• Christmas Special
    December 26, 2009
    Whitley Strieber has caught the Christmas spirit, and he treats us to a group of hilarious stories from his childhood. He was, to say the least, the kind of little boy who was just made to find ashes and switches under the Christmas tree, and one year that’s just what happened! But that’s not all. ...continued
  • Rescuing the Dead
    December 19, 2009
    First, Linda Moulton Howe has a phenomenal report about Roswell from a woman who directly held the materials in her hands at Wright Field in 1947. Then Marla Frees is back and she has an extraordinary show for us this week. She’s talking to Monica Holy, who has ended up in the extraordinary situation ...continued
  • The Starchild Skull-New Findings
    December 12, 2009
    It has recently been proved that the famous “Starchild” skull that Lloyd Pye has been researching for 11 years is not the skull of a child, and that, while it contains human mitochondrial DNA from its mother, it ALSO contains other DNA from its father that has not been identified. Listen as Lloyd Pye takes ...continued
  • The 911 Mystery Plane
    December 5, 2009
    Peter Levenda interviews Mark Gaffney on the mystery plane that flew over Washington on 9/11. Many news organizations reported on the presence of this plane, and now Mark Gaffney, in possession of FAA radar records, shows that it was NOT a command control plane that also appeared over the city that morning and has been ...continued
  • Large Hadron Collider
    November 28, 2009
    The Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland has been repaired and is now running. So, what does that mean. There have been fears that it could generate a black hole that would consume the earth. Others have theorized that it is being sabotaged by physicists from the future. Does any of this make any ...continued
  • WTC7 Collapse PLUS Linda Howe
    November 21, 2009
    First, Linda Howe interviews Derek Bridges of Overton, Hampshire, England about a videotape he made of a water buffalo ascending into a UFO and disappearing. This interview with this straightforward 69 year old man, intimately familiar with the location, is among the most convincing and amazing accounts in the history of this radio program. Includes ...continued
  • 2012: The Real Story
    November 14, 2009
    Geoff Stray has spent over 25 years creating a stunner of a book about 2012, so listen as Whitley Strieber asks some of everybody’s burning questions about what may or may not be happening. This is a chance to look beyond the hysteria and the hype that are now appearing in the general media, and ...continued
  • Reincarnation Proof
    November 7, 2009
    Whitley Strieber says, “for me, this interview, and this book, have been life-changing. There is a belief that, for some time, the veils between the worlds has been lifting, and Soul Survivor is proof that this is true. I find it impossible to believe, after reading it, that reincarnation is not real. Given my Christian ...continued
  • Halloween Special
    October 31, 2009
    Just how weird is our world? Well, it’s weirder than you know, and scarier and–well, who better to bring stories like this to your ears than Whitley Strieber? Juanita Rose Violini spent ten years assembling her Almanac of the Infamous, Incredible and Ignored–stories that are too strange, too frightening or just plain too bizarre to ...continued
  • Vibration IS Reality
    October 24, 2009
    Anne Strieber interviews Marie D. Jones about her work on vibration and reality. What does it mean that reality is vibration? What is the meaning of this, where is the science? In this stunning interview, Marie D. Jones applies modern scientific knowledge to some of the most ancient human ideas about the nature of reality, ...continued
  • A Scientist’s CE3
    October 17, 2009
    One of the world’s leading members of the scientific community tells of his close encounters and the involvement of the visitors in his work. Due to the profound confusion that exists in the culture of science about the close encounter phenomenon, he must speak anonymously. He is an American, but works in Europe. PLUS, Linda ...continued
  • Shadow People
    October 10, 2009
    Shadow People. Many of us have glimpsed them, but are they real or a trick of the eye–or both? Jason Offutt has made a study of them and he’s made some discoveries that he’s talked about on various radio programs, but NOW he has NEW information and in this eye-opening interview with Dreamland conspiracy expert ...continued
  • Is the Sun Conscious?
    October 3, 2009
    Is the sun a living, conscious being? How can such a thing possibly be true? BUT listen as Gregory Sams tells about the sun in a whole new way. The great 20th Century mystic G.I. Gurdjieff spoke about “the intelligence of the sun,” and the ancient world saw the universe–and in particular the stars–as vividly ...continued
  • Is William Henry the Real Robert Langdon?
