A New World, published on Friday in paperback and Kindle formats, is getting great reviews on Amazon.com and is listed as the #1 Bestseller in the UFO Category. The book describes the wealth of new close encounter experiences Whitley has had since 2015 and especially since February of 2016 when, in an intense encounter with the visitors, he asked why they were not in more direct contact with mankind. This led to three years of intense lessons in what we need to do and understand to communicate with them, and resulted in a totally new vision of the close encounter experience that is light-years ahead of anything ever published before. This is why, in his preface, Dr. Jeffrey Kripal says of A New World, “This book is contact.”

Whitley comments, “A great trade is on offer. They stand ready to provide the knowledge we need to insure that life on Earth continues down the ages, in return for which we will provide for them the one thing that they no longer have, which is the taste of the new. When they see the universe, they see what they already know. When we see it, we see Star Trek. They want to share our adventure with us, as silent partners.”

This is only one of the astonishing revelations in A New World. One Amazon reviewer says, “I give this book five stars because after having read it (in one sitting, no less) I consider it to be a top-notch exploration of the nature of reality itself — a revelatory text for the 21st Century seeker.” Another adds, “For those of you already familiar with Whitley’s work this book is a must-read! This is not a rehash of the same old, same old! Whitley offers profound new insights and a lot of mind-bending, reality- altering surprises!

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  1. Hi, Whitley. I loved the book. I’ve since been left wondering, how to deal with the undeniable terror of facing the visitors. As you say in the book, even when you invite them in, you cannot avoid the terror of facing something to reality-shattering. I have never had a contact experience and yet I am still scared of the possibility thus is my fear. I’ve started meditating but beyond that, I don’t know how I will get past that roadblock if intense anxiety, despite my curiosity, despite my desire, something is also shouting NO! out of fear and pushing the experience away. How do I get past this fear or is it a matter of learning to accept it?

  2. Author

    I just accept the fear. I’ve been dealing with it for most of my adult life, and it is still there. What has changed is that there is love along with it. They don’t mind if I’m scared and neither do I, frankly.

    As I discuss in the book, I think that this is just a natural reaction. If it meant anything, I and a lot of other people would have been hurt somehow or another long ago. But after the often violent initial encounter, if you stay with the experience, it becomes about learning.

    I don’t think it’s ever going to be easy, but I surely have learned a lot from it.

  3. I am a long term subscriber to UC. I have every WS book… 3 keys, 2 paths and all the novels.
    I seen WS speak at dreamland.
    But is this book basically Contact?
    Is it all conjecture? I wanna buy one be but need more synopsis.

  4. Author

    I don’t know if you’re referring to the novel Contact by Carl Sagan, or you’ve mistyped and mean my book Communion, or if you are asking “is the book contact,” as in contact between us and aliens. It is contact between me and the witnesses who have shared my experiences and the unknown presence most people call aliens.

    It’s not a rehash of Communion; and it is about my own experience of contact, especially since 2015, and it does detail how that happened and why. Will it enable you to read it, sit down in a dark room and end up in contact with the visitors? Not likely. It’s a long, hard road and may or may not have an end in any one life.

    None of my books are “all conjecture.” They are descriptions of experiences and include substantial witness testimony as well. The conjecture, such as it is, consists in my attempting to explain as best I can what the experiences mean to me.

    There are a number of reviews on Amazon that might give you more insight into the book. https://amzn.to/32XkMoC

    1. It is not so much a awakening..nor symbiotic in a natural sense.

      Nor is it communion either.

      The unveiling is well under way.

      Under your noses.


      A Universe awaits a new child.


    2. Ahhh I see now ordered it today. sorry for double checking! Big Fan here..

  5. I just placed my order for the paperback. Sooo looking forward to receiving/reading it.

  6. Whitley, how stunning! This is an entirely new vision of–well, of life. I am sitting here totally breathless. I am off work with the flu and got the book on my Kindle this morning and it’s now about 7 and I have finished it and–this is the most incredible book of any kind I have ever read. It is beyond my ability to explain how it affected me. I will never be the same person, no way. “The Fields of Asphodel.” “The Man from Paradise.” I will never forget those beautiful, amazing chapters or anything in the book.

    I don’t want to embarrass you but you are an incredible genius and so precious. You have cracked the code of the unknown, Whitley.

