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What is a lucid dream, and what use are they? Popular Dreamland guest and PSIence author Marie D. Jones, hosting Dreamland for the first time, explores these questions with lucid dreaming expert Robert Waggoner, president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful state, a penetration into another level of reality, that offers the dreamer the ability to explore a hidden level of consciousness. In this important interview, you will find out why you should attempt lucid dreaming, how to do it, and what you may find in the world of the lucid dreamer.

Robert Waggoner’s website,, comments that “most aliens are interdimensional travelers and the ones who aren’t are wormhole navigators.In advanced civilizations — which Earth isn’t — sailing the wormhole seas and oceans is just as common as sailing the seas and oceans of Earth are to the present Earth cultures.” There is no reason that we cannot join the others who are sailing this greater ocean.Only fear prevents us–but should we be afraid? Marie Jones asks if there are such things as lucid nightmares, and what to do if one comes upon dark material in a lucid dream–and what it may mean. Robert Waggoner explains just how to gain insight and benefit from these situations, and gain power over your dream journeys.

Lucid dreaming is not only a scientific fact, it is one of the great adventures of life, but most of us ignore it and believe that we can’t do it. But we can, and Robert Waggoner tells us how–AND why we should! Don’t miss this enthralling edition of Dreamland.

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