    September 26, 2009
    Is William Henry the real Robert Langdon? Both Dan Brown’s new book, “The Lost Symbol” and William Henry’s “Freedom’s Gate” feature the idea that the US Capitol has a hidden function as a stargate. So, where did the idea come from, and is Dan Brown’s book a subtle effort to fictionalize a crucial power that ...continued
  • Why Such a Huge Crop Circle Season?
    September 19, 2009
    What do crop formations mean? Do they have something to do with 2012, or human transformation, or are they a secret message of some kind? Explore the answers to these questions with famed researchers Steve and Karen Alexander. We are coming to the end of the 2009 crop circle season, which has been the most ...continued
  • Earth’s Shifting Crust
    September 12, 2009
    Rose and Rand Flem-Ath were the first authors to bring develop the idea that earth’s surface area may at times shift on its mantle, causing radical changes in the geography of the planet that result in the almost total destruction of civilization. In this searching interview with Whitley Strieber, Rand Flem-Ath brings us up to ...continued
  • Starfire Tor and Time Magic
    September 5, 2009
    A message from Whitley Strieber: “Starfire Tor is one of the most extraordinary people I know. Anne and I have witnessed numerous documented shifts through space and time as a result of being with her and knowing her.” This interview chronicles some of those experiences and documents an astonishing and massive event involving the Los ...continued
  • Lucid Dreaming
    August 29, 2009
    What is a lucid dream, and what use are they? Popular Dreamland guest and PSIence author Marie D. Jones, hosting Dreamland for the first time, explores these questions with lucid dreaming expert Robert Waggoner, president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Lucid dreaming is a powerful state, a penetration into another level ...continued
  • Stunning Crop Circle Season
    August 22, 2009
    This is one of the most important and valuable Dreamlands ever to be produced on the crop circle phenomenon. 2009 is the most intense crop circle season in history, and Andrew Collins is out with an astonishing new book that explores not only what they are but, more importantly, how we can contact the circlemakers ...continued
  • Beneath the Sphinx
    August 15, 2009
    Robert Temple has become one of the leading scholars on the Sphinx, and here he tells us about his discoveries about its origins and the rooms buried beneath it. He also outlines his research into the Dogon tribe’s belief that they were visited by aliens from Sirius–and then tells about the interest both the Masons ...continued
  • The Philosopher’s Stone
    August 8, 2009
    Frequent Dreamland guest Joseph Farrell returns with what Whitley Strieber describes as a ‘blockbuster of an interview.’ Ever assume that alchemy was some sort of arcane pre-scientific nonsense from the middle ages? Well, think again as Joseph Farrell takes us on what will be one of the most astonishing journeys you will ever hear. It ...continued
  • Apocalypse 2012
    August 1, 2009
    Robert Gleason is the author of “Gary Jennings’ Apocalypse 2012,” and has vast knowledge of the Mayan Calendar, the Book of Revelation and 2012. Bob was Gary Jennings’ editor for many years, and has continued his tradition of ultra high level research into the past, creating a book that goes beyond fiction to provide a ...continued
  • John Hogue’s Feet to the Fire
    July 25, 2009
    It’s that time of year again, and we’re holding Dreamland’s resident prophet John Hogue’s feet to the fire! Last January, he came on the show and prophesied for us. So, how did he do? Let’s find out. We’ll replay some of his January 31 prophecies and see just how well he did this time. In ...continued
  • Crop Formation Surprises
    July 18, 2009
    This year has been an unusual one in the history of the crop formation phenomenon. The reason for this may be that, as our minds open more and more to the creators of the formations, they are becoming more focused and easier for us to understand than ever before. (Or it may be that there ...continued
  • Dr. Leo Sprinkle
    July 11, 2009
    Dr. Leo Sprinkle began his UFO research in 1961, and has been at the forefront of abduction and close encounter research ever since. Unlike most researchers, he does not edit his findings to fit his theories, but edits his theories to fit his findings, and the result makes for an enthralling and enlightening listening experience. ...continued
  • Healing with Echo Bodine
    July 4, 2009
    Marla Frees has an intimate conversation with ever-popular Dreamland guest Echo Bodine. They explore Echo’s healing work, and there is a powerful and illuminating discussion of cancer and the role it plays in our lives that will give you a new insight into the meaning of this and other diseases, and the experience of dying. ...continued
  • Crop Circles, the Bones of God