  7. Whitley
    I’ve posted a five-star review of A New World on Amazon. I am now reading it a second time, and I know in the months and years to come I will return to it time and again. The challenge to live simultaneously in two worlds, the temporal and the extratemporal, in communion with the visitors, has now become a real and achievable ideal—to live in the cat’s eye vesica pisces!
    I’m wondering if you or anyone in the community has seen the beautiful little movie UFO in which the Fine-Structure-Constant is an important feature. It stars Gillian Anderson and David Strathairn and is available through Amazon Prime—well worth seeing.
    Thank you, Whitley, for the gift of such a challenging, inspiring, life-altering, mind-blowing book. And please remember in those moments when you may feel dispirited, that you have touched, gently guided, and inspired more lives than, perhaps, you will ever know.
    Peace, love, and joy always
    Linda McPheeters


  8. Author

    I’d love to see this! I think you’re referring to a movie called UFO? That’s the only one I can find with both of them in it.

  9. Its’s called UFO and is very well done! I’d love hearing your thoughts when you’ve seen it!

  10. I’m really excited to have just ordered this. I like paper so it’s worth the wait. I’m an old timer here, since the very early days of this website. I’ve had strange experiences since I was a child and even more as an adult. There’s been fear from me too, but also a lot of curiosity. Waiting and excited! I just subscribed too, so much to dig through! Thanks Whitley 🙂

  11. Will their experience of our universe ever one day coalesce? In other words, will we ever inhabit their reality, increase our biological diversity, and have they done this before with other beings?

  12. Author

    It’s an interesting question. I have no idea of the answer, though. They are certainly concerned about our survival. That I do know.

    My book is intended to offer a coherent vision of what it is like to interact with them. So if they should emerge more definitely, it will be there to use.

  13. Dear Whitley,

    I have eye problems when will it be available on audible.com?

    1. Yes.
      I think it is based on a conventional interpretive reading of the data and not some imagined league of unseen alien sages.

  14. Whitley, is there a segment that you read in the subscriber section, or did I read that wrong? And what time/zone are the chats? Thanks!

  15. Author

    The chats are at 7PM Pacific time. I start reading from and talking about the book in the subscriber section of Dreamland this weekend. In the first hour, film director Josh Boone interviews me about the book. He has read all seven drafts as they were written!

  16. Whitley, I’m only halfway through reading your book, so forgive me if you address this in a later chapter. I am willing to take many risks for the good of all sentient beings. However, having encountered malevolent entities, how can we be sure that when we open ourselves up to communion, that we are protected from the lower/darker ones? I’m not a traditionally religious person, actually a Buddhist, but I’m sure you are aware of concerns from people regarding “possession” from what some call demons. I don’t know what these darker things are, but they are real. I sense there may be push-back from them/that side (and even our own darker sides) as more of us attempt to engage, and WAKE UP. Yet I don’t want fear (spiritual terrorism if you will) to keep me and others to hold back from assisting our species from evolving. Advice?

    1. Later in the book he acknowkedges disturbing things. Of course disturbing dudes out there.

      I think when we dont bring to lucidity various shadowy currents in our being, we become vulnerable to delusions about demons and possession.

  17. I agree with you regarding the need to know & process the shadowy aspects of ourselves. Shew, that is a lifetime of work, of itself! However, the presence of nefarious, downright evil, beings is indeed real. Not a delusion. There will be others with similar (and well-founded) concerns. I am inquiring because we need to move forward, safely. Our external world is currently filled with disinformation, distortions, and divisiveness. I believe that our energetic/beyond physical world is engaged in a similar struggle. Call it what you will, the quest for the light/goodness/higher consciousness is fraught with attempts to distract and undermine our progress. Why? Indeed, we are our own saboteurs, but there are other beings in the mix. I want to be sure my energies, my life, my love will be well spent. But I have good reason to be careful. Again, my inquiry is specific to, when we seek to engage, how can we know that the call we send out will be answered by “the good guys”. I want to go forward with courage not recklessness.

    1. I was pondering this basic practice from the Tibetan Book of the Dead of abiding and lucidly resting in bare awareness during the dying process in order to not be distracted and impacted by what can be a possibly frightening onslaught of beings and events.

      Demonic beings are like a massive contraction of awareness/energy. When Whitley was being probed and invaded by that by that disturbed, chain-smoking small guy, he actually didnt seem himself to recoil and get reactive to this guy stirring up undercurrents in his being. Is that the key? Later, he has a dream about this guy being transformed!

  18. Author

    Be sure and listen to the subscriber part of this week’s dreamland, Amanda. Yours is a very important issue. I read it to start my little half hour talk, then comment on it and how I have proceeded when facing such entities, which has been a very substantial part of my experience over the years. I have had to dance quite a dance with the dark side.

    1. Thank you. I am almost finished with your book. I’ll subscribe and listen. I’ve flown under the radar for most of my life, hence, until recently, I’ve been a silent observer to your’s and other sites reporting on the phenomena of the visitors, etc.,. While continuing my own private path of soul work, I’ve lived a professional public life … all along conducting anonymous actions to help/serve others. It’s time to fully engage. Again, Thank you.

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