New Observations Magazine is delighted to present the life and work of Lucinda Laughing Eagle Morel, a shamanic practitioner and multi-dimensional healer whose life includes contact with ETs, animal mutilation, and how she found her “tribe” or soul group.  Her family is multi-generational in terms of contact, an experience which she shared with her father.  Lucinda covers current days and how we can navigate these challenging times while remaining protected.
Lucinda Laughing Eagle loves her multidimensional life! She balances her time between her beautiful family, her career in the aerospace industry and her studies of exploration into the greater consciousness. A life-long experiencer of all things paranormal, Lucinda is an intuitive medium and shamanic practitioner. She loves her work with local support groups and charities. Her intention is to help her clients live a life in accordance with their highest purpose. Lucinda can be reached at

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  1. After listening to this most interesting conversation, I want to post something that happened to me in Sedona since you both mentioned darkness/light a few times.

    It was May, 2002 at a conference sponsored by the A.R.E. (EDGAR CAYCE) named ‘CREATIVE SPIRIT.’  Seven of us stayed an extra day so we could visit the HOPI LAND. 

    Totally wonderful experience but feeling like I should have asked for an Indian name while I had a chance at the conference. I did not ask and have no idea if anyone actually received a name.

    Fast forward, now I am back home and have a dream experience. (I too am a dreamer). In this dream state an extremely old Indian man comes to me and tells me his name is WHITE FEATHER, he then says, “You are to be called, (she who sees in the dark).” I knew this was about dreaming and how important it is to remember dreams.

    1. What a wonderful experience CAROLLEE, and what a great name! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    2. Ah, the sweetness of following your intuition.
      Keep dreaming, Carollee! Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Lovely, wide-ranging interview and storytelling. I learned too, as l, points for firming my purpose and discerning abilities (when Mia spoke abt the man whose energy was dangerous and he wouldn’t/couldn’t commit to self-healing). I enjoy your show, Mia.

    1. Thank you CONSCIOUS9676!

      Thank you for listening. Whitley is the master but I really enjoy doing these interviews with such a wonderful array of interesting people.

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