    June 27, 2009
    Michael Glickman has been researching crop circles since 1990, bringing his architectural background to what has become one of the most profound studies of these formations ever undertaken. His new book, Crop Circles: the Bones of God, is an unforgettable and deeply inspiring journey into the question of what the circles are and how we ...continued
  • A Scientist on Implants
    June 20, 2009
    Dr. Robert Koontz is an experimental nuclear physicist who taught analog and digital electronics at the National Security Agency prior to getting his PhD, and and is now researching in areas such as zero point energy. He was on CoasttoCoast AM last week discussing this subject, antigravity and many other topics. Now he spends Dreamland ...continued
  • Initiating Contact
    June 13, 2009
    Ed and Kris Sherwood have been on a journey of discovery involving extraterrestrial contact, crop circles and inner work for many years, and here they describe for us the methods they use to initiate contact. They have filmed some of their interactions with UFOs, and Ed has been present with other witnesses when a crop ...continued
  • The Science of Miracles
    June 6, 2009
    Marla Frees interviews a neurologist who has had some powerful experiences with miracles. He is a longtime friend of Dreamland regular Robert Bruce, whose many appearances on Dreamland and astral projection workshops have become legendary among our listeners. He uses a scientific approach to take a rigorous and open-minded look at remote viewing, telepathy and ...continued
  • Apocalypse 2012
    May 30, 2009
    Will there be an apocalypse in 2012, or is this going to be another Y2K? Lawrence Joseph is a scientist who has written for such publications as the New York Times and Salon and, well, he’s worried. There are just too many different factors pointed toward significant change to ignore the fact that 2012 could ...continued
  • A Scientist’s Implant
    May 23, 2009
    In one of the most extraordinary editions of Dreamland ever recorded, a scientist speaks about an implant that was removed from his body. He has conscious memories of his close encounters with “grays” and specifically recalls the night in February of 2008 that the implant was placed in his body. NOTE: This show summary, previously ...continued
  • Steve Quayle
    May 16, 2009
    Have an opinion about Steve Quayle? Most people do, and in this amazing, searching and powerful edition of Dreamland, you will hear him talk more openly about the subjects he covers than perhaps you have ever heard before. Whitley Strieber knows just the right questions, and they trigger a rapid-fire explosion of information from Steve ...continued
  • Science and Reincarnation
    May 9, 2009
    Paul Von Ward has been exploring the science behind reincarnation, and it turns out that there is an amazingly solid basis for it. In this interview with Anne Strieber, he recounts a group of scientific experiments and research that validates the fact that something of the human being survives death. He tells of research using ...continued
  • Nazi Power NOW
    May 2, 2009
    Jim Marrs interviews Joseph Farrell on the persistence of secret Nazi power in the modern world, and the results are explosive. You have never heard Joseph Farrell go so deep or Jim Marrs pursue the secrets with such intensity. As he says in the interview, ‘it makes you wonder who won the war.’ Joseph Farrell ...continued
  • Afterlife, UFOs and MORE
    April 25, 2009
    Dr. John Lerma has been with us before, and his popularity has brought him back, this time to be interviewed by Anne Strieber on his latest book, Learning from the Light. As a hospice physician, he is exposed to the dying every day of his life, and has come to some startling conclusions about what ...continued
  • Europe’s UFO Wave
    April 18, 2009
    The earthquakes in Italy were accompanied by a flurry of UFO sightings in Rome and Milan, and Whitley Strieber interviews Italian UFO expert Paola Harris about the possible significance of this. The UFOs videotaped were not earthquake lights, but actual, structured objects. The sightings have been covered on Unknowncountry.com, and they raise the question: what ...continued
  • Jesus in India
    April 11, 2009
    For the first time, Dreamland was recorded live with an online audience who were able to text questions as they watched Whitley and listened to him and Paul Davids discuss Paul’­s new film, Jesus in India. The Canonical Gospels say nothing about the 18 years between Jesus’­ 12th year and his 30th year. However, there are ...continued
  • Psychic Surgery
    April 3, 2009
    Can psychic surgeons really reach into human bodies and draw out disease? If so, how does it work? Jessica Bryan has had personal experience of both psychic surgery and faith healing, and Marla Frees, who has also experienced psychic surgery, takes an expert look at what Jessica has learned. And what about prayer? How does ...continued
