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Aliens, angels, dragons, fairies, messenger birds. If we could see the substance that holds together dimensions, would we see beings occupying it? Would those beings be real or a "living" representation of the stuff of our minds? This week’s guest "Harley" may provide a clue.

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  1. Harley’s theory of
    Harley’s theory of ‘anchoring’ in realities to check them out resonates with me. In one of Robert Monroe’s out of body experience book he describes this exact experience. During some out of body experiences he reports entering other peoples bodies in non earth reality. The gist of Monroe’s story is that he was from another system of creation/evolution and decided to viisit the earth system and got caught up here. A friend from his home system came to jar his memory through the OBEs and get him out of the earth cycle.

    This concept is also born out in the life review component of the Near Death Experience. Many people who have a life review report ‘entering’ in other people’s awareness during it. Essentially what they report is observing the scene from their point of view, from the other person their interacting withs point of view as well as a 360 view of the whole scene. They report knowing intimate details about the other person that they could not have known.

    The shaman story of having to leap off the cliff and change your reality before hitting was from one of Carlos Castenada’s books.

    Great episode, Thanks!

  2. Hey Jeremy,
    I was listening

    Hey Jeremy,
    I was listening with my dear wife and we discussed the overlaying images noted near the end of the show. I said maybe it is actually seeing the OTHER existances at that moment. Like looking at the shelves from the side. I felt a little like being in a confessional. =) Anyway, great job, it was fun. I have heard of Carlos C. but it was in another book I read some 10+ years ago about “tracking”.

    1. I think Carlos C. borrowed
      I think Carlos C. borrowed from a lot of esoteric/shamanic cultures for his books. I’ve read most of them and they’re very entertaining but at this point I don’t think he was the genuine article. His group seems to have become very cult-like and in the end, destructive.

      I was in what could legitimately be called a cult for many years, and while the leader did have some sort of occult power, he wasn’t God, as I allowed myself to believe, until I found out he wasn’t. Definitely a higher percentage of ‘experiencers’ in that group, so I met some very interesting people, and I never lost my life savings, so, an experience I guess I had to go through, and not without some value.

  3. First off, Harley, I feel a
    First off, Harley, I feel a lot less weird about myself after listening to this interview! 🙂

    Although I have been interviewed, and also posted many comments over the years here at Unknown Country, the sheer number and types of experiences that I have had are more like yours than anyone else I can remember…I have flown with Hawk and also walked with Wolf, and after following the same practices as you: No drugs, but using the sound of drumming or rattles, and sage helps too. Messing with the weather? A little bit of that too, it is hard to prove, and I guess I was lucky enough not to step on anyone’s toes in the process, but then I did the whole ‘protective shield’ thing and humbly asked for assistance for the highest and best good. Time slips, what-the-heck-is-that, and where-the-heck-did-it-go, cryptids, ‘UFOs’, seeing dead people, mystical beings (for me, it was White Buffalo Calf Woman walking down my street on a Sunday morning as I ran outside in my jammies to fetch the newspaper!) etc. Many nights I dream that I am someone else, somewhere else.

    Regarding your example of the glass shelves and the dice: You came up with a great way of explaining the dimensional/reality thing, so thanks for that one! The only thing that I do take issue with is the whole concept of ‘they’. I’m not sure there is a ‘they’, and possibly only ‘us’. Maybe we really are already shamans in need of more formal training in order to understand it all. I am also starting to grasp the Australian aboriginal concept of ‘The Dreaming’, and years after my own encounter with a ‘Clever Fella’, some of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, little by little.

    Thanks, Harley, for taking the plunge and putting yourself out there on ‘The Experience’!

