worked fine. I filled the tank and gave her what little cash i had on me for snacks in the waiting area. She thanked me several times. I told her it was no prob… destiny decided the thing. Never saw her again.
    Sometimes we get to be the angels. People are put in our paths for a reason.

  10. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to comment on last week’s interview with Lindsey but I found it particularly interesting, mainly because I get it too…the head movement thing during meditation. It’s a strange one and it feels weird even talking about it. I’ve been trying to place when it started and it’s roughly about five years or so ago. It might even have been after I read ‘Urgency’ by you-know-who, I can’t be sure. I remember where I was when it happened first, just not exactly when. It’s a strange one, because as Lindsey and Jeremy touched on, it has a peculiar mixture of being actioned by me but feeling somehow externally originated. I remember going through exactly the same conflicted emotions of intrigue, worries of self-delusion and fear. Intrigue, related to wondering what was happening, and whether it might be helping or harming me. It felt similar to a much more protracted version of the manipulations an osteopath might perform but with none of the neck-cracks. Self-delusion, because on some level, it felt like I was doing it…and fear, because I thought initially there might be something wrong with me and that as I mentioned, it concurrently felt it had an external source…and that worried me. It doesn’t happen every time I meditate…only when I let it and I am at a place now where I just watch it whilst it happens, whilst trying to ignore the doubts and uncertainty. I don’t see any entities associated with this in my mind’s eye and I have no real sense of what the benefits, or otherwise might really be but the only thing I can liken it too, is when I tried in the past to empty my mind whilst at the computer and just type words that came to mind…both internal and external at the same time…maybe this head movement thing is like a physical divination, of sorts? Who knows? I’m still very unsure about the whole thing but it is real, with a purpose unknown. If it is related to Kundalini, then it’s a very slow burner, so to speak.

    One other thing, from the comments section of Lachlan’s interview, there was a mention of mandalas and in the comments section Carolee mentioned the similarity with the Mandelbrot set…which I understand to be a pattern described by plugging values into a single recursive equation, the results of which either tend to zero, or tend to infinity. Between the two extremes is an infinitely complex, patterned boundary. That got me thinking that this pattern could be an ideal way of imagining where our own consciousness sits in its precarious place between the physical and the eternal…and that the zoom level into the pattern might represent our thoughts, or decisions. From the outside, it looks like a static structure but when you have the ability to zoom into it, a whole world of complexity and variation emerges. I’m not sure exactly where I am going with that but it just helps me think about the amazing ability we have of increasing complexity in a universe of reducing energy, like eddies at the edge of a fast flowing river… entities separate from, yet inextricably linked to the river in which they exist.

    Regarding this weeks questions and answers, I would like to thank Jeremy for answering my question from earlier this year. Although the short version was essentially ‘No!’…the long answer was well worth the wait…although I have to admit, I nearly resorted to taking LSD in the presence of a doctor to help pass the time 😉 Actually, no I don’t think that would have worked…suspended animation, may have been better! Joking aside, the effort and thought that when into the response was much appreciated.

    Sherbet UFO.

    1. It is, indeed, a slow burner.
      It is, indeed, a slow burner. I might not have gotten beyond head movements and asking my finger yes/no questions like a madman had I not a serious back injury and no insurance. I had nothing but time to lie there and that’s when this energy first really bloomed and started doing exercises. The psychic shenanigans followed that.

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