  • Hidden Meanings in Movies
    March 28, 2009
    Conscious Creation is about intentionally creating your own reality, but this unique interview goes a step farther, and tells us how the movies relate to this important process. Brent Marchant decided to take the concepts of the Conscious Creation movement to the movies, and see how its key principles and concepts are illustrated by specific ...continued
  • UFOs, Are They Real–The Final Word
    March 21, 2009
    J. Allan Danelek and Whitley Strieber take an objective look at extraterrestrials, government coverup and the prospect of first contact??and Danelek?­s carefully skeptical and objective approach leads to some provocative conclusions. Under Whitley?­s questioning, some facts that Danelek has discovered emerge that will add new dimension to your understanding of the UFO phenomenon in all ...continued
  • The Hidden Web of Life
    March 14, 2009
    An unseen web of life exists, and understanding it is an extraordinary source of personal power. We do have destinies, and clues to them can be found in the coincidences and synchronicities that fill our lives. In this mind-opening interview, Marie D. Jones explains to Anne Strieber just how we can find, understand and make ...continued
  • Above Top Secret
    March 7, 2009
    Was God an alien? Listen as Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda interviews Dreamland?­s own Jim Marrs about his new book, Above Top Secret. This wide ranging discussion of all the secrets that surround us range from what really happened to cause World War II, to the darkest secrets of alien-government technology trading. Jim Marrs?­s website ...continued
  • Secret Societies from the INSIDE
    February 28, 2009
    James Wasserman takes us on a controversial journey into a lost city, Masonic Washington, and he does so with a powerful warning that Washington, D.C. is now a ??nest of vipers,?? and that power has been taken out of the hands of the American people. His view is that we have lost our country to ...continued
  • Echo Bodine’s Dark Journey to the Light
    February 21, 2009
    Whitley Strieber interviews psychic and healer Echo Bodine about her long and troubled struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, financial troubles and an unwillingness to accept her powers–and her triumph over all the adversity in her life to become what he calls a “profoundly authentic” psychic and teacher. This phenomenal interview is among the most powerful, ...continued
  • Valentine Special: Love and Well-Being
    February 14, 2009
    Our resident psychic medium Marla Frees is an expert on the relationship between psychic energy and physical well-being, and here she interviews on of the great masters of just how energetic principles relate to our overall health and spiritual growth, Dr. Robin Kelly. Larry Dossey says of Dr. Kelly?­s work discovering the hidden connections between ...continued
  • William Henry and the Egyptian Tragedy
    February 7, 2009
    William Henry, Jim Marrs and thirty-two other people went on a tour of Egypt’s monuments last week, and on Wednesday, one of the tour participants, a young woman, died in her sleep. This sparked a flood of internet rumors, including one that the group had been attacked by terrorists and other rumors that black magic ...continued
  • John Hogue’s 2009 Prophecy Special
    January 31, 2009
    Fresh from his two History Channel shows, our resident prophet John Hogue takes a look at what’s going to happen in 2009. First, Whitley asks if there are any Nostradamus quatrains that relate to this year–and he finds out that there is a very SPECIFIC one that describes what will happen when there is a ...continued
  • Leading Futurist STUNS Whitley Strieber
    January 24, 2009
    We continue our look forward to 2009 by asking one of the world’s leading futurists what the new year will bring–and just wait until you hear what he has to say not only about this year, but about what’s coming after. And it’s NOT all gloom and doom, it’s actually quite incredible. Whitley Strieber asks ...continued
  • Dancing in Joy with Dannion Brinkley
    January 17, 2009
    Our inauguration weekend offering explores the amazing secrets of the US Capitol. Find out what it really means when Barack Obama walks up the 33 steps to the doors of the capitol. Explore the hidden meaning of the Apotheosis of George Washington, and discover the amazing spiritual significance and power of our nation?­s greatest monumental ...continued
  • Astrological Predictions for 2009
    January 10, 2009
    We’re back with an exciting January series on what 2009 will bring. We start with Mahala Gayle of the Asclepius Light Center in Seattle who specializes in astrology about world events and earth changes. She has published her Planet Alert for many years, and we examine the January 2009 alert and its implications for the ...continued