  4. Harley / Jeremy / all:
    Harley / Jeremy / all:

    Thanks for an excellent show, and for sharing such personal material. I find it very valuable when others chime in, and share their experiences. I believe the audience here is very opened minded and highly tolerant; I believe you are in good company. Thanks, again. -SD

  5. Hi Jeremy and Harley,
    I don’t

    Hi Jeremy and Harley,

    I don’t think seeing 3:33 on the clock has anything to do with time. It seems like a way to get a geometric message embedded into your consciousness. I got that in the 80’s from the UFO type lights I saw in the 80’s over a period of several months. There was always some formation emphasizing 3, then 6 then 9. 3 3 3.

    As for that model of the shelf and die lined up, what if that entity shifting from one reality/dimension or another is not separate but that all the die lined up are the same consciousness experiencing all possibilities. (sort of like Jane Robert’s Oversoul 7 but not really). Maybe we are much bigger than our experience being human on planet earth in this dimension.

    Great conversation.

    1. Hey JahaRa,
      I think youre

      Hey JahaRa,
      I think youre right on the money. Thats why I used the dice. It is suppose to represent a single person. Like the Egyptians had some belief about 9 levels of the soul or some such, the individual exists on several instances of reality. So, you connect to one you have a line to each one in whatever reality the other parts are in. I also think its possible to die in one of those offshoot realities. There are other parts left…AND why not move consciousness to another off shoot.

  6. This was a great interview.
    This was a great interview. Harley, I think you’re about as far from kooky as its possible to be. I’d like to comment more but only after a second listen, so much information and so many ideas – it was great!

    1. Thanks Steve44.
      I felt I was

      Thanks Steve44.
      I felt I was rushing thru stuff because I had quite a basket of events. Chances are, the Angel came into taco bell because the drive thru was full? I appreciate the positive statements from everyone, and thought provoking analysis. Personal note: theres more stuff that i couldnt get to.
      Thanks again,

  7. Please have Harley on again.
    Please have Harley on again. Everything resonated.

    1. I didn’t want to be the one
      I didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, but yea.

  8. Fabulous interview, Harley! I
    Fabulous interview, Harley! I would love to hear more.

    The comment from your friend in Taco Bell intrigued me…”You see him, don’t you?”…that suggested to me that your friend had prior experience of seeing or feeling the presence of angels. If it was a one-off, your friend would have turned around to have a look too, surely? With that in mind, I wonder whether you would still have seen the angel, had you been alone…like maybe your friend was the attractor and without them, that experience wouldn’t have happened. Which leads into the question about who the experience was actually for.

    1. Hey Serbert,
      I believe youre

      Hey Serbert,
      I believe youre spot on in your observation. He probably was there for her and i just got the energy bump at that moment to see the whole thing. I dont recall my friend, Laura, mentioning seeing other angels. She was well on her way to being a “sensitive”. And yes, im positive she already knew he was there. i would share more of her “stuff”, but that wouldnt be my place. I havent been in touch with her for some years now. even if it wasnt really meant for me individually… I’ll still take it. WOW moments can be super rare. I would venture a guess, she WAS the attractor, but maybe the event was supposed to be shared.
      Good point.

      1. That’s the impression I got
        That’s the impression I got as well, that the angel was ‘part of’ her and your seeing it was by way of a wider introduction to her in accordance with what your consciousness could see and accept. It’s similar in a way to your ‘introduction’ to the storm spirit; you were able to intervene with your consciousness, but had to be taught that it’s not simply energy, but sentience as well, because consciousness is fundamental on all planes, and is cause wherever energy is effect. This is why science is currently so blind and destructive, because the nature of consciousness on the physical plane is to be almost completely veiled, but is there just as fundamentally as on other planes, and science is getting its own ‘warning visitation’ in the form of environmental consequences, which is the only kind of ‘intervention’ the scientifically minded can understand, yet its gradually altering our relationship with matter just as your visitation from the storm spirit altered your relationship with the forces of nature you are able to interact with.

    2. Sherbet,
      You are ‘spot on’


      You are ‘spot on’ with that observation! Some people are not only sensitive, but ‘attractors’, and sometimes just being around these people changes the frequency (for want of a better term) of some of those around them.

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