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Whitley Strieber says, “for me, this interview, and this book, have been life-changing. There is a belief that, for some time, the veils between the worlds has been lifting, and Soul Survivor is proof that this is true. I find it impossible to believe, after reading it, that reincarnation is not real. Given my Christian background, I have been taught that there is no such thing as reincarnation. However, it turns out that reincarnation was accepted among early Christians, and was not rejected as doctrine until 250 years after the crucifixion. I think now that the church fathers who did that were wrong, and the earlier Christians, closer to Jesus himself, were right.”

“So please listen to this with an open mind, both those of you who do not accept reincarnation and those who do not really believe in the survival of the soul. The soul is real and it does survive, and after you have listened to the Leiningers and read their extraordinarily important book, you are going realize, also, that this must be true. The reason, as you will see, is that their son knew things about his past life that it took an enormous amount of digging to corroborate. Without James’s information, they could not have been found. It couldn’t even have been faked. So, where did he get that information. The only answer is inescapable: he must have actually lived the past life that he describes.”

The Leininger’s website is

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The picture associated with this edition of Dreamland is of young James Leininger and Anne Barron, who was his sister in his previous life as James Huston.

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