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Is there a creature on the Big Island of Hawaii that camouflages itself by bending light, to an effect not unlike in the movie Predator? Is it a shapeshifter? This week’s guest has had multiple encounters with just such a being–except unlike in the movies, we are not this "alien’s" prey.

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  1. Thank you Jeremy and Random
    Thank you Jeremy and Random Solar Guy. It may be time to rename this show “The Giant Bunny Experience.” Linda Godfrey’s book Monsters Among Us recounts several cases of strange creatures that seem to have the ability to adopt a stealth mode, possibly refracting light to make themselves invisible. You might find it interesting.

  2. Giant bunnies and flashing
    Giant bunnies and flashing red lights, oh my! I have seen no fewer than 3 cottontails in two different places since Monday, and haven’t seen any all season long. The first two were seen Monday in a very busy little traffic circle near my neighborhood. The 3rd one I saw this morning while taking my walk, and after I listened to this broadcast last night. Yesterday afternoon,I bought a birthday present for my grandson—a Tonka fire truck, complete with flashing red lights! What does all of this mean? I have no idea…

    As you all are aware, I had my own experience with a giant bunny in my bed when I was a small child. One point that I would like to make, after listening to RSG and how there appeared to be some light-bending going on, is that after my interview with Jeremy, I did a ‘remote view’ of the incident with the bunny all of those years ago (I sent the update to Jeremy while back). I saw my childhood bedroom as if I was seeing the event from slightly above the head of bed, and through the wall that was behind the headboard. Our bed was antique, wrought iron, so I had a clear view of me and my sister. What i saw was some kind of ‘field’ that surrounded my sister, and she was shifting from being herself to being the bunny, and the field appeared stable for only moments at a time. The reason I attempted the remote view was because my sister asked me, “Where the hell was I when you were seeing the bunny?” Good question. 🙂

  3. I loved how the interview
    I loved how the interview starts out seeming like RSG is just this everyday working dude, one who we might infer installs solar panels for a living driving a truck with ladders on top, and just happened to see a large, light-bending Predator-Rabbit run across the path of an ambulance with some friends. Then by the end we find out he’s a highly experienced tripper with deep spiritual leanings, has had multiple encounters with the paranormal including a similar light-bending entity, feels that “only” fasting and meditating for 3 days wasn’t a really serious attempt at doing ayahuasca, and for a while dated a Shaman woman with whom he may have aroused the interest of the spirit world by together emanating some kind of supernatural whistling noise. Yes, it’s just the normal witnesses in here!

    My take on the creature encounter was that its light-bending talents were necessarily focused on the ambulance driver, who probably noticed little to nothing, and as such it could not help creating the anomalous light effects seen by RSG and friends who were at a different angle. Very noteworthy how the other witnesses with RSG did not want this in their lives at all. When the show was over, that left me with the primary feeling of the “us and them”, as in the people aware of the Matrix (a good word for the more complex construct of reality) and who have varying levels of curiosity about it, and the people who are just fully immersed in the surface illusion and prefer it that way. IMO, tripping is a key way for many to weaken that illusion, although it doesn’t work on everyone from what I’ve observed.

    Another fine interview with a real person of interest, and I mean that in a good way.

    1. Bob, that is hilarious and
      Bob, that is hilarious and spot-on. Thank you for that.

  4. Very interesting. Bruce
    Very interesting. Bruce Maccabee’s wife (Jan) reported an encounter with a Predator-like being in the woods to David Paulides of Missing 411 fame. It’s in his newest book.

    I also recall that when David discussed Jan’s encounter on Coast to coast, at least two people called in stating that they had seen the exact same entity, one of which I believe was also in Hawaii.

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