On April 26th, the Super Full Moon in Scorpio at 7 degrees, exactly on my Natal Moon in Scorpio, I had open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve and have a maze procedure to help stop the A-Fib that had been zapping my energy for the past few years. This journey took me to three different hospitals and through multiple states of reality as I demanded proper care in order to heal.
I cannot thank you enough and all of my friends for their support, offerings, and prayers as I made this journey. Spirit led, and even though I was challenged to the Nth degree, I made it back home again.
I have been targeted for close to three decades because of my activism and my spiritual life.
Immediately after our conference on Pine Ridge in 2019, I was eliminated from YouTube because the information I was sharing is vital for human consciousness to grow. Whitley gave me the opportunity to host the New Observations podcast here on Dreamland.
This is a critical year for all of us to take a stand and say “NO!” to what we know is not in our best interest. We are all together on this journey and have so much support from beyond that it is almost incomprehensible to fathom the depth and breadth of how we are held in esteem in the mind of God and all of the Realms unseen to the human eye.
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  1. Mia, congratulations on your journey to healing so far. Of the herb teas I have tried to date, organic ginger tea is by far the best. That might be helpful for you.

    In other news, Dr. Ashish Jha, MD, MPH (Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, and a frequent guest interviewee on the pandemic on ABC World News Tonight) was asked which of the following states would achieve a green status — best control of the pandemic. Here’s that map:

    His answer is that he expects Vermont will be the first US state to achieve green status. Pretty cool.

    1. Thank you for your kind words INDY. I am happy to be home in Vermont and planning my trip out to South Dakota.

      Vermont is an amazing state. The virus has barely made an appearance here with approximately half of the 200 deaths taking place in a nursing home with people with co-morbidity factors. Having been in three different hospitals recently where I had conversations with multiple people about the virus, it is clear that we are not being given accurate information.

      Today I am more determined than ever to encourage people to expand their consciousness and their ability to discern what is true. That is the basis for our survival.

      1. Also, INDY,

        I wanted to add a few things about Vermont. Perhaps you have noticed that in most of the movies about the end of the world the survivors end up in Vermont. I Am Legend is only one example. I have seen dozens. There is a reason for that. In the 1960s and 70s many hippies moved to the state and brought their idealism and perspective on the world. Vermont still is one of the Whitest states in America and it certainly was the Whitest at the time of the influx of of peace and love during the hippie movement. These same hippies, such as Bernie Sanders, have moved into positions of power but the underlying energy of the state remains the same. Republican Gov. Phil Scott legalized marijuana and added gun control laws, one of the first in the country, despite his party’s opposition. He moved his desk to the stairs of the Capitol in Montpelier to sign that bill on guns where he was confronted by gun toting Vermonters screaming and threatening him. He crossed party lines when he refused to support Trump. Chris Hedges was born in Vermont. My friend Will Allen championed GMO labeling laws even though the US Senate stopped Vermont from enacting them on the very first day they would become legislation. I could go on and on about what makes Vermont a great place but perhaps the most important to consider is the very small population. There are 630,000 people in the state. That is a very small number and as a result the thought forms here are not overcrowded, providing space for clarity internally and in the community. I am blessed to divide my time between Vermont and South Dakota, states with approximately the same size populations. In each state, the power of the land is off the charts.

        1. Vermont’s admirably independent character also reflects the seeds of radicalism sown by the Green Mountain Boys, starting before the American Revolution.

          1. True, BSHANE.

            Vermont holds, always, the possibility of leaving the Union if individual rights are thrown under the bus. So does New Hampshire.

      2. Everyday in everyway, Mia is healing deeply and fully…
        I look forward to all your podcasts and have been listening to for about 6 months now. I like the people you chose to interview and the great questions you ask. I was sad to hear about your ordeal, but know with all your loyal fans sending love and light, you will heal totally!
        When I was a younger man I would vacation outside Rutland off of RT 100 at a state park and walk the stunning trails through old growth forests. Possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth. It would always lift my burdens and renew me. As you begin to walk more, consider getting into the forests, and Mother Gaia will take care of the rest…
        Sending light and love….Carlo

        1. Thank you so much, CARLO CANALE, for your thoughtful comment.

          I am delighted to know that you enjoy my podcast. And, you intuited my goal of returning to hiking five miles a day, which I did ten years ago regardless of the weather. Spending time in nature is the most healing thing we can do. At the moment, I try to spend 20 to 30 minutes each day soaking up vitamin D from the sun in one of those colored Adirondack chairs. The best medicine!

