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Is the sun a living, conscious being? How can such a thing possibly be true? BUT listen as Gregory Sams tells about the sun in a whole new way. The great 20th Century mystic G.I. Gurdjieff spoke about “the intelligence of the sun,” and the ancient world saw the universe–and in particular the stars–as vividly alive and conscious.

It’s no wonder that people like Colin Wilson, Nick Herbert and Dean Radin have called Sun of God a brilliant book.

The book presents the outrageous idea that the sun is alive and part of a living universe of stars. As Marie D. Jones says in the interview, “your idea completely flips the paradigm.” Then she asks, “Why is there so much resistance to this?”

Only on Dreamland will you hear something this unusual and provocative. Enthralling, mind opening and challenging. Don’t miss this one!

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Find out more about Sun of God here.

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