Transparent Solar Technologies Could Help Provide Nearly 100% of the US’s Energy Demands

November 10, 2017
A study led by engineers at Michigan State University says that the use of transparent solar cells could potentially fulfill roughly 40 percent of the United States' energy demands, the equivalent of the potential for bulkier rooftop solar units, if... continued

Enceladus’ Subsurface Ocean has Existed for Billions of Years — Long Enough for Life to Evolve

November 9, 2017
Ever since a massive subsurface ocean was discovered under the ice on Saturn's moon Enceladus, scientists have sought to uncover the reason behind the existence of liquid water on a world that should be frozen solid. However, a new study... continued

Climate Holdouts Nicaragua and Syria have Joined the Paris Accord, Leaving Trump Standing Alone

November 8, 2017
The Central American country of Nicaragua and war-torn Syria have joined the rest of the world's nations in agreeing to sign onto the Paris climate accord, as the world's nations meet in Bohn, Germany, for the world's largest climate summit.... continued

A Large Chamber Hidden in the Great Pyramid has been Discovered

November 7, 2017
A new scanning technology using deep-penetrating cosmic rays has revealed a large, 100-foot-long chamber inside the Great Pyramid at Giza. This chamber, simply called "ScanPyramids Big Void" for the time being, sits high above the Grand Gallery, at roughly the... continued

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Bars Top Scientists from Advisory Committee Posts, Appoints Industry-Friendly Advisors

November 3, 2017
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has signed a new directive that prevents scientists that are receiving grants from the EPA from serving on the agency's advisory committees. Pruitt says that this unprecedented move is to remove what he perceives... continued

Newly Discovered Asteroid Appears to be Our First Interstellar Visitor–Of the Natural Kind…

November 2, 2017
Astronomers may have discovered an asteroid that isn't part of our Solar system, but is instead a lone traveler, making its long journey through the cosmos. On October 19, astronomer Robert Weryk spotted what was initially thought to be a... continued

The Director of the CIA was asked if Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Agent — but his Answer is Missing!

November 1, 2017
"Is there any information involved with the assassination of President Kennedy which in any way shows that Lee Harvey Oswald was in some way a CIA agent or agent..." This is the record of a key question presented to Richard... continued

A Government Committee Warns that North Korea could Wipe Out 90 Percent of the Population of the US — with a Single Bomb

October 31, 2017
There has been a great deal of concern over North Korea's nuclear weapons program as of late, with PDRK dictator Kim Jong-Un threatening, on numerous occasions, to launch a nuclear attack against the United States. These concerns have focused primarily... continued

Saudi Arabia Grants the World’s First Citizenship to a Robot

October 28, 2017
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become the first country on the planet to grant citizenship to a robot. During the October 25th announcement at the Future Investment Initiative summit being held in Riyadh, the robot receiving the honor, named... continued

The Odds of Human Civilization Being Alone in the Galaxy: 1 in 60 Billion

October 27, 2017
The scientific likelihood of Humanity being the only technologically advanced species in the universe continues to become more and more remote, as recently illustrated by a tweaking of the Drake Equation by two researchers that posit that the odds of... continued