          I live in Chester, about an hour away from Rutland. Chester has the Stone Village within the village, built by the Scottish stone masons when they came over. We have been having beautiful weather here and our bird feeder has attracted the most glorious group of birds this year, some I have never seen before. One of the benefits of the lock down: Nature is thriving!

  2. I had quadruple bypass surgery in 2012, so I understand what you have been through. I will keep you in my prayers.

    1. Thank you THE HERMIT. We do share a big experience.

      My focus here is on the difference in quality of care from hospital to hospital. I am happy with the surgery itself, although I would like more information on why my blood pressure went down into the 20s and up to 300 to get me stable. If someone has medical issues, they must take the time needed to do their own research o their condition. The approach between hospitals could not be any more different.

      Our bodies have all the intelligence to heal if we provide the necessary ingredients.

  3. Thank you for sharing your rugged journey through this series of health and treatment challenges. I am grateful for your courage, your heart.

    1. Thank you so much Michele! I am grateful for YOU and look forward to seeing you again in Wasta. Big HUG, Mia

      1. Thank you so much BIKERICH,

        We are all blessed and here at this particular moment in time for a reason. Exciting days are ahead.

  4. Thank you Mia for sharing this, at this time, in our evolution. You are a gift. (I am south in Greenfield, if there is anything I can do to help.)

    1. Thank you so much TRACE15. We live in a beautiful area.
      My strength is returning each day a little bit more. Luckily I was born a fast healer and expect to be able to return to South Dakota around the middle of June. So much to look forward to!

  5. Quite a story. Thankful you are now on the road to recovery. Amazing. Sending you love and healing vibes!

    1. Thank you TOURMALINE QUEEN!

      I plan on leaving for South Dakota in two weeks and am getting a little stronger each day. It is a relief to be on the other side of my surgery and I have learned how to pace myself. Next, our 4th conference!

  6. Mia, I’m relieved, inspired and scared by your journey. Your message inspires strength & is a testament to your consiousness; despite your journey between worlds, you remained grounded here to advocate for yourself.

    What a message for us: 1) You admonished us to defer to Status Quo solutions and 2) Be mindful of synchronicities and intuition and wisdom. I look sunward to what you’ll share from SD. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  7. Thank you CONSCIOUS9676.

    It has been quite an intense month and a half.

    Tuesday morning I left in the new used car I purchased just before my surgery for $8,000. It has not been used for the past five weeks while I was in the hospital and recovering at home. I got onto a road five minutes from home where the speed went up to 50 mph. The car lunged and I smelled something strange which followed immediately with smoke coming out from under the hood and out the exhaust pipe. I pulled over to the side of the road at the exact spot where there is a sign for The Assembly of God Church, and my car burst into flames. I had about $6,000 worth of stuff ready to go back to South Dakota. All ruined. The car is trash but I am fine. I was on my way to my cardiologist for a check up post surgery. The inspector for the insurance company could not even determine it’s original color. I am protected and I know that nothing will happen to me but I am certainly being challenged with many frustrations.

    Stay safe!

  8. Mia! What a journey!

    I’d like to mirror the encouragement everyone else is radiating toward you and your account is absolutely spellbinding.

    Peace and REST to you Mia. Sometimes we have to be TOLD to get proper rest and I am sensing that you could release your grip a little more without losing track of anything.

    Please try to add another afternoon during the week, (perhaps a Thursday afternoon), to walk quietly amidst nature, flowers, trees. They’ll sense your healing state and emanate more healing harmony around you as good neighbours always do.


  9. Thank you for your wise comment VON HAUSENBERG,

    I am in Vermont and surrounded by nature and beauty and get my full share each and every day. In addition, I learned how to let go and let God many years ago and have tremendous support from the unseen realm. I would not be here writing the note to you otherwise.

    It is up to each of us to remain mindful in these times of intense change.

    Warm regards,

  10. am a retired RN – hope you are suing the hell out of that teaching hospital where surgery was performed

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