A Warrior for a Warrior

February 15, 2021
Paulette Dauteuil is the former director and now co-director of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.  She has spent her life as an activist and has played an important role in Lakota society as one of the leaders to free... continued

Space Rider Ati Maier

December 15, 2020
New Observations is delighted to share the life and work of German artist and filmmaker Ati Maier.  In this interview we focus on her series of four short films from the Space Rider Series, where her alter-ego character the Space... continued

The Wisdom of Sophia

November 27, 2020
With a current exhibition at the Brattleboro Art Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont, Rachel Portesi discusses with Mia Feroleto the Divine Feminine and the role of the woman artist post Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo and Jeffrey Epstein.  Her stunning photographs portray the... continued

COVID, Creativity and Consciousness: Leah Poller’s Journey as a Sculptor

November 23, 2020
As a way of exploring how the COVID virus has impacted creativity and consciousness, New Observations podcast is interviewing a series of visuals arts to discuss how their own art has been impacted since the beginning of the year when... continued

COVID, Creativity and Consciousness: The Inspired Struggle of Daniel Rothbart

November 16, 2020
Sculptor Daniel Rothbart and his wife fled Manhattan early in the year to avoid exposure to the COVID virus.  His work has been seen internationally and combines an interesting combination of spirituality, ET imagery, and whimsey.  Rather than keep the... continued

What are Exoconscious Humans, Where are They and WHAT Are they DOING?

November 5, 2020
This week on Mia Feroleto's New Observations on Unknowncountry.com: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright joins the New Observations Podcast to discuss her new book entitled "Exoconscious Humans: Claiming Psychic Intelligence in a Transhuman World."   We discuss the range of gifts we... continued

Elana Freeland’s Alternative Vision: Chemtrails, Nanotechnology, the California Fires and COVID

October 12, 2020
Elana Freeland researches and writes on Deep State issues like geoengineering, MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons.  This interview contains statements such as the assertion that a major California fire known as the Camp Fire was caused by a... continued

Hemp Farming and the Spirituality of the Hemp Movement

October 5, 2020
Doug Fine's newest book, "American Hemp Farmer" is Amazon's #1 new release in agriculture.  Mia and Doug discuss the industrial hemp movement after 70 years of being banned in the U.S. and the spiritual dimensions of cannabis while hemp and... continued

Sev Tok’s Brilliant Response to Her Abduction Experience

September 15, 2020
Author of "You Have the Right to Talk to Aliens," Sev Tok brings her observations from the Consciousness and Contact event in Wasta, South Dakota to our listeners as well as her life experiences and advice for manifesting and letting... continued

James Tunney and the Mystery of the Trapped Light

September 7, 2020
James Tunney is a searcher and an evangelist for a new approach to life, the spirit and the mystical world.  In this powerful interview, he shares with Mia and with us his thoughts about how we can escape from the... continued