A New UN Report Says the World’s Oceans are in Trouble—and So Are We

October 2, 2019
A comprehensive new report released by the UN is warning that the world's oceans are in danger, currently facing a scourge of unnatural warming, rising, acidifying, and deoxygenating. Covering over 361 million square kilometers (139 million square miles), the oceans... continued

Google Claims to have Achieved “Quantum Supremacy”

September 30, 2019
In a paper briefly published on a NASA server in mid-September, Google detailed the outcome of a computer experiment wherein a quantum computer solved a computational problem that would otherwise have been practically impossible for a traditional supercomputer to have... continued

The Mystery Behind What Caused the Tunguska Explosion May Have Been Solved

September 27, 2019
Russian scientists believe that a piece of decorative glass that sat in the bottom of a schoolteacher's fish tank for the past 35 years might have been a part of the meteor that caused the Tunguska event, a multi-megaton explosion... continued

“Autism Cluster” Sparks Renewed Questions in the Role of Genetics in ASD

September 25, 2019
The discovery of a cluster of 12 genetically related children diagnosed with autism has renewed questions into the role DNA plays in causing autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. The children in question are all related through a common sperm donor... continued

Navy Confirms Objects in Videos Are True “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”

September 24, 2019
A U.S. Navy spokesperson has verified that the three gun camera videos released in 2017 and 2018 by the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science are indeed legitimate footage of UFOs, or as the Navy prefers to refer... continued

Catastrophic Flooding Hits East Texas as The NHC Tracks 11 Tropical Storms Worldwide and Climate Change Protests Sweep the Planet

September 20, 2019
Unprecedented flooding has again struck Texas in the Houston-Beaumont region. At least 2 people have died as up to 48 inches of rain have fallen in some areas. Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center is tracking 11 tropical storms worldwide and... continued

An Underwater Environmental Observatory Has Mysteriously Disappeared Without a Trace

September 18, 2019
A one-ton underwater observatory that had been installed off the northern coast of Germany has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving behind nothing but the tattered end of the data cable that allowed the unit to communicate with the mainland.... continued

Our Solar System’s Second Known Interstellar Visitor Appears To Have Arrived

September 16, 2019
Astronomers have discovered what may be our Solar System's second known interstellar visitor, a comet that is moving too fast on a highly eccentric orbit to be bound by the Sun's gravity. This follows the passage of the asteroid (or... continued

Congress is Accusing the Navy of Stonewalling Regarding UFO Information

September 11, 2019
The ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee's Intelligence and Counterterrorism subcommittee, Congressman Mark Walker, is accusing the Navy of withholding information from Congress regarding reports on encounters with UFOs, after having officially requested more data on the subject... continued

China’s Yutu-2 Finds Goo on the Moon: The Latest News from La Lune

September 9, 2019
The Israeli and Indian space programs may have suffered setbacks with the recent loss of their lunar landers, but China's Yutu-2 rover is still crawling across the surface of the Moon, and it made an odd discovery recently. On July... continued