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One of the world’s leading members of the scientific community tells of his close encounters and the involvement of the visitors in his work. Due to the profound confusion that exists in the culture of science about the close encounter phenomenon, he must speak anonymously. He is an American, but works in Europe. PLUS, Linda Howe is back with a report on a NEW flu virus just now appearing.

Whitley Strieber says,  “I know this man well and am familiar with his work and his stature in the scientific community. It is pitiful that our scientific establishment has the close encounter phenomenon so wrong, because a more rational approach would lead to more contact of the type he describes, with a subsequent leap ahead in human knowledge. As matters stand, even given his stature, this man must conceal the reality of his contacts and their effect on his work, or risk career damage.”

“All we can do is listen in awe to what happened to him, and hope that others in a similar situation come forward as well, and that the state of denial our culture is in now gives way to the kind of openness we need to gain access to the knowledge that is on offer.”

Since this podcast was recorded, Dr. Ed Belbruno has gone public with his experience and is mentioned in Whitley Strieber’s book